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Fix a Hoarse and Raspy Voice in 2 Minutes

Fix a Hoarse and Raspy Voice in 2 Minutes

Fix a Hoarse and Raspy Voice in 2 Minutes

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More specifically, you want help with Fix a Hoarse and Raspy Voice in 2 Minutes?

so today I’m going to talk about how to
fix your voice if you if you’re a singer if you use your voice a lot and you have
a little bit of a raspiness or hoarseness or a little bit of laryngitis
i’m gonna show you how to improve it within two minutes or less it’s a great
technique now I did a video on this while ago but it’s really really hard to
find that video so I decided to create another one if you haven’t seen this
technique yet but it is so powerful and so simple but it’s not backed up by any
type of scientific study so you’re not going to find anything on this just
something that I came up with in my clinic being in practice for 29 years
and I just want to say that it works a great majority of the time so there’s
two ways to do this technique you can either use a device and position it on
your neck okay while you lay down on the couch
or you can get someone else to watch this video and apply the technique on
you okay because there’s certain pressure points you’re gonna be using
I’m not gonna necessarily get into how this works but it just does so just try
it and you can comment down below but what you’re going to do is you’re going
to first rate your raspiness scratchiness or laryngitis or hoarseness
as far as severity and wherever the location is okay so on a scale from 1 to
10 0 being no problem 10 being very severe so you want to isolate that
number because we’re gonna rewrite it at the very end and the second step is just
to locate where it is so just try to sense where it is and just point to
where it is okay is it right here here here just put your finger on it now in
the third step you’re gonna apply pressure on the opposite side on the
back so you’re just going to draw like a line around your neck on the back part
so let’s say for example you located it right here so you’re gonna be pressing
on the opposite side on the back part so let me demonstrate that right now
alright so the first thing you’re going to do if you’re going to get someone
else to do it they’re gonna have to press on the back part so we just
already isolated we drew a lines in the back from the
front part we found it’s going to be like right here so you’re gonna take
your hand take your middle finger right here I’m not flipping you off and your
thumb and you’re gonna press this way on both
sides so I’m going to take stabilize the forehead and press inward on the back
part now what we’re trying to do is we’re trying to apply pressure on the
exact opposite side where the person has that raspiness some type of symptom
whether it’s laryngitis or a tickle or whatever okay you’re going to apply this
pressure equal on both sides of their neck now what you’re gonna feel when you
press in here gently is you’re gonna feel you’re looking for a tender spot
and a tight spot so you might want to feel around a little bit above and below
and then you’re gonna find it it’s gonna be a real tender in a tight spot like
the neck is like restricted and when you find that you just hold that for one to
two minutes and then I like to ask the person and tell me when your your vocal
cords or your voice sounds a little bit better just maybe I have a count or
something and then they start saying oh it’s starting to clear up
now if it doesn’t feel sore to them then you raise your fingers up just a
millimeter higher or lower and you ask them is this it right here is this is
right here because the way that you know you found the exact correct spots on
both sides is where you find like the epicenter of where it hurts okay so
you’d want to apply the pressure so you’re not hurting them but just some
gentle pressure holding that in there okay so you’re just increasing the
circulation to this whole part of their their neck and you’re just gonna find
that it will work alright so after you hold this for about two minutes you’re
gonna ask them to rewrite this symptom okay and they’re gonna tell you what the
number is and they also may say oh now it moved up a little bit higher or down
a little bit lower so then you just redo it higher or lower until all that
discomfort is gone let’s say for example it moved to slightly the left side then
more pressure on the left side than the right side so this works with the
principle of opposites wherever you have pain or discomfort you can press on the
opposite side and it tends to relieve the area now if you don’t have a friend
or a family member that can do this you can use this tool right here this is a
massage tool that I created for myself to work on myself and it’s in three
different sizes it’s it’s it’s very thin medium and wide for larger people so for
him we’re gonna use the medium size and you can let lay back on a tall back
chair or a couch and it’s like using my fingers but the device so you’re letting
the device work with gravity to automatically press in there and it’s
very very large so it’s not very painful at all and you can lay back on the couch
and put those points right there and adjust it until you hit the exact spot
and give it some time and to pour it to work and as far as the frequency of
doing this you can do it to two or three times a day you can even do it more if
it’s too sore ease off and then just do this every single day until it’s
completely gone now the only time this doesn’t work is let’s
say for example you have a serious infection or a viral infection and it
might have to run its course and but even then you should see some
improvement in the vocal cords I’ve done this on hundreds of people professional
opera singers and it works so go ahead and try it and put your comments down
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This Post Was All About Fix a Hoarse and Raspy Voice in 2 Minutes.
Fix a Hoarse and Raspy Voice in 2 Minutes

Here’s The Video Description From YouTube

Dr. Berg’s Massage Tool:


Here’s the fastest way to fix a hoarse voice. Check this out. 
0:00 Do you have a hoarse or raspy voice? 
0:40 The two ways you can do this technique 
1:05 How to get rid of hoarseness 
1:55 My demonstration of this technique 
5:35 When this won’t work 

Today we’re going to talk about how to fix a hoarse and raspy voice. My unique technique could help improve this issue in two minutes or less. This technique is so simple yet very powerful. 

You won’t find studies on this. It’s a technique I came up with and used in my clinic from being in practice for 29 years. You can use a device and do this technique yourself, or you can get someone else to help you. 

How to apply this technique:
(reference the video at 1:55 for an in-depth demonstration) 

1. Rate your condition on a scale from 1-10 (10 being very severe)
2. Locate the problem and put your finger on it
3. Apply pressure on the exact opposite side (on the back of the neck) for 1-2 minutes—rate your condition again and adjust the technique 
4. Do this 2-3 times per day 

This may not work completely if you have an infection that needs to simply run its course. But, even in this case, you may still see some improvement in the vocal cords. 

Dr. Eric Berg DC Bio:
Dr. Berg, age 55, is a chiropractor who specializes in Healthy Ketosis & Intermittent Fasting. He is the author of the best-selling book The Healthy Keto Plan, and is the Director of Dr. Berg’s Nutritionals. He no longer practices, but focuses on health education through social media.


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Thanks for watching! Give this technique a try to help fix a hoarse voice.

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