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Keto Rash is a Bile Deficiency

Keto Rash is a Bile Deficiency

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More specifically, you want help with Keto Rash is a Bile Deficiency?

so today we’re going to talk about keto rash this is an updated video from my last video I haven’t done one on this
and I want to give you a little bit of a deeper understanding of what’s behind
the keto rash what happens when you go on a keto diet is you make several
changes usually you don’t make changes to the amount of protein that you eat
but you do make changes to the amount of carbohydrates you eat as well as amount
of fats and in this case it’s really the increase in dietary fat that is causing
the rash because your body needs some time to adjust and adapt to the amount
of fat that you’re consuming because on a ketogenic diet it could be between 70
to 80 percent of all your calories fat and so if you’re taking that in and you
don’t have the ability to digest it that’s where we have a problem so the
two things that help you digest fat is bile salts okay bile salts are made by
the liver and stored in the gallbladder so if you have anything wrong with this
that could magnify things like at fatty liver or you don’t have a gallbladder or
you just haven’t adapted to produce enough bile now the purpose of bile is
to break down the fat and to extract the fat soluble vitamins from the fat that
you’re eating and the essential fatty acids as well like omega-3 fatty acids
and quite a few other ones so if you don’t have enough file to extract that
from the diet guess what you could end up with a vitamin A deficiency and
vitamin A deficiency are directly connected to what’s going on with your
skin and then we have a vitamin D deficiency vitamin D is crucial for
preventing things like psoriasis and inflammation in general including the
skin and then we kept a vitamin E deficiency and vitamin E is very very
connected to your skin health bile is also needed to help detoxify the liver
so potentially there could be toxins that are not coming out for the body and
if you look up various conditions with the
gall bladder rashes are a symptom and dermatitis is also another symptom
however there’s another condition a skin condition that you’ll read about when
you search on keto rash and that’s called prurigo pigmentosa now this is a
skin condition which they don’t have a clue what causes it okay it’s sometimes
it’s called idiopathic which means unknown cause but if you look this skin
condition up sometimes it occurs after the person had their gallbladder removed
or it can occur if the person has problems with their bile ducts that are
connected to the gall bladder by adding purified bile salts to your diet
potentially you could help reduce this right here now the other vitamin that’s
connected to the Quito rash is a deficiency of b2 riboflavin another name
for b2 is vitamin G and I would always use vitamin G for liver conditions that
work great on that and also helped the skin as well so just so you know biome
in b2 is a co factor or a helper vitamin in fat metabolism also you add more fat
to the diet the requirement from b2 goes up and if you don’t take enough b2 you
could be deficient and one of the big symptoms of the b2 deficiency is
pellagra which can also give you a skin issue now does this mean that if you
have a subclinical deficiency of b2 you’re gonna have pellagra I have no idea
all I’m doing is showing you the connection I do know that it does
support your liver so really what’s happening is that we’re increasing the
demand for fat without the amount of bile that’s needed to digest the fat so
the first thing I would recommend is to get some purified bile salts take it
right after the meal okay each meal and you may even need to reduce the amount
of fats to make it easier on your system and you should see an improvement in
your skin rash if you want additional information about purified bile salts I
put a link down below thanks for watching hey we’re back with another amazing
recipe no grains no sugar totally keto there’s no suffering on keto
absolutely not Karen and it’s an immune system builder absolutely you have to check this out I think you should hurry up watch the recipe and make it yourself
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This Post Was All About Keto Rash is a Bile Deficiency.
Keto Rash is a Bile Deficiency

Here’s The Video Description From YouTube


Purified Bile Salts Video:


Do you have keto rash? Here’s what could be causing it and what to do about it.

0:10 What happens when you start the keto diet
0:25 What causes keto rash
0:54 Bile salts
2:20 Prurigo pigmentosa
2:58 A deficiency in B2
4:03 What you could do

In this video, we’re going to talk about keto rash. This is an updated video on the topic because I wanted to give you a little bit more of an understanding of what really causes keto rash.

When you go on a keto diet, you make several changes. You typically wouldn’t make changes to the amount of protein you eat, but you would make changes to the amount of carbs and fats you eat.

It may be the increase in dietary fat that’s causing the keto rash because your body needs time to adjust to the amount of fat you’re consuming. If you’re taking in a lot of fat, but you don’t have the ability to digest it, that’s when there can be a problem.

Bile salts are made by the liver and are stored in the gallbladder. The purpose of bile salts is to break down fat and to help extract fat-soluble vitamins and essential fatty acids from the fat you eat. If you don’t have enough bile, you could end up with:

• Low vitamin A
• Low vitamin D
• Low vitamin E
• Toxins
• Rashes
• Dermatitis

There is another skin condition that sometimes appears when people start the keto diet called prurigo pigmentosa. This skin condition also sometimes occurs after someone has their gallbladder removed, or if the person has problems with their bile ducts. Adding purified bile salts to the diet may help with this skin problem.

A deficiency in B2 (riboflavin) is also connected to keto rash. Another name for B2 is vitamin G.

A few things about B2:

• B2 is a cofactor in fat metabolism.
• When you add more fat to the diet, the requirement for B2 goes up.
• B2 can help support the liver.
• A big symptom of a B2 deficiency is pellagra, which can give you a skin rash.

What you could do:

• Take purified bile salts right after each meal
• Try reducing the amount of fats you consume

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Thanks for watching! I hope this helps you better understand what really causes keto rash.

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Are You Suffering From the Keto Rash?

Are You Suffering From the Keto Rash?

New To Keto But Want To Grow Your Knowledge?

More specifically, you want help with Are You Suffering From the Keto Rash??

red itchy neck its he chest its you back you’re starting the ketogenic diet and you’re getting this like painful itchy annoying rash and it makes you just want to throw in the towel and not do the ketogenic diet at all I totally get it that’s got to be the most uncomfortable thing and although I’ve never experienced the keto rash I hear from a lot of people that are dealing with it and I sense the frustration so I wanted to do this video that breaks down what’s causing the keto rash what is the keto rash and how can we take the steps to mitigate it but also to make sure that we’re doing the best thing for our health in the process you’re tuned in to the internet’s leading performance nutrition and fat loss channel those new videos coming out surrounding the world of keto fasting and everything in between on Tuesday Friday and Sunday at 7 a.m. Pacific time but I also asked that you hit that little bell button that way you’re gonna turn on notifications so you know whenever I go live or post a new video I also make sure that you check out thrive market down in my description thrive market is a huge sponsor of this channel and also makes this stuff possible but I’ve created keto and fasting boxes there so you can get the kind of groceries that I would normally get but at a discounted price without even having to go to the grocery store so check them out but now let’s get to the science you see the thing is we don’t really know what the keto rash is we kind of know we know that it’s a rare inflammatory condition now the thing is it’s super super rare now the fact is we have a lot of people doing the ketogenic diet so perhaps it’s not as rare now maybe it was only rare because only a small amount of people were doing keto before now that Kito’s popular more instances are showing up but ultimately what it is proving to be is something known as Perico pigmentosa which again is a rare inflammatory condition however when you look at Perico pigmentosa you do find that the common denominator is actually ketones being present so what the keto rash is is a scaly kind of lesion like rash that appears generally on your neck on the middle of your chest and your back and generally the middle of your back it can start to spread to other areas of your body but it’s usually pretty localized there it’s not really painful it’s just itchy and annoying and it usually goes away after a couple of weeks and we’ll talk about the different stages in a minute but let’s go ahead and reference a study so we can understand the correlation between this for ego pigmentosa and the key a study those published in the Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology found that when they took a look at patients that had Perico pigmentosa 8 out of 16 of them were following a ketogenic diet or were fasting so correlation does not equal causation but this is about as close as we can get to finding a link so although it does mean that most people that have the Quito rash are probably showing signs of regrow pigmentosa it does not mean that everyone with Perico pigmentosa is on a ketogenic diet where it’s fasting there are people that can acquire this same condition or what seems to be the same condition without ever doing a keto diet it seems like the keto diet just brings it to light a bit more so what exactly is happening like what are the symptoms it starts out with having a bunch of little lesions like almost like acne like lesions that are super itchy again in your chest neck back the only happens is they start to spread and they turn into little patches and these patches become raised and almost firm be very disturbing for people to have my can be very alarming but let me tell you the keto rash is proven to be pretty safe it’s just a nuisance and then what happens is they start to scale okay they get kind of crusty and they start to kind of fall off your skin gets flaky so then what happens is it starts to scar and the scarring is called the reticulated hyperpigmentation fancy way of saying scarring and turning into freckle looking like things but these go away it’s not permanent just because basically you’re having a hyperpigmentation because of concentrated blood flow etc etc so what is causing this that’s what we have to know right that’s the telltale question if we know what causes something we can take the necessary steps to fix it that’s just the problem though we don’t really know what’s causing it we can just make some links now the cool thing is my team and I have done some research and we’ve really created a pretty solid link and I’ll get to in a minute that should help you out if you are suffering with the keto rash but first let’s go through some of these potential causes the first mentioned cause that you find on the Internet is going to be stored toxins that are in your fat that get released when you start to lose weight okay I get it that makes perfect sense and I’m not saying that anyone that came up with a theory is a bad person but this theory is flawed because when you lose weight on a ketogenic diet sure you have the fat toxins or the stalks that are stored in your fat that release but when you lose weight on any diet you have those same toxins that are released and people don’t see the symptoms so it’s more about the ketone the common denominator than anything the next one is one that I actually thought would be the most likely case until you start looking at some of the evidence and that’s allergens people go on a ketogenic diet suddenly they’re eating a bunch of dairy they’re eating a lot more eggs they’re eating a lot more nuts of these potential allergens so that would make sense if someone’s gonna have a histamine reaction or someone’s gonna even have an inflammatory reaction these foods they’re more than likely going to see it when they start eating more of them so that would make sense the hard part is and you start looking again at the studies they weren’t conclusive with people having allergens or histamine reactions but they were conclusive with ketones being the common denominator so I still think it has something more to do with the result of the ketones in the body versus a histamine reaction now that being said histamine reactions are a different reaction right like you eat a food you have a histamine reaction you get itchy you take a benadryl goes away right but then there’s inflammatory sensitivities the hard part is that these inflammatory conditions are gonna manifest differently throughout different populations in different people so like if you took two people that had dairy sensitivities not allergies but sensitivities and they suddenly ate a bunch of dairy they’re not gonna both have the same keto rash right some person is gonna get you know a rash on their leg and another person might end it with overall inflammation that gives them a stomachache it’s just not this uniform keto rash so the allergen theory is pretty flawed the other theory that makes a lot of sense is the acetone theory so we have three different ketone bodies we have beta hydroxy butyrate we have a c2 acetate and we have asked to an acetone is kind of the like ugly redheaded stepchild of the ketone family right so it’s sort of a byproduct it’s a byproduct of excess acetoacetate so we create a lot of acetone in the beginning of keto and then eventually starts to wane off well acetone is excreted through our breath and through our skin so if we sweat we’re having high degrees of acetone coming out which could mean that you’re going to break out in a rash if you’re hypersensitive already so that’s a theory that makes a little bit of sense the hard part with that theory can’t really do anything about it you can’t really do anything about levels of acetone they’re just gonna go away in time so you have to deal with it and I hate to just say deal with it I’d like to give you some concrete ways to fix something but if that is the case you can just have to deal with it now then we have the gut biome link this is an interesting one probably one that makes the most sense when you start a ketogenic diet you are dramatically changing your gut biome bacteria that would normally thrive on carbs bacteria that would normally thrive on starches are suddenly having to die off and other bacteria like form acute eats and things like that are dying off and you’re having other ones that are growing right so you have this massive shift in the gut bacteria which can really make some changes in inflammatory markers within your body so what can happen is when the starch fed bacteria start to die off and they can have a massive die-off and that creates a surge of them for a little bit surge of them in your bloodstream as they die off and are excreted giving you symptoms just like this so if we’re having an issue with a specific couple of strains and gut bacteria that are dying off and entering the bloodstream that could make sense why we’re having a very localized rash that’s very very correlated with the specific gut bacteria again no concrete evidence but it makes sense which leads me in sort of the next thing neutrophilic infiltration neutrophilic infiltration is a series of white blood cells very specific white blood cells that come up to the surface and cause a specific reaction it’s an inflammatory response the thing is is this is a normal process and acne is a perfect example of neutrophilic infiltration but when you’re on a ketogenic diet you usually have a high degree of ketones that cluster up around the the bloodstream so what happens there and on the blood vessels what happens there is that can link to a pretty strong neutrophilic infiltration at that very specific spot which could make sense you have a lot of blood flow going your neck your middle back and then it’s making the ketones cluster there which is triggering some neutrophilic infiltration which is therefore causing and manifesting an overall rash again not a lot we can do about that but then one member of my team actually started doing some some interesting rabbit-hole going right he started going down some rabbit holes and started finding links and this was really interesting so we chatted about it and this is all hypothesize it’s not really solidly linked but we can connect the dots here because this isn’t heavily researched shifts in your gut bacteria themselves can trigger a neutrophilic imbalance a neutrophilic infiltration so when we start looking at the one cause that I mentioned with a gut bacteria being thrown off that can trigger a neutrophilic infiltration which can manifest in just that way so that actually makes sense the neutrophilic infiltration the combination that ketones that ni at the blood at the skin level within also the gut bacteria triggering that at the systemic level that could just be the perfect storm that triggers this neutrophilic infiltration that manifests as a keto rash so let’s treat the keto rash as if it was a neutrophilic infiltration that’s the best way to do it because it’s the only way we truly can because we don’t honestly know so how do we do this okay the first thing that you’re gonna wanna do drinking ginger and green tea okay it may not be the end-all be-all but it’s gonna help you if you want to ride the storm you want to get through this rash ginger and green tea are powerful neutrophilic infiltration helpers they are gonna slow down that process okay the other thing that you can do is you can consume zinc you don’t wanna do a lot of it but consuming some zinc like 50 milligrams or so is gonna be perfect you can also use a zinc rub just like acne zinc rubs have a big effect that’s probably of the best things that you can do but systemically you’re going to want to take care of your gut bacteria you’re shifting the gears all of a sudden you’re on a keto diet and your gut bacteria is like whoa what the heck’s going on you want to stabilize and keep it under control so eating probiotic rich foods and prebiotic rich foods so lots of asparagus in the first couple weeks of keto it will help I promise you on multiple levels okay but the other thing that you want to do is you want to consume some sauerkraut consume kimchi these things that are keto friendly that helps support your gut bacteria so artichokes and asparagus for the prebiotics and then you’re gonna want to consume things that are gonna help you out in a probiotic fashion to drink a little bit of kombucha this stuff will help okay we haven’t tested it out with any individuals or any subjects but when you start connecting the dots it does make sense so it’s the best thing that we can do and I’m sorry that’s not a more concrete answer for you but that’s the keto rash in a nutshell as always make sure you’re keeping it locked in here in my channel I super appreciate you being here and keep it locked in for the next videos

This Post Was All About Are You Suffering From the Keto Rash?.
Are You Suffering From the Keto Rash?

Here’s The Video Description From YouTube

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Are You Suffering From the Keto Rash? – Thomas DeLauer

The keto rash is a rare, inflammatory condition of the skin characterized by a red, itchy rash around the trunk and neck

The disease is of unknown origin and it’s often formally known as prurigo pigmentosa – dates back to 1971 where it was first reported in Japan

**It’s incredibly rare with a few hundred cases being reported in Japan and less than that being reported in the West – just now beginning to be more recognized here, with it being mentioned more on Keto forums**

It causes itchy, red bumps, typically on the neck, chest, and back – sometime, the bumps fuse together into a bigger raised red area called a plaque

More specifically, the rash tends to start on the back, neck, and chest (especially in the middle of the chest and back). – manifests as itchy, raised skin lesions that can be red, brown, or light pink in color depending on the stage it’s on

According to the research, people with prurigo pigmentosa usually go through 4 main stages:

Early lesions: During this stage, The skin shows light pink raised skin lesions that look like scratch marks. This stage is often overlooked because it just looks like a minor rash or scratch.

Fully developed lesions: This is the full blown rash people get worried about because it is much more aggressive. During this stage, the skin is infested with pronounced red skin lesions called papules, and sometimes the papules will include liquid-filled cysts or, more rarely, pus-filled cysts.

Resolving lesions: When the rash is receding, crusted and scaly papules will take the place of the red lesions. The papules will also start to get darker.

Late lesions: The skin is left with a net-like pattern of dark spots larger than freckles, called “reticulated hyper-pigmentation”. When this happens, the rash is almost fully healed. The pigmentation might remain long after the rash is gone, but the skin will eventually return back to normal.

Best case: goes away after a couple weeks; worst case: appears any time one enters ketosis

There are a lot of hypothesis as to why it occurs, but some can be debunked:

A popular claim is that the switch to burning fat is the cause as fat stores toxins, which then get released in large quantities when a person goes ketogenic

That’s clearly not the case – not all people who lose huge amounts of weight get a rash – so this can’t be the answer

Some people claim that the reason is down to the fact that when people switch to keto they end up consuming foods that they wouldn’t normally eat (or higher quantities than they normally would
Additionally, keto places an emphasis on foods like eggs, dairy, fish, and nuts and seeds, to name a few that are common food allergens

Possible Causes

Another possible cause of keto rash is that your skin may be having a negative reaction to acetone

Simply, as acetone is excreted with our sweat, it exposes our skin to excess acetone and causes an inflammatory reaction, itchiness, and lesions on the skin that lead to keto rash


Reintroduce carbs

This can be done as more of a test to see whether ketosis is the cause of the rash –

Stop the production of hormone-like cytokines that direct a class of white blood cells known as neutrophils to cause inflammation

Andrographis is a herb that suppresses the infiltrations of neutrophils

Ginger and Green tea are also able to lower neutrophil count as well

1) Böer A , et al. (n.d.). Prurigo pigmentosa: a distinctive inflammatory disease of the skin. – PubMed – NCBI. Retrieved from

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