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Rid Your Back Fat: The Fastest Way

Rid Your Back Fat: The Fastest Way

Rid Your Back Fat: The Fastest Way

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hey guys I’m back for a short video to show you the fastest way to get rid of your back fat and these are the most important things can you take awhile guess what you’re gonna do fast okay fasting hands down is the most powerful tool to get rid of very resistant stubborn fat especially on your back now there’s three types of fat you have the fat in your liver you have a fat in the visceral area around the abdomen okay then you have what’s called a subcutaneous fat and that is the fat that’s superficial right underneath the skin so that is the pizza crust that you might have on the front that wraps right around the back now this is the first thing to go away then this and lastly this right here and this is why it’s frustrating for some people that’s work so hard and they still are not able to get rid of this back fat but I’m gonna show you how to do it so realize that fasting will actually increase your metabolism fasting will normalize insulin and insulin resistance so if you have a stubborn metabolism over time fasting will correct it so if we took the ketogenic diet and you just did this okay and you did not fast you may not ever get rid of your back fat or even the fat around your lower part of your stomach and it really depends on the frequency of your meal so if you’re doing snacks between the meal but it’s still keto you still may have a problem especially if you have a slow metabolism now some people will be able to lose that extra fat but most people will not so if we compare keto with them fasting and fasting is actually more important however if you combine them you’ll have even better results so I’m gonna assume that you’re doing keto that being said 80% of the population if they did fasting for 18 hours would be able to get rid of their back that over a period of time so let’s say for example they skip their breakfast their first meal is at 12:00 and their second meal at 6 that will give you an 18 hour window so this should work for the majority of the population ever if you’re the 20% then it doesn’t work on you’re gonna have to go to 20 hours up to 23 hours okay so 23 hours would give you like a 1 hour of eating that’s called ohm at one meal a day okay but between 20 hours and 23 hours so let’s say for example you skipped breakfast lunch and you ate at 3 o’clock and then you next meal it was at 7 o’clock right here that is a 4 hour window and that will give you 20 hours of fasting that would be very very powerful yet some people need to take it to the next level and fast all the way to this one meal a day which could be at 6 it could be at 5 it could be at 7 it could be 8 it doesn’t really matter it just matters that you fast for 23 hours ok and you will lose the fat in the liver first visceral fat and then subcutaneous fat realize this won’t go away unless you get rid of the fat around the liver so you might not see anything visibly for a bit but it’s happening just give it some time just have patience that’s why we call you a patient and we put you in the waiting room now what are you gonna be consuming when you’re not eating well you can do some tea you can do some coffee I would recommend just a little tiny bit of cream okay not too much I would also recommend because you’re going to be eliminating a lot of fluid and electrolytes to add the electrolytes back in and some B vitamins to nutritional yeast I would also recommend some apple cider vinegar that would speed things up with some lemon juice you can do real lemons and roughly about 2 litres of fluid especially when you’re starting out because you’re going to lose a lot of fluid and don’t forget a little bit of sea salt will be very very beneficial and lastly there’s just a couple other things you can do to speed things up you can start bringing your carbs down below 10 grams I’m gonna put a link down below of a video that I did entitled keto on steroids okay so that will actually help you understand what this means right here and then you can add exercise now you would think exercise would be the most thing it’s the least important thing you see people at the gym all the time that are working out like crazy and they they all have the pizza crust that’s because they’re having the workout drink which is all sugary or the exercise protein bar before during and after they workout and they’re just filling themselves up with carbs so exercise typically will give you like fifteen percent of the results and that’s not consuming any carbs because the carbs that you eat will nullify the exercise results however if you combine the fasting with keto and then add some exercise in here and ideally you would add in a pretty hardcore workout maybe a couple times a week a full body workout we’re using multiple muscle groups cuts called compound resistance that would be really really important but just make sure you don’t over train because that will slow down your progress I’ve had people work out I’m not kidding six hours a day daily yeah no weight loss they’re overtraining and the last thing I would do if if you’re doing everything and it’s just still not happening you may need to cut down your fat to about 70 grams simply because we want to force your body to burn and live off your own fat not the dietary fat as much you don’t want to go low-fat but seventy grams would be perfect alright go ahead and try this and then put your comments down below thanks for watching so I’m back with a quick video to show you the absolute fastest way to get rid woops just oh my gosh so if you want more knowledge on how to create a healthy body subscribe now and get daily notifications 

This Post Was All About Rid Your Back Fat: The Fastest Way.
Rid Your Back Fat: The Fastest Way

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How can you get rid of back fat and love handles fast? Find out in this short video.

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1:00 Why intermittent fasting works
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1:50 How long to fast
3:02 Why you don’t see results
3:25 Tips for intermittent fasting

In this video, we’re going to talk about the fastest way to get rid of your back fat. What is the most important thing to get rid of back fat? It’s intermittent fasting. 

Hands-down, fasting is the most powerful tool for getting rid of back fat. There are three types of fat you should know about:
• Fat in your liver
• Visceral fat (around your abdomen)
• Subcutaneous fat (just underneath the skin)

When doing a diet, the first type of fat to go away is the fat in your liver. Then, your visceral fat. Lastly, your subcutaneous fat. 

Some people work really hard to lose weight, but they can’t get rid of subcutaneous fat that causes that roll around your midsection and back. 

So how can you get rid of back fat fast? You have to do intermittent fasting. In this case, intermittent fasting is even more critical than keto. However, if you do both keto and intermittent fasting, your results will come much quicker. 
About 80% of the population would be able to get rid of their back fat if they did intermittent fasting for 18 hours a day. The other 20% would need to do 20-23 hours of intermittent fasting. 

The best thing you can do is skip breakfast. Have your first meal later in the day to increase your fasting time. 
Along with fasting, you should:
• Have less than 10 carbs a day
• Excercise 
• Decrease fat to under 70 grams if you want to see faster results
• Try drinking unsweet tea or coffee while fasting
• Get plenty of electrolytes and B vitamins
• Drink plenty of water (2 liters a day)
• Use apple cider vinegar and lemon juice
Intermittent fasting helps:
• Boost your metabolism
• Normalize your insulin
• Decrease hunger

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