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A BETTER Way to Lose Flabby Cellulite on Your Hips, Thighs and Buttocks – Dr. Berg

A BETTER Way to Lose Flabby Cellulite on Your Hips, Thighs and Buttocks – Dr. Berg

A BETTER Way to Lose Flabby Cellulite on Your Hips, Thighs and Buttocks – Dr. Berg

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More specifically, you want help with A BETTER Way to Lose Flabby Cellulite on Your Hips, Thighs and Buttocks – Dr. Berg?

Let's talk about how to get rid of cellulite the cottage cheese-like appearance that you don't want on your body i did a video on this a while ago but i wanted to update it because i have some new information that you're going to be excited about now just realize there are things you can do that will create a .

Significant difference in cellulite sometimes people will tell you there's nothing you can do so just live with it don't buy into that on that note in order to fix a problem we have to really understand the problem the more we understand it the easier it is to fix it and when people talk about cellulite there are .

So many different theories so many different treatments so many different viewpoints okay but i found some great fascinating data in a patent which i'm going to put the link down below and the cool thing about a patent is they organize all the research on cellulite for you so that .

Gives you a head start so you have something to work off of here's some information that will kind of give you a little foundation before i get into what to do cellulite only occurs in the butt thighs and hip it does not occur in the breast arm or your stomach okay now what's interesting about that is that .

In this area of the body there are twice as many alpha-2 receptors now what is an alpha-2 receptor an alpha-2 receptor is in the fat cell and it tells the body to store fat for later use okay and so one of the big purposes of this fat .

Around this lower part of the body is to act as a reserve for pregnancy okay in lean times so this fat can actually provide fuel for the baby if someone's pregnant so what else do we know we know that cellulite gets worse with pregnancies okay it gets worse when you take .

Hormone replacement therapy it gets worse when you take birth control pills it gets worse with menopause so normally okay right underneath the skin you have this very structured organized connective tissue like a fishnet that .

Holds everything real nice and organized and very very tight so that way we have this nice smooth layer of skin on the outside and then we have the fat layer and then we have the muscle right underneath it that's in a normal situation with cellulite the bands the collagen bands are .

Partially or completely dissolved and that is some new information that i recently found out about okay so what's happening is you're getting this loss of this fibrous fishnet that's supposed to hold these fat cells really nice and organized and they are basically all .

Chaotic and they're pushing up against the skin now because there's nothing to hold them in place and they're creating this dimple cottage cheese like appearance you also have an enlarged fat cell you have usually thin skin we have circulation loss sometimes we have fluid retention sometimes we have a .

Backup of the lymphatic system and we usually always have atrophy of the muscles underneath so it's a combination of quite a few things but the question is why what is causing this loss of this collagen well this is not a fat problem this is a collagen disorder caused by .

Excess estrogen okay now wait a second how can it be excess estrogen if if someone has menopause well during menopause you have a loss of ovary function and what a lot of people don't know is you have other parts of your body that also make estrogen like your fat cells like your skin cells they actually make .

Estrogen and the way that they make it is through an enzyme called aromatase so what aromatase does right underneath the skin and in the fat cell is it converts testosterone into estrogen so it's going to get this extra estrogen .

From the testosterone and probably what's happening and there's this compensatory or compensating mechanism when there's lower estrogen to then make more in various places and so we have two things going on we have this excess estrogen that destroys collagen fibers .

And elastin okay if there's too much if there's just a right amount it's not going to destroy anything but if there's too much it's going to be a problem and if there's excess aromatase that is going to destroy the fibroblasts that make the collagen underneath the skin and so you're going to end up with like virtually nothing to hold this fat .

In place and that is the jiggly kind of fat that that people just want to get rid of and so they get in a diet they start losing fat and it just never gets rid of the cellulite because it's not a fat problem and it's not even necessarily a diet problem directly even though that is involved indirectly .

It's really a hormonal problem mainly to do with estrogen but there's other hormones involved too like cortisol because the cortisol is going to create the atrophy of the muscle like a loss of growth hormone as you age that's the main fat burning hormone like insulin which if you have too much .

Insulin that's going to block any chance of losing fat which now this enlarged fat cell never is able to go away so we want to reduce insulin and then melatonin not just for your sleep for your antioxidants there's a lot of interesting new information about melatonin in another video that is very .

Interesting but the loss of melatonin can create a lot of issues related to cellulite as well as just fat burning in general and having a nice quality sleep and preventing a lot of illnesses and then we have dhea this is kind of like a a pre-hormone that will help you make .

Other hormones and usually as we age we become deficient in this precursor and so that could be another issue as well all right so now that you have the foundation let's go into a plan of what you can do about it okay here's the plan number one we have to fix the atrophy problem how do we do that we have to stimulate the muscles which .

Ones the glutes the thighs and the hip muscles there's some really good exercises to isolate those muscles doing lunges squats and also retro walking now what is that that is walking backwards it's an awesome exercise to stimulate the areas .

Where people have cellulite and you can even do it on the treadmill if you do it very gradually because if you do it too fast you can hurt yourself so i'm going to put links down below so you can learn how to do each of these with the right form and do it correctly don't just jump and start doing it i found some really good .

Videos relating to these three things right here now as far as walking backwards you can do this at a park um just you know watch where you're going okay and of course when you're treadmill you start off like with one mile an hour and you just gradually increase there's another video i'm going to put down below that shows you .

A higher level of doing this it should only be done once you've gotten pretty good shape but i found a video that's just awesome that would really work this whole area because what we have to do is we have to stimulate these muscles to cause growth hormone to be activated and to .

Increase the muscle tone underneath this whole thing that's going to help greatly now i wanted to put number four for certain people but not everyone because this is pretty intense i recently did a video on the most powerful high intensity interval training exercise which is sprinting it's called .

A hit exercise this will produce the most fat burning of anything the problem with it you can't do it with bad knees or a bad back you have to be in pretty good shape to do this and you have to go really really light in other words if you overdo it you're going to be sore for a long period of .

Time because you're doing this massively intense workout with like a 100 effort and you really can only go for a short period of time in fact i only recommend going for 10 seconds just doing it two or three times max maybe two times right because you're going to feel so sore the next day you're probably not going to get out of .

Bed like myself where i did it a lot longer thinking that i was 18 again and so i'm only 29 so i don't know why i can't handle it but you can get very very sore with this sprinting and you're going to work muscles that you've never ever worked before but it's very very therapeutic maybe you're not going .

To do a hardcore flat out sprint maybe you just do it like at 50 all right so you can watch these videos and start to stimulate these muscles on a regular basis okay number two you're going to fix the circulation problem what happens with cellulite is .

You lose the vascular system right underneath the skin so we get a lot of congestion we don't have a lot of circulation we get a lot of free radical damage and and everything is kind of chaotic so there's a couple things you can do to increase blood flow to the area there are several things you can do you can do .

The rebound exercises okay i have a video on that i will put that down below and you can also do red light therapy they have these little wands that you can rub on your skin now at first you're thinking that's not going to do anything but there's some really powerful research .

Using infrared light it's extremely therapeutic for increasing melatonin okay if you haven't seen my video on that i put that down below too melatonin is one of the most powerful antioxidants in your entire body so it's going to protect the mitochondria from all this free radical damage so it's going to help you just .

Stay healthy and prevent the aging of the skin and it's going to help you sleep apparently the pineal gland is really only a backup to this other melatonin in all the other cells in the body which is stimulated by infrared from the sun in other locations but you can use the red light therapy to .

Increase melatonin some people are doing it with the infrared saunas there's a lot of different things you can do with that so that's one thing you can do to increase melatonin increase antioxidants and increase your sleep which is going to lower cortisol and help you recover much better from this workout doing a dry brush okay i did a video on .

This where you're getting this brush and you're rubbing the superficial part of your skin to stimulate a reaction in your skin to cause it some stress so it can rebound and actually start to improve circulation a lot of great data on this i would highly recommend getting a dry brush and stimulating the outside of the skin which is going to affect the .

Inside of the skin right below the surface the other thing you can do is to get a massage in this area down here on a regular basis because what we're trying to do is we're trying to get more blood flow we're trying to get more lymph moving through the body the lymph .

System is at the end of the circulatory system so you have all the vascular system that ends up in the capillaries and then it crosses over into the lymph system okay and that it's a whole different circulatory system and so when you do like rebound exercises and you do red light therapy dry brush massage these .

Are all really good to stimulate circulation and as well as lymphatic drainage all right the next one fix the collagen problem how are we going to do that well there's a condition called autophagy and that occurs when you do fasting .

Autophagy is a condition that allows you to recycle old damaged proteins as in collagen scar tissue fibrous tissue and not only does it break that down it replaces it with new tissue so autophagy is a condition that is very rejuvenating it's anti-aging and you want to start doing .

Fasting on a regular basis not only that fasting will stimulate growth hormone allow you to burn ketones which is all very therapeutic to your skin as well as help you lose the fat directly so i would recommend doing intermittent fasting on a regular basis as well as prolonged fasting .

On more of a periodic basis i have a lot of videos i'll put a link down below of how you can get started and then i'm going to recommend getting an aromatase inhibitor cream okay i'm not going to get into brands because i don't want to .

Mention a brand and all of a sudden if they change the formula then then you're going to blame me the whole thing so you're going to have to do your research on that you want to get aromatase inhibitor cream you can get them on amazon you can buy them from various health food stores one is called dim okay .

That's a concentrated cruciferous version you don't want to get the pills you want to get the topical version and you want to rub it into your skin okay each night before you go to bed what is this going to do it's going to help reduce this aromatase which is creating the damage so we can actually stop the .

Bleeding and we can actually start to turn things around so this is just one piece of data that i found in that patent that was very fascinating with all the research that backs it up okay so mistakes that people make going too fast okay when you're exercising you can very easily overdo it and then be completely sore uh for a .

Very long time so you want to go into it very slowly when you start out especially if you have atrophy all right the next mistake is working out over soreness so if you're sore don't keep working out because the benefit of that workout is to get sore and then recover okay if you work out over soreness you're basically damaging an already .

Damaged muscle all right the next point is not creating enough stimulus for the muscles so if you're going too light and you're not doing it enough that's another problem so we want the optimum amount of stimulus to the muscle so you actually feel it and you get sore and then you're going to let it heal so .

We don't want to go too light and too infrequent the other point is your sleep if your sleep is poor then you're going to have a hard time having this work out because the cortisol is going to be very high the insulin is going to be very high because of the cortisol and that's one .

Point you really want to focus on but the infrared information can greatly help melatonin and help you sleep all right and last point a big mistake is not giving enough time thinking it's going to happen in a couple weeks .

Unfortunately you have probably years of breakdown of this collagen this this web-like fibrous net that's been breaking down and it's going to take some time it's going to take some months and it could take even up to a year maybe a year and a half but just realize that you're going to improve the more you do it but you just want to stick to .

It to the point where you start seeing change the problem is when you evaluate yourself today versus tomorrow you see nothing so the change is going to be so gradual you you're going to think it's not working so i highly recommend you take pictures before and after maybe once a month so you can visually see that it is working all right if you .

Haven't seen my video on melatonin yet i think that would be a perfect next video to watch check it out right here

This Post Was All About A BETTER Way to Lose Flabby Cellulite on Your Hips, Thighs and Buttocks – Dr. Berg.
A BETTER Way to Lose Flabby Cellulite on Your Hips, Thighs and Buttocks - Dr. Berg

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This is brand new updated information on how to lose cellulite.

0:00 Introduction: Get rid of cellulite
0:25 Cellulite explained
3:20 What causes cellulite?
6:30 How to get rid of cellulite
14:18 Mistakes to avoid
16:20 Check out my video on melatonin next!


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Today we’re going to talk about how to get rid of cellulite.

Cellulite only occurs in the butt, thighs, and hips. Cellulite worsens with pregnancy, hormone replacement therapy, and menopause.

With cellulite, the collagen bands are partially or entirely dissolved. There are also a few other things that could be going on, including:
• Enlarged fat cells
• Thin skin
• Circulation loss
• Fluid retention
• Back up of the lymphatic system
• Atrophy of the muscles underneath

Overall, cellulite is not a fat disorder—it’s a collagen disorder caused by excess estrogen. Two main things are going on:
1. Excess estrogen that destroys collagen fibers and elastin.
2. Excess aromatase that destroys the fibroblasts that make collagen under the skin.

Collagen is a byproduct of a hormonal problem, mainly to do with estrogen. But, other things could be involved too, such as:
• Too much cortisol
• Loss of growth hormone
• Too much insulin
• Loss of melatonin
• Deficiency in DHEA

How to get rid of cellulite:
1. Fix the atrophy problem
• Do lunges
• Do squats
• Start retro walking
• Try sprinting

2. Fix the circulation problem
• Do rebound exercises
• Do red light therapy
• Use a dry brush on your skin
• Get a massage on the area regularly

3. Fix the collagen problem
• Do intermittent and prolonged fasting
• Use an aromatase inhibitor cream (massage onto the area before bed)

Mistakes to avoid:
• Going too fast when you exercise
• Working out over soreness
• Not creating enough stimulus for the muscles
• Getting poor sleep
• Not giving it enough time


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