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How to Permanently Eliminate Acne

How to Permanently Eliminate Acne

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More specifically, you want help with How to Permanently Eliminate Acne?

hey guys today I’m going to show you how to permanently get rid of your acne you ready for this are you sitting down good take notes alright the anatomy of a zit okay let’s talk about what’s really going on we have a little bump right here it could be filled with fluid or pots or not there’s usually redness involved it’s using the face the back it could be anywhere on the body but we have several pieces to this puzzle number one we usually have higher amounts of androgens androgen is a male hormone during puberty you have the spike of androgens and what happens is like you get this overproduction of sweat glands and those are called sebaceous glands you don’t need to know that but they’re just the sweat glands start becoming enlarged because of this woman right here and there’s other causes to this well we’ll get to in a little bit but the point is that when it increases the sweat glands start to enlarge and then you get more oil production and that oil is called sebum and it’s there to lubricate the skin to help regulate temperature to prevent the skin from drying out and there’s other functions as well now not only do you get this enlargement of this gland you also get a lot of turnover with cells and you start getting more dead skin cells in the area and they can clog pores and they can get infected and they can create blackheads and whiteheads so you have a lot of things happening due to this hormone right here okay and of course as a by-product you get inflammation that’s why it’s red and tender now it just so happens there’s a certain microbe a bacteria that lives in your skin that eats this oil okay so who you are you just provided more food for this microbe it starts developing an overgrowth okay and this overgrowth of bacteria produces as a side effect something called proprio neck acid and it’s the proprio attak acid that gives the body odor and it just so happens that there’s higher amounts of this acid in Swiss cheese okay so we basically provide food for more bacteria which creates more inflammation and this is why a lot of people when they go to the doctor get an antibiotic for their skin conditions but that’s only addressing the tip of the iceberg just a matter of time before it either comes back or you start developing antibiotic resistance and now we have a big problem so it’s not the best long-term strategy all right so then we have vitamin A have you ever heard of accutane and I’m pretty sure it’s been taken off the market in 2009 because there’s a lot of side effects from that synthetic version of vitamin A but it did help people with certain types of acne right why because vitamin A is essential in keeping the sweat gland or the sebaceous gland in check so it doesn’t become too big so it really helps to normalize these glands and the production of oil and it does a lot of other things with the skin too it keeps it healthy it keeps it soft it’s intimately involved in a lot of functions with your skin and of course vitamin E as well it’s also important in anti scarring so if you’re a deficient in vitamin E a lot of times you’ll get pock marks and scarring after the acne and it so happens that vitamin E is very very important in producing a balanced hormonal profile as well so we have high androgens we have bacteria with a vitamin A deficiency vitamin E deficiency inflammation and scarring okay so what can we do about this okay number one how do we lower the energons well guess what will trigger antigens insulin I don’t know if you ever heard of the condition called PCOS polycystic ovarian syndrome well that’s the situation where you get acne facial hair you’re female and you get a deeper voice because your antigens are increased and that comes from insulin okay so the solution for that and to read keep antigen in check is to make sure insulin is normalized and how do you do that you guessed it you get on a healthy ketogenic diet go low carb that will greatly help to balance this right here so lower insulin and lower stress stress can activate antigens okay number two how do we do with the bacterium bacteria live on sugar well guess what if you’re on the keto plan you’re cutting down sugars so that’s going to actually starve off the bacterium and I’d also recommend a actual antibiotic which has no side effects rosemary and clove okay needs to our excellent natural antibacterial herbs okay now next one is vitamin A how do we get that start consuming more egg yolks some cod liver well don’t go on a low-fat diet okay that’s not going to help you we cut down the carbs we increase the fat but we make sure it’s high quality egg yolks cod liver oil that gives you the vitamin A to really help this gland from getting out of control fourth thing what do we do for inflammation what we do is we do in a minute fasting the combination of healthy keto and in a minute fasting with the cod liver oil the egg yolks and this right here is just going to really help you in a big way when you do nomina fasting you drop inflammation everywhere in the body really quick and I have a video down below if you’re new to this channel that will teach you step-by-step how to do it correctly and you’re going to see some serious improvement not just with your skin but with your health in general alright guys thanks for watching hey guys real quick I have a new healthy keto eating plan for you just go to dr. Berg comm it’s right on the front page I put a link down below download it it’s free check it out

This Post Was All About How to Permanently Eliminate Acne.
How to Permanently Eliminate Acne

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In this video, Dr. Berg talks about how to permanently eliminate your acne.

1. High Androgens (male hormone)
• There is a spike of androgens during puberty that could cause an overproduction of sweat glands and it starts to enlarge.
• Increase oil(sebum) production
• Dead skin cells / clogged pores
• Black / whiteheads
Solution: Make sure to keep your insulin level normal by getting into healthy ketogenic diet and lower stress.

2. Bacteria – Propioni Bacterium is a certain microbe that lives in the skin and eats the oil (sebum) that could start developing bacteria overgrowth, which produces propionic acid (gives the body odor) as a side effect.
Solution: Cut down sugar because bacteria lives on sugar. Take natural antibiotics, rosemary, and clove.

3. Low Vitamin A and E
Solution: Start consuming more egg yolk / cod liver oil

4. Inflammation
Solution: Intermittent Fasting

5. Scar

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