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Why Do You Get Acne During Your Period (Menstruation)

Why Do You Get Acne During Your Period (Menstruation)

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recently I had a question in my live show why acne during my period every other month the ovaries take turn an ovulation so this month it might be at the left ovary next month it might be the right ovary and that correlates sometimes with acne that develops on the jawline and one side one month the next month it’s on the alternate side which is actually quite interesting but let’s talk about what actually causes the acne during menstruation when you’re having your period if we look at the entire month we have several things happening at day 14 when you’re ovulating you have the high spike of estrogen about a week later you get the high spike with progesterone but during menstruation you have the lowest amount of estrogen and the lowest amount of progesterone so the question is why are you getting acne if these two are alone well there’s another hormone involved and that is called testosterone now testosterone is a type of androgen and that is a male hormone but even women have a certain amount of it but if there’s too much of it in a female body you start getting facial hair acne hair loss deeper voice things like that now the ovaries produce several types of androgens which can then turn into testosterone or DHT okay also your adrenal glands also make androgens which can also turn into testosterone but the majority or the lion’s share is produced by the ovaries so what’s happening with acne is you’re getting too much testosterone for the amount of estrogen and progesterone that’s in your body so we have this ratio that just shows too much testosterone and testosterone and DHT enlarges the sebaceous gland or the sweat gland and that can then release more sebum or more oil and there can be bacteria involved and then that results in acne so acne just occurs if there’s too much antigen you see this in puberty you see this in another condition called polycystic ovarian syndrome in that case you have much insulin that’s converted to androgen in this case it’s a little bit different because it’s cyclic in other words it doesn’t happen all month long it happens during this period of time so we know there’s just an imbalance there’s too little estrogen and progesterone and just too much testosterone now the big question is what do you do about this there’s a really really good remedy that can help you and it’s called dim dim is a super concentrated cruciferous product the there’s certain phytochemicals in cruciferous vegetables and dim is like consuming two pounds of these vegetables in one pill so it is an androgen antagonist so it helps lower and urgent and it helps with acne and helps with cystic acne on your back so it can be very helpful now dim is also helpful in balancing estrogen so it acts as a phytoestrogen that can increase estrogen and it also can eliminate excessive amounts of estrogen too now it does not give you more estrogen that you already have it helps to balance the ratios of good versus bad estrogen so it’s very beneficial for women that are fighting breast cancer and sometimes they’re concerned about it being a phytoestrogen that can increase more estrogen but it really helps the ratio so it helps to balance both estrogen and androgen now there’s two other hormones that may be involved that you might want to look at one is cortisol because cortisol is a hormone produced by the adrenals and a lot of times when people go through stress that can generate more adrenal hormones and more testosterone so you want to monitor your stress level and then of course we have insulin if you were to help to normalize your insulin levels that would also help to normalize testosterone as well and that’s done with keto intamin fasting if you’re new to my channel I put a link down below you definitely want to check that out because that can help not just with your skin but with weight and many many other conditions anyway that’s what causes acne and this is the recommendation thanks for watching hey if you haven’t already subscribed press the button below and I will keep you in the know hey that runs

This Post Was All About Why Do You Get Acne During Your Period (Menstruation).
Why Do You Get Acne During Your Period (Menstruation)

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I recently received a question about menstruation and acne from someone on my live show. They were wondering why they get acne during their period. If you’ve been wondering this as well, this video is for you. 

Every other month the ovaries take turns in ovulation. This month, it may be the left ovary, and acne may start to show up on the left side of your jawline. The next month it would be your right ovary, and you may see acne on the right side of your jawline.

What causes acne during menstruation? Well, let’s take a look at the whole month. 

• On day 14 when you’re ovulating, you get the highest spike in estrogen.
• About a week later, you get the highest spike in progesterone.
• During menstruation, you have the lowest amount of estrogen and progesterone.

Why would you get acne when both estrogen and progesterone are low? Well, there is actually another hormone involved called testosterone. 

Women have a certain amount of testosterone, but if there is too much, it can cause things like acne.

What’s happening is you’re getting too much testosterone for the amount of estrogen and progesterone that’s in the body. Testosterone enlarges the sebaceous gland, which can release more oil and bacteria, which then results in acne.  

How to get rid of acne:

1. DIM (androgen antagonist) 
2. Decrease cortisol (monitor your stress level)
3. Normalize insulin (ketogenic diet)

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