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Get Restorative Sleep with Vitamin D

Get Restorative Sleep with Vitamin D

Get Restorative Sleep with Vitamin D

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More specifically, you want help with Get Restorative Sleep with Vitamin D?

so today I want to talk about how to get more restorative sleep not just more sleep but the type of sleep that recharges you by adding vitamin D so many people wake up tired okay they’re actually sometimes more tired than when they went to bed they don’t sleep through the night they either can’t get to sleep they can’t stay asleep or they wake up feeling tired they have dark circles and mute eyes puffy eyes bloodshot eyes or they might have sleep apnea or their today they need multiple naps because they haven’t slept at night so we do know that stress can prevent you from sleeping but by the Mindi many times is behind high levels of cortisol high cortisol can deplete your vitamin D and low vitamin D can raise your cortisol so and cortisol is the stress hormone now you have vitamin D receptors in many places in the body including the central nervous system so deep in your brain you have receptors for vitamin D and one of the functions of vitamin D among the many is muscle paralysis during the delta-wave sleep so when we’re talking about restorative sleep we’re talking about the ability to turn off when you’re sleeping at night ok so you’re not like laying there half awake so vitamin D helps to turn off the muscles so if you have restless leg syndrome for example that would be a vitamin D deficiency and sometimes it’s a vitamin b1 deficiency but when you take vitamin D it allows your body to get in a full resting deep delta-wave sleep and that’s how you recharge now the amount of vitamin D that people are told to take and the RDAs are roughly between 600 to I think 800 IU’s ok that is the amount determined to prevent rickets but it’s definitely not the amount to create the therapeutic effect for many other conditions like especially if you have autoimmune conditions like MS or rheumatoid arthritis or lupus or getting your deep sleep or getting rid of low back pain you’re gonna need more of a therapeutic effect minimally a 20,000 now it might sound like a lot 20,000 I use but 40,000 I use is only one milligram so 20,000 I use is really only a half of a milligram okay so there’s two main concerns I’m going to talk about one is a concern that people have with I don’t want to have a toxic effect about them indeed I have a specific video just on that you can watch down below all the toxic effects of vitamin D really come from the higher levels of calcium in the blood it doesn’t have to do with vitamin D itself it has to do with what it does to calcium and there’s so many things you can do to prevent the high levels of calcium building up in the blood that I made a special video for that but many times you’re going to need a lot more vitamin D to fix your sleep cycles now one of the reasons it’s very difficult to get your vitamin D from food the next reason is that people are inside and they’re not getting enough sunlight and there’s one more reason I want to talk about and it has to do with the vitamin D receptors being altered genetically but a mutation is a sudden change in the genetics that can happen this lifetime so let’s say you’re exposed to a certain chemical it can affect the genes there are several mutations in the vitamin D receptor and it’s called polymorphism so your vitamin D receptor is having a hard time absorbing vitamin D so if you take the normal amounts of vitamin D it doesn’t go in so you just have to take more now the question is why are we developing these alterations in the in the receptor I have some theories we don’t know exactly but vitamin D deficiency trends have been following the introduction of GMO foods the introduction of glyphosate that is my theory and why this is happening because of what this chemical can do to our receptors but there could be other reasons all right so here’s what I recommend if you have a sleep problem start with 20,000 I’ll use if that doesn’t handle it go up to 30,000 IU’s take vitamin k2 take some magnesium and also watch the video down below on how to overcome any toxic effects that vitamin D might have when you’re increasing the amounts alright guys thanks for watching hey before you go would you mind putting a comment down below to tell me what you think about this video

This Post Was All About Get Restorative Sleep with Vitamin D.
Get Restorative Sleep with Vitamin D

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In this video, Dr. Berg talks about how to get more restorative sleep with vitamin D. High cortisol could deplete the vitamin D and low vitamin D can raise the cortisol (stress hormone). There are vitamin D receptors in many parts of the body including the central nervous system. One of the main functions of vitamin D is the muscle paralysis during the delta wave sleep or the ability to turn off when you are sleeping.

Sleep Problems
1. Wake up tired
2. Dark circles
3. Puffy eyes
4. Bloodshot eyes
5. Sleep apnea
6. Needs more nap during the day

• Start taking 10,000IUs of vitamin D – increase to 30,000IUs if it doesn’t work
• Take vitamin K2, magnesium

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