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The Hidden Source of Your Acne

The Hidden Source of Your Acne

The Hidden Source of Your Acne

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More specifically, you want help with The Hidden Source of Your Acne?

so in this video I’m gonna talk about the hidden source of your acne okay now there’s a lot of things people do for acne that put all sorts of creams they’ll scrub out the dirt and their pores thinking that’s dirt when it’s really not they’ll take all sorts of medications and the list goes on and on and on and in some other videos I talk about high androgens causing acne as in puberty as in PCOS polycystic ovarian syndrome and that’s really high levels of insulin that’s converting to antigen so just by lowering your insulin you can normalize antigens and get rid of acne also estrogen dominance can cause acne this is why people take concentrated cruciferous products like dim to help with cystic acne it works really good but there’s another cause of acne based on the book and the hidden cause of acne by Melissa Gallico now she’s an intelligence analyst for the military and the FBI so she’s really good at figuring things out and for her own acne she figured out it was the fluoride there’s a couple really interesting things when you do research on fluoride number one there’s a condition called floral derma which is almost identical to acne that comes from antigens it looks the same you also have halogen acne and halogen represents a series of elements on the periodic table like fluoride chlorine bromine iodine that are very unstable elements very reactive and people get acne from being exposed to these okay then you have something called perioral dermatitis where you have acne around the mouth and if you look this up fluoride is one of the causes fluoride like in your water is a byproduct to phosphate fertilizer and it’s kind of crazy they actually put that stuff in our water so if you have acne this is one source that you need to be aware of so what do you do about it what are some action steps okay number one get a fluoride free toothpaste the Florida that your paste can be very easily absorbed or ingested number two get a water filter okay whether it’s a whole house filter one of those pictures or even like one for your shower the company that I recommend is crystal quest I’ll put a link down below I do not get any kickbacks or any Commission’s or any favors from this company I just think they’re really great because even though the water pitchers themselves fill filter of 2000 gallons compared to the Brita which is only like 40 gallons and they have a very specific filter that you can get in addition to the pitcher which is called the smart fluoride filter and I would recommend getting this one with the pitcher it’s an extra I think it’s like 21 dollars but this will filter out the fluoride and everything else alright number 3 teeth whitening okay be use a lot of fluoride in that whether you’re going to your dentist or you’re using one of the home kits I would avoid that and the last one is something that you also might not be aware of when you buy tea at the grocery store or even bottled water and it’s like a filtered water or even canned water chances are you could have fluoride okay because they probably are not using some filter system they’re just filtering the water and not taking out the fluoride it takes a special filter to pull out the fluoride all right guys now you have some things to do go ahead and do this and comment below and tell me how your skin improved if you’re liking this content please subscribe now and I will actually keep you updated on future videos 

This Post Was All About The Hidden Source of Your Acne.
The Hidden Source of Your Acne

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In this video, I want to talk to you about the hidden source of your acne, and how to improve acne.

What causes acne? The hidden cause is something called fluoride. Fluoride is a byproduct of phosphate fertilizer.

There are other acne causes I’ve talked about before, like high androgens, high insulin, and estrogen dominance.

Interesting things about fluoride:
• There is a condition called fluoroderma – This is almost identical to acne that comes from androgens
• There is a condition called halogen acne – This is where people get acne from being exposed to halogens like fluoride.
• There is a condition called perioral dermatitis – This is acne around the mouth. Fluoride is one of the causes.

How to get rid of acne:
1. Use fluoride-free toothpaste
2. Get a water filter (water pitcher filter, whole-house filter, or shower filter)
3. Avoid teeth whitening
4. Avoid beverages with fluoride

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