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Do You Eat When You Are Not Hungry?

Do You Eat When You Are Not Hungry?

Do You Eat When You Are Not Hungry?

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More specifically, you want help with Do You Eat When You Are Not Hungry??

do you ever eat when you’re not hungry now I’m not talking about those people that are trying to gain weight I’m talking about those people are trying to lose weight now one of the rules that I recommend in all my videos and my books is you don’t want to eat unless you’re hungry okay and if you’re not hungry don’t eat but some people do still eat when they’re not hungry for various reasons so I want to talk about that because if you’re trying to stick to a program and you’re eating when you’re not hungry it’s gonna be really hard to stick to that and see results so let’s talk about three things that relate to this first thing and the most important thing is being satisfied we know that if you’re on keto correctly and you’re doing in a minute fasting exactly like you should you are not going to be hungry you’re gonna be very satisfied if you are hungry and craving and you’re not satisfied that means you’re just not doing it correctly you need to keep your carbs lower you know fast longer you need to eat more fat but the fact that you’re eating more fat should be more satisfying and allow you to go longer with your in a minute fasting the fact that you’re in ketosis and you’re making ketones because ketones are a natural appetite suppressant and this other point right here when you’re in ketosis you are eating your own fat so when you’re fasting you are eating you’re just living off your fat you’re not eating a hamburger you’re just eating your own fat you don’t see it but you are eating so don’t feel like you’re starving because your body is eating 24/7 it’s just eating your reserves okay number two your environment how well can you resist temptation that’s the question on a scale from one to ten ten being very very disciplined and able to resist temptation zero being you will cave at the sight of a doughnut 20 feet away go ahead and write down the number and rate how well you’re able to resist things down below in the comment section I want to see but there’s various smells at restaurants social pressures from family and so-called friends who basically just pressure you into eating some of the stuff and the visuals of that chocolate brownie right when they bring this dessert tray over it’s very difficult to say no not to mention the memories of all these delicious foods so what do you do in this situation well you’re gonna have to start to avoid those environments very important so don’t keep going out to dinner every night start making food at home start preparing your meals in advance so you have some control over that and it’s also very important to get everyone’s agreement in the house not to bring any junk in the house so you’re not tempted and also you want to have alternative so-called pleasure foods because sometimes you might have the consideration that you shouldn’t have to restrict foods other people are eating them they’re losing weight why do you have to restrict them well all you have to do is make an alternative food that’s almost identical like a keto dessert and that way you can substitute something so you don’t feel like you are restricting it and then we have these past habits that you had in the past I don’t know maybe it’s snacking at night when you’re bored when you’re watching TV you have to put something in your mouth or you have this idea that you cannot waste any food on the plate so you always have to eat everything in your plate so you go to restaurant and they make bring this huge meal and you have to eat everything right well just gonna have to have smaller plates and cook for yourself I already talked about this you have this consideration that I shouldn’t have to restrict certain foods well those foods have gotten you in trouble so you do have to restrict them but you can also have substitute foods as well and the other thing is that the more that you can’t have something that adds pressure and it’s gonna make you want it more so anything you can’t have you want more and you get really serious about that and that’s not really good so you want to actually have a very light attitude about that and not be so maybe fanatical about every little thing and maybe allow yourself to have it every so often but just make sure that you make up the damage so that way there’s not this so much pressure on you and what I’m talking about making up the damage is that if you have something that you shouldn’t eat well then going too fast take your app cider vinegar take your nutrients be extra good with your carbohydrates to allow yourself to reset now you’re probably only going to do this in the beginning when you start this program because as you start doing it it gets easier and easier and more enjoyable you’ll start to enjoy the keto foods and also the vegetables it really won’t be a problem down the road but the first thing you want to do is isolate what is your bad habit okay change your mind about that’s what I did I basically said that’s it I’m done I’m not gonna do that anymore I would go to the grocery store this was my habit I would buy celery and all these vegetables and everything and I would also buy Pringles and Doritos and things like that and pizza so I get home and I wouldn’t eat the vegetables I would have the pizza and Doritos but in my mind if I had these other vegetables there I said I’ll eat healthy when I get older okay so I had to change my mind about that also you have to use discipline the thing about using discipline is that every time that you use discipline and you succeed by resisting something you will strengthen your willpower to the point where it’s stronger and stronger because what really creates a low willpower is the continual giving into your temptations so using discipline will strengthen this thing over time and you will be able to stick to the program and also not eat unless you’re hungry all right thanks for watching hey if you’re liking this content please subscribe now and I will actually keep you updated on future videos

This Post Was All About Do You Eat When You Are Not Hungry?.
Do You Eat When You Are Not Hungry?

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Do you ever eat when you’re not hungry—even while you’re trying to lose weight? I have a rule that I teach in all of my books and programs. The rule is simple: don’t eat when you’re not hungry. In this video, I talk about three things that relate to this.

How to stop eating when you’re not hungry:

#1 Satisfied/not hungry – If you’re on a healthy keto diet and you’re doing intermittent fasting correctly, you are not going to feel hungry. If you are hungry and you frequently have cravings on keto, you aren’t doing something correctly.

Start with keeping your carbs lower and increase your fat. This will help you go much longer with your intermittent fasting. When you’re really in ketosis, your body will produce plenty of ketones, which are natural appetite suppressants. 

#2 Environment – How well can you resist temptation? On a scale from 1 to 10—10 being very disciplined, and 1 being unable to resist a doughnut if it’s in arm’s length—how do you score? Write it down in the comments below; I want to know. 

You may be easily tempted to start eating when you are not hungry because of smells, social pressure, and visuals. The best thing you can do is simply not put yourself into an environment or situation where you can be tempted to eat. Don’t bring junk into the house and cook at home, so unhealthy options at a restaurant do not tempt you. 

#3 Past habits – Many people eat out of habit. Don’t do this. If you’re used to having a snack while you’re watching a movie or if you feel like you can’t waste any food on your plate, then you have to break these habits. 

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