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Take Theanine with Coffee to Reduce Anxiety (& Improve Sleep)

Take Theanine with Coffee to Reduce Anxiety (& Improve Sleep)

Take Theanine with Coffee to Reduce Anxiety (& Improve Sleep)

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More specifically, you want help with Take Theanine with Coffee to Reduce Anxiety (& Improve Sleep)?

what if I told you there is a way to get some energy but also be able to be relaxed at the same time you see what I want to talk about today is an amino acid known as theanine something you can pick up at any store you can pick up online dirt cheap it’s nothing crazy it’s an amino acid that’s typically found in tea leaves and honestly it’s the biological constituent of green tea and probably the reason why you feel so good when you’re consuming green tea hey if you haven’t already I want to make sure that you subscribe to this channel new videos every single Tuesday Friday and Sunday morning at 7 a.m. Pacific time so don’t want you to miss a beat plus all kinds of bonus videos and live broadcasts and if you haven’t already turn on that notification bell so that you can know whenever I post a new video all right so the idea behind today is to focus on how you can get a little bit more energy but at the same time also help rid yourself of some of that anxiety and allow yourself to sleep a little bit better without putting yourself in a sedated state and that my friends is where thenen comes in so the way that theanine works is it really has sort of a biphasic response within the body which means it can increase your alertness but at the same time help you fall asleep a little bit more so let’s talk about how it works in a relaxation state first and foremost let’s start off with a study this study was published in the Journal of the alternative medicine review and what it took a look at was how theanine actually helped out boys that were suffering from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder so what this study did is it took 98 boys it had them consume feening 2 times per day at 200 milligrams each time and what they wanted to measure was overall how it improved their relaxation how improved their anxiety their sleep their ability to focus and what they found is that the group of boys that consumed the theanine 2 times per day ended up having markedly improved sleep patterns and also a deeper more restful sleep now this is all great but what exactly is going on within the body as I’ve mentioned in other videos before we have two sort of systems that the brain operates on we have the glutamate system and the gamma-aminobutyric acid system these two pathways allow the body in the brain to have either more energy and being an excited almost State or being a little bit more of a relaxed state but what we’re finding is that theanine induces the body to go into a little bit more of that gaba neurotransmitter state but it does so by doing an interesting thing it doesn’t increase the level of gaba within the body what it does is decreases the amount of glutamate that can actually hit the brain so you say glutamate isn’t a bad thing but it does trigger your brain to be a little bit more anxious and hyperactive so the reason we would normally have the glutamate system is to keep our body in balance but if we’re out of balance we have too much glutamate we’re an anxious person if we have too much GABA we’re almost a little too relaxed and maybe even lazy but what they found is that theanine binds to the glutamate receptor within your brain so what this means is it blocks glutamate from hitting your brain now that doesn’t mean that it causes gaba to go up but what it does mean is that it increases the gaba to glutamate ratio meaning you have slightly more gaba than you do glutamate this is why you’re able to be in that relaxed state yet still have energy when you drink green tea I would even argue that you can consume a ton of green tea and not feel the effects of the caffeine because you’re gonna end up feeling the effects of the theanine as well so you’re relaxed yet alert and I’ll talk about the alertness in just a second now one other interesting thing to add is that theanine operates as a pretty darn powerful antioxidant but let me explain why this is it’s pretty darn cool you ever wonder why green tea is a good antioxidant well it’s simply because again it’s blocking that glutamate receptor so visualize this glutamate encourages your brain to use a lot of energy which means that essentially your body is having to borrow energy from the next couple of weeks to concentrate and into now you know like when you’re anxious you feel like you’re burning up a lot of energy you’re borrowing all this energy from tomorrow the next day and the next day and concentrating it into now well what that does it puts a lot of stress in your brain causes a lot more things to have to flow into the brain which means that you have sort of a toxic effect on the brain so when the glutamate receptor is blocked you’re blocking that extra energy that’s causing an extra taxation and oxidation on the brain so that’s why Fenian operates as an antioxidant and also why green tea operates as an antioxidant it’s pretty darn cool stuff antioxidant coupled with a relaxation effect is it happy marriage but then when we add the fact that it can boost your alpha wave oscillation then it gets really exciting and what I mean by that is it encourages your brain to be in a relaxed hyperdrive alpha waves are the brainwave state that we are in when we’re awake and we’re alert and we’re feeling focused I want you to think about when you’re meditating or when you’re deep into a workout and just feel like you’re in the zone you’re in those alpha waves now sometimes we can’t control what kind of oscillations we go through we’ll go through theta waves will go through Delta waves alpha waves we don’t always control it but if we have an element of control within this by inducing the alpha state a little bit more than we ordinarily would we have a lot more control over when we can be focused and we can have our minds free and clear what happens when you go through these alpha oscillations is your sensory abilities end up being minimized which means you’re less likely to be distracted by things so it’s something that can be really powerful if you’re doing high-intensity interval training or any kind of agility work where you need to focus a little bit more now what ends up happening is when you shift to the higher frequencies your brain becomes really exhausted and taxed these higher frequencies are sending a lot of energy into your brain so you’re at this point where you can’t really focus you’re distracted one thing here one thing there and you’re never able to really get the job done so theanine allows the brain to go into that alpha state where you’re able to focus on one thing at a time and really be able to have your creative hat on so that you can get the job done without distraction but now let’s see how theanine can actually improve your body’s utilization of the caffeine that you’re already consuming maybe through a cup of coffee your cup of tea or if you’re just a hardcore person maybe your pre-workout or your caffeine pills there was a study that was published in the journal nutritional neuroscience that took a look at 27 participants and what they had them do is they had some of them consume 50 milligrams of caffeine and some of them consumed 50 milligrams of caffeine alongside a hundred milligrams of theni so what they wanted to measure was their word recognition their visual processing and their ability to tasks which their ability to switch from one thing over to another and what they found was the group that consumed Fenian alongside the caffeine ended up having a massive improvement in cognitive awareness they were able to improve their word recognition ultimately their short-term memory they were also able to decrease distraction dramatically again this makes it very very powerful for the athlete or very very powerful for someone that’s trying to focus on something that requires a lot of attention the purpose of this video wasn’t to be any kind of plug or push or anything like that it was to be able to give you another tool that you can have in your arsenal to help improve your focus improve your energy but ultimately improve your health as well so as always I want to make sure you keep it locked in here on my channel if you have ideas for future videos go ahead and put them down in the comment section below and I’ll see you in the next video

This Post Was All About Take Theanine with Coffee to Reduce Anxiety (& Improve Sleep).
Take Theanine with Coffee to Reduce Anxiety (& Improve Sleep)

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Take Theanine with Coffee to Reduce Anxiety (& Improve Sleep) – Thomas DeLauer

L-theanine is an amino acid found most commonly in tea leaves and in small amounts in Bay Bolete mushrooms.

Research indicates that L-theanine promotes relaxation without drowsiness.

A unique amino acid, L-theanine is the biologically active constituent of green tea, which has been widely studied for its ability to produce a calming effect and prevent over-stimulation.

Theanine and the Brain

L-Theanine lowers levels of “excitatory” brain chemicals.

L-theanine is often referred to as, the “adaptogen” of neurotransmitters – similar to the concept of herbs such as rhodiola in adrenal fatigue.

Because it supports GABA activity, L-theanine is a solid treatment consideration when your calming neurotransmitters (GABA and serotonin) levels have been documented to be low.

Additionally, L-theanine promotes both neuro inhibitory and parasympathetic responses.

As a result, it is useful when you are experiencing elevations of your excitatory neurotransmitters including dopamine, norepinephrine and epinephrine.

L-theanine promotes the release of serotonin and dopamine.

While glutamate is the brain’s most important excitatory neurotransmitter, L-theanine binds to the same brain cell receptors and blocks them to glutamate’s effects.

Alpha waves are also present during REM sleep.

L-theanine appears to trigger the release of alpha-waves, which enhances relaxation, focus, and creativity.

When alpha oscillations are prominent, your sensory inputs tend to be minimized and your mind is generally clear of unwanted thoughts.

When your brain shifts gears to focus on a specific thought—in either a positive or negative way—alpha oscillations tend to disappear and higher frequency oscillations begin running the show.

Theanine and Caffeine

There is a synergistic relationship when using caffeine with L-Theanine.

A ‘vasoconstrictor’ is a substance that makes your blood vessels smaller – temporarily increasing your blood pressure.

It seems that taking caffeine with L-Theanine helps to reduce these effects as well as improves your mood.

Taking caffeine with L-Theanine helps to reduce not only the vasoconstrictive effects of caffeine but also the anxiety


Study, in the Journal of Nutritional Neuroscience, compared 50 mg caffeine, with and without 100 mg L-theanine, on cognition and mood in healthy volunteers.

The effects of these treatments on word recognition, rapid visual information processing, critical flicker fusion threshold, attention switching and mood were compared to placebo in 27 participants.

Performance was measured at baseline and again 60 min and 90 min after each treatment (separated by a 7-day washout).

The L-theanine and caffeine combination improved both speed and accuracy of performance of the attention-switching task at 60 min, and reduced susceptibility to distracting information in the memory task at both 60 min and 90 min.


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