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Drink Apple Cider Vinegar to USE Fat More EFFICIENTLY (fat adaptation)

Drink Apple Cider Vinegar to USE Fat More EFFICIENTLY (fat adaptation)

Drink Apple Cider Vinegar to USE Fat More EFFICIENTLY (fat adaptation)

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More specifically, you want help with Drink Apple Cider Vinegar to USE Fat More EFFICIENTLY (fat adaptation)?

we want to get fat adapted fat adaptation means that our cells are using fats better okay it means that our cells know how to rev up the machinery to metabolize and process fats better as a fuel source the more fat adaptation that we have the more likely we are to .

Utilize fats as fuel it's definitely beneficial so now we see that acetic acid which is the primary component in apple cider vinegar may activate the primary switch that allows us to get fat adapted meaning we might be able to get there faster this is epic news hey after this video check out today's sponsor which is .

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Thrive for supporting this channel making this content possible and thanks to you for checking them out so it all comes down to am pk okay ampk is the energy sensor in our body okay so what that means is if you were doing uh keto or if you were fasting or if you were exercising your body would say okay .

There's no glucose or we have a decline in glucose that's available it's decreasing that means we need to release fuels to keep this person live right so ampk is like the signal for that ampk is sitting there monitoring our body saying uh wait a minute that person's exercising and their glucose is dropping hey quick liver release glucose hey .

Quick muscles release glucose or if they're fasting hey quick body start releasing lipids release fat from the tissue because this person is not eating so it's kind of like the messenger but it's also the signal it's i mean or really just like the sensor okay well apple cider vinegar or acetic acid main component of it can .

Drive up ampk in fact in a study that was published in biochemical and biophysical research communications in an in vitro study they found that rat hepatocytes so liver cells from rats that were treated with acetic acid within one hour there was a 40 increase in phosphorylation of ampk so what that means is a 40 increase in the body .

Saying we need to release fuels we want the body to release fuels okay it's the idea of fat burning right we want the body to say we don't need this fat on our body release it so ampk when we're hungry in between meals fasting whatever that's going to drive that up so a 40 increase in phosphorylation of ampk even in an in vitro study gets me pretty .

Excited but then when you start looking at some pathways of what it can do it's even more fascinating one of the potential ways that it was doing this was by increasing fatty acid utilization but also decreasing lipogenesis so that means that it was potentially decreasing the amount of fat that could get stored and increasing the amount of fats that .

Were liberated well when ampk is activated acutely pretty strong or for a long enough period of time it activates something called p-p-a-r alpha now if you watch a lot of my content you're already familiar with it but i'll just break it down real quick ppar alpha is a nuclear receptor protein and when that protein is .

Activated it travels to the center of a cell and it travels to the command center to the nucleus of a cell and it says hey cell get better at using fats because i'm here now and i'm the fat guy so it comes into the middle of the cell it says get better at using fats so when we activate ppar .

We are potentially making ourselves much more of a fat burning machine what this does is additionally it increases what's called carnitine palmitoyl transferase one carnitine pulmonary transferase two it increases what's called cd36 which is like a lipid transporter so it doesn't just help the cell use and burn fat it helps the whole process in between what .

Carries the fat what carries the fat across the membrane what gets the fat into the mitochondria to be utilized properly is you know acetyl coenzyme a it is a very fascinating process but what about fat adaptation well in order to get fat adapted you need to have ppar alpha activated for prolonged periods of time a quick activation of ppar alpha is .

Great but that doesn't really mean that your body is developing the mitochondrial machinery to over the long term be better at using fats for lack of a better term you want to be marinating your cells in fat you want to be you want them to really get conditioned the longer and the more efficiently that they use fats the .

Better and more likely that they will use them in the future so consistent use of apple cider vinegar can help increase that am pk level but also make it so that if you're doing like a lower carb protocol you might have a little bit more flexibility with your carbohydrates or if you're fasting you might be able to get to that fat adaptation phase a .

Little bit faster this is very groundbreaking stuff when you start looking at how this research works with ppar alpha and ampk very fascinating and could be a game changer for some people it doesn't mean that apple cider vinegar is absolutely like magic but it means that we do need to start investigating different things that activate ppar and .

Also things that drive up ampk and if that 40 increase in the in vitro setting applies to humans even half of what that is i am all in so anyway as always keep it locked in here on my channel in case you're wondering for the specific use case i would take apple cider vinegar in the morning and apple cider vinegar .

Before bed and then try finding different ways to implement and use a straw save the teeth see you tomorrow

This Post Was All About Drink Apple Cider Vinegar to USE Fat More EFFICIENTLY (fat adaptation).
Drink Apple Cider Vinegar to USE Fat More EFFICIENTLY (fat adaptation)

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