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5 Ways to Get More Collagen and Utilize it Better

5 Ways to Get More Collagen and Utilize it Better

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look you don’t just get collagen in your system by eating foods that are high in collagen sure that is one way to do it but I don’t expect you to be going around chewing on tendons and ligaments that’s just not realistic yet collagen is so so critical for so many different things within our body not just our skin but for muscle growth for recovery for overall inflammatory responses within the body to keep inflammation at bay it’s a very very important thing so what I’m do in this video is I’m going to give you five very clean-cut ways to not just get collagen into your body but to improve the bioavailability of collagen in your body so it can be utilized because collagen is not just created magically from what we eat you see collagen is a unique combination of different amino acids that are constructed and built into a scaffolding that our body can use in different applications so as long as we have a pool of aminos we can always create collagen but we need lots of things to support the creation of collagen inside our body quick example even if you were to go eat the perfect cut of meat that had lots of collagen your body would still have to break that meat down and it would have to reassemble so it would take it in its complete form break it down to an incomplete form and then recompose it to a complete form the point is we need to give our body what it needs to be able to produce and use collagen so we live healthy and we feel great ok please make sure you hit that red subscribe button and then hit that Bell icon to turn on notifications and select always turn on notifications not just the personalized notifications that will you always see my videos my live broadcasts number one is a pretty obvious one bone broth now don’t think that this video is going to be generic and boring just because I’m leading off with the most popular one I just put it here because it is common and you can get good amounts of collagen from bone broth it’s so bioavailable because you’re taking the amino acids that you need from collagen and you’re literally taking those bones and tendons and you’re cooking it down you’re getting all of the collagen types one types two in types three that you need to have complete college uns within the body so what’s interesting is that the baseline aminos that we need are prolene glycine and arginine now within those and me they get bound to all kinds of different aminos in our body the point is is that once you have these bare bone basics of collagen then your body can add whatever other amino acids it needs to to create specific College ins what am i rambling on about here the simple point here is that if you have the option to consume bone broth you’re going to get a nice clean source of your actual collagen that can be used in the body all right so let’s go ahead and let’s move on to the next one which is pretty darn interesting that’s the world of berries what berries are pro-collagen yes okay now it’s for two reasons the first one is the vitamin C reason which I’ll talk about in just a minute but the whole thing with vitamin C is basically it allows the collagen actually be structured without vitamin C you can’t compile the aminos into the actual structure but berries contain something known as a legend a legend is what is powerful at reducing the breakdown of collagen in your body I want you to imagine this let me give it in a simple hypothetical example that makes no sense relative to biochem but it makes sense for visualization purposes let’s say you have 10 units of collagen in your body but let’s say through stress and through UV exposure you break down five of those units so you’re left with five well that means that any collagen that you take in you’re gonna have to use to replace five of those units first but then any potential building of getting stronger then you need more so it means you need more collagen to get the job done because you’re breaking down so much well it turns out that this ellagic acid is what’s really powerful you see it prevents the breakdown because it stops the production of something called MMP this MMP has been shown in studies to be what ultimately triggers the cascading breakdown of collagen in our body so there was a study that’s published an experimental dermatology that took a look at this in the world of UV exposure it took a look at mice in this case hairless mice and it exposed them to UV light okay enough to give them a little sunburn and then progressively increase over the course of eight weeks well half the mice they gave this illogic acid to the other half they did not well it turns out the mice that receive the ellagic acid had significantly less wrinkles and significantly less collagen breakdown because they had less of a nuclear factor Kappa B expression less of the inflammatory response than the mice that didn’t receive it so what that means to us is that they stopped this MMP this unique ellagic acid okay is really powerful at stopping the degradation of collagen which means that when you do combine this with the collagen that you consume from your body you get yourself ahead of the curve you’re trying to restore your skin health your retrying you’re trying to restore your joint health well if 80% of the collagen that you’re taking in is just going towards the run-of-the-mill degradation stopping like you’re just all this collagen you’re taking in is just going to stopping the natural degradation in the first place imagine if you could stop that degradation from happening then all the college and then you do take in can actually go towards making you stronger and make your skin better so even if you’re doing a low-carb diet even if you’re doing keto have those berry treats literally have 5/6 berries okay it’s not gonna kick you at Aikido and it’s gonna help you out with this whole process the next one is one that is important popular yet important yet often done wrong and that’s the world of hydrolyzed collagen so when you look at supplements out there that have collagen in them a lot of times they’ll have collagen but they don’t have it in a good hydrolyzed form you see hydrolyzed collagen means that it’s the collagen aminos the proteins the the minos right broken down into a truly hydrolyzed form the body can assimilate and utilize a lot better so imagine having to consume a tendon or a chunk of bone or anything like that imagine what happens you eat it you chew it down your body has to break it down has to break it down into a instant iced form and then it has to go through the process of building that that matrix that scaffolding well if you get it in a hydrolyzed form it’s already available it’s already broken down significantly more like what it would be inside your body so this is super super important when you’re trying to rebuild okay there’s a study that was published in the journal nutrients that took a look at individuals that consumed 35 grams of enzymatically hydrolyzed collagen 35 grams of non enzymatically hydrolyzed collagen and then 35 grams of a placebo collagen so basically what they had here was just study that showed what’s gonna absorb better well it turns out when you look at the graphs that are played up displayed on the screen right now you can see pretty obviously that the enzymatically hydrolyzed group had significantly more absorption after 240 minutes it now improved absorption altogether but 240 minutes when it Peaks 240 minutes is a perfect timeline post-workout after being in the Sun anything like that makes it so that hey now you have the resources that you need to be able to rebuild now I’m a big fan of utilizing perfect Kito’s collagen not just because it tastes amazing honestly it does taste really good but they have it in these really convenient to go packets so I’ve been able to just make it so I can just bring it with me I can add it to water I can add it’s almond milk and I’m getting my collagen in so whether it’s post-workout whether I’m on the road or I need something just to satiate me they’ve really nailed it and they have the highest quality bovine hydrolyzed collagen it’s really really cool stuff and again you’re getting it in little single-serve packets but they’ve also combined it with high quality medium chain triglycerides which have a fat burning effect anyway just because of how it elevates adrenaline and basically our catecholamines that allow you to burn fat so if you’re doing keto or if you’re breaking it fast and you think that it could be really ideal for you so there’s a special link down below for you to check those packets out this is a Black Friday special so even if you’re watching this after Black Friday you can still get the special pricing on it but individual packets and you’re gonna get additional packets free if you use my link down below alright now let’s go ahead and let’s move in to the next one garlic it’s not just good for keeping the vampires away honestly has some powerful effects mainly coming from something known as caffeic acid okay remember how I was talking about that ellagic acid that’s in berries well the caffeic acid works along the same pathway okay except in this way it’s directly affecting the expression of the MMP signaling so it’s working more on a genetic level to make sure that MMP doesn’t get produced remember MMP is what triggers the degradation in the breakdown of collagen so in this case the caffeic acid that’s in garlic is stopping the actual gene expression that would normally release the MMP there was a study that was published in the journal PLoS ONE it took a look at garlic and found there’s three components in garlic one of which was caffeic acid that increased the amounts of pro-collagen type 1 okay all while down-regulating and then so what that meant is which came first the chicken or the egg probably is the fact that there were sufficient amounts of collagen so the body didn’t need to induce inflammation and elevate MMP long story short garlic has some really indirect indirectly powerful pathways at allowing your body to utilize collagen better and ultimately form it because remember we have Pro collagen that make up collagen and then we have colleges that have to be wound together with each other to form these helixes that actually give structure so pro collagen is like the tools okay then collagen is like the pieces that have a basically larger framing that’s been built and then of course we have to actually construct the framing into something that is a structure a house a bone a skeleton a you know things like that right that’s the whole point of collagen which leads me into the next piece and the final piece getting your vitamin C from a little bit of citrus now this doesn’t work if you’re in quito you can use citrus supplements you can use whole food vitamin C supplements but if you’re just trying to get some collagen in a little bit of citrus goes a long way you don’t need much lemon lime something is going to have a high amount of vitamin C with the lowest amount of sugar so Pro collagen which ultimately forms college and eventually is made from vitamin C and the protein okay so without the vitamin C the protein can’t actually wind together and have structure in other words it’s not hydroxylated if you ever heard of scurvy before scurvy is basically when you go through such a period of time when you don’t have hydroxylated College ins that structures fail joints fail all kinds of illnesses approach you know your immune systems crush and big part of it is not having sufficient levels of collagen because you’re not having the vitamin C to support building the actual scaffolding and the hellix is that form collagen so yes citrus believe it or not is one of the best ways to make collagen more available in your body so sure I could tell you that you could go out eat a bunch of steak I could tell you could go out and just chew on a bone or two on a tendon like an animal or you could be a little bit more strategic you could use bone broth you could have some strategic berries you can use supplementation to your advantage and not let it just abuse you with marketing you can use some garlic and also keep vampires away and you can enjoy a little bit of lemon water and some lime water and boost the whole effect so as always I invite you to stay connected with this channel make sure you’re hitting that subscribe and then please do comment any future ideas for videos down below I’ll see you soon 

This Post Was All About 5 Ways to Get More Collagen and Utilize it Better.
5 Ways to Get More Collagen and Utilize it Better

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5 Ways to Get More Collagen and Utilize it Better – Thomas DeLauer

Look, you don’t just get collagen in your system by eating foods that are high in collagen. Sure, that is one way to do it, but I don’t expect you to be going around chewing on tendons and ligaments. That’s just not realistic.

Yet collagen is so, so critical for so many different things within our body, not just our skin, but for muscle growth, for recovery, for overall inflammatory responses within the body to keep inflammation at bay. It’s a very, very important thing. So what I’m going to do in this video is
I’m going to give you five very clean cut ways to not just get collagen into your body, but to improve the bioavailability of collagen in your body so it can be utilized because collagen is not just created magically from what we eat. You see, collagen is a unique combination of different amino acids that are constructed and built into a scaffolding that our body can use in different applications.

So as long as we have a pool of aminos, we can always create collagen. But we need lots of things to support the creation of collagen inside our body. Quick example, even if you were to go eat the perfect cut of meat that had lots of collagen, your body would still have to break that meat down and it would have to reassemble so it would take it in its complete form, break it down to an incomplete form, and then recompose it to a complete form. The point is, we need to give our body what it needs to be able to produce and use collagen, so we live healthy and we feel great.

Number one is a pretty obvious one. Bone broth. Now don’t think that this video is going to be generic and boring just because I’m leading off with the most popular one. I just put it here because it is common and you can get good amounts of collagen from bone broth. It’s so bioavailable because you’re taking the amino acids that you need from collagen and you’re literally taking those bones and tendons and you’re cooking it down.

You’re getting all of the collagen, types one, types two and types three that you need to have complete collagens within the body. So what’s interesting is that the baseline aminos that we need are proline, glycine, and arginine. Now, within those aminos, they get bound to all kinds of different aminos in our body. The point is is that once you have these bare bone basics of collagen, then your body can add whatever other amino acids it needs to to create specific collagens.

All right. Now let’s go ahead and let’s move in to the next one. Garlic, it’s not just good for keeping the vampires away. Honestly has some powerful effects mainly coming from something known as caffeic acid. Remember how I was talking about that ellagic acid that’s in the berries? Well, the caffeic acid works along the same pathway, except in this way, it’s directly affecting the expression of the MMP signaling, so it’s working more on a genetic level to make sure that that MMP doesn’t get produced. Remember MMP is what triggers the degradation and the breakdown of collagen. So in this case, the caffeic acid that’s in garlic is stopping the actual gene expression that would normally release the MMP.

There was a study that was published in The Journal PLOS One that took a look at garlic and found that there’s three components in garlic, one of which was caffeic acid that increased the amounts of procollagen type one, all while down-regulating MMP. So what meant is which came first, the chicken or the egg probably is the fact that there were sufficient amounts of collagen so the body didn’t need to induce inflammation and elevate MMP.

So as always, I invite you to stay connected with this channel. Make sure you’re hitting that subscribe button, and then please do comment, any future ideas for videos down below. I’ll see you soon.



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