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Damage Control From Your Cheat-Day on Keto

Damage Control From Your Cheat-Day on Keto

Damage Control From Your Cheat-Day on Keto

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More specifically, you want help with Damage Control From Your Cheat-Day on Keto?

oh hey how you doing so today we’re gonna talk about damage control from your cheat day on keto I know this might be extremely hard to believe but there are some people that cheat on keto so today we’re gonna talk about damage control and what actually is the damage when you do a cheat day now if you read my books or watch my videos I never recommend a cheat day let alone a cheat meal okay because it does set you back but there are gonna be people that do go off the program and let’s just talk about what you can do to minimize the damage so the damage is basically a spike in insulin insulin is behind the fatty liver insulin is behind the oxidation damage in your arteries and your kidney in your eye in your brain it is directly linked to causing so many problems we bring it to a normal range all sorts of miracles happened you have foods that have nutrients and you have foods that do not have nutrients they’re called refined foods or refined carbohydrates refined sugar for example has no vitamins or minerals they take the vitamins and minerals from sugar and they concentrate them as molasses okay so if you were going to use a sweetener in some recipe and you wanted to go off the program obviously use molasses why because it has more nutrients what is the advantage to consuming more nutrient-dense foods well when you actually have nutrients despite having high carbohydrates you decrease the complications in the side effects from the damage that that high sugar causes okay so you’ll have like a diabetic for example if they have high sugar and they’re taking nutrients they have a lot less side effects when they consume refined foods without the nutrients there’s more damage in the eye for example in the kidney and the heart so it’s these nutrients that protect you against the damage of high insulin to a certain degree so let’s just look at juice for example that’s passed versus the actual whole fruit okay well the fruit has the vitamins and minerals the enzymes and the fiber that can buffer the effects of that fructose sugar juice is this concentrated sugar and is pasteurized they kill the nutrients to the heat and moves very little enzymes left but it will sit on the shelf for a long period of time so of course fruit is a lot better than juice let’s say for example you’re doing a potato versus a yam or sweet potato there’s more nutrients in a yam or a sweet potato then there is in a potato wild rice versus white rice there’s a lot more nutrients in the wild rice and then if you had a choice between the actual fruit like an apple vs. berries berries are lower in sugar and they have a good amount of fiber and they’re much better than fruit on the glycemic index all right the next one is the type of sugar that you’re going to consume you have glucose you have fructose there’s other sugars as well but table sugar for example is a combination a 50/50 split of glucose and fructose so when we talk about high fructose corn syrup we have like 50 I think it’s 58% fructose and then the rest leuco so there’s different percentages of these two sugars and then we have a GABA nectar which is at least 70% fructose and the rest glucose and then we have beet sugar which is the same as table sugar but beet sugar is GMO cane sugars not so the type of sugar is important too because if it’s GMO it has residues of glyphosate which is a chemical we’re just talking about relative differences in what’s worse okay the sugar with the glyphosate or the sugar without the glyphosate now I’m going to do a separate video on fructose but what you have to realize about fructose which is confusing for a lot of people because they are told that fructose is low on the glycemic index okay and it is it’s like 19 so just knowing that information you’re like oh wow I can do fructose that’s totally fine and I can do a Godman nectar because that is so called kita friendly because it’s low on the glycemic index right wrong the problem if the sugar has too much fructose what happens is that the liver is forced to metabolize all of it so when you have regular glucose all the cells can metabolize that sugar okay so it kind of spreads out all over the place but fructose is forces the liver to deal with it so we have a situation where the liver is overloaded especially if there’s too much fructose and that’s why I like you know people like drinking all this high fructose corn syrup crap and they’re just really messing up their liver it’s twice as damaging than glucose it’s it causes instant resistance it causes a fatty liver way more than glucose so it just creates more damage in the liver it’s it’s similar to consuming alcohol so if you have a choice avoid fructose okay now you say well what about fruit well in the fruit you have a certain amount of fructose but you have the fiber you have the nutrients that buffer the effects and then we have alcohol right so if you have a choice between drinking alcohol versus alcohol with sugar and all the sugary drinks do the straight alcohol because that’s going to have a less effect on the liver unless you do a lot of straight alcohol then that’s going to have more of damaging effects all right next one we talked about this already fiber fiber reduces insulin even no fiber is considered a carbohydrate in fruits and vegetables it does not spike insulin so if you’re doing a cheat meal make sure you increase your fiber to reduce the insulin effect all right next one Organic versus commercial well if it’s commercial is going to be GMO usually okay Organic means without pesticides and insecticides and antibiotics so let’s say for example you’re forced to do a cheat day and you have to do some carbohydrates in the form of corn okay corn chip popcorn do organic at least it’ll be without the glyphosate okay that’s a step up soy for example let’s say you’re at the grocery store for example and you you need to buy a dressing or mayonnaise or something like that and all you see is SOI SOI SOI so you can’t buy any alternative and there’s one that’s organic soy well that’s a step up same thing with canola oil organic step up because it has glyphosate in there now MSG monosodium glutamate will increase and spike your insulin by 300% it’s hidden as modified food starch this is why you need to read the ingredients in foods but it’s in them a lot of restaurants that are fast-food and other restaurants too so you really have to be aware of if you’re in a like a Chinese restaurant in America you’re probably going to get msg and that’s gonna be a problem because it’s going to spike your insulin because it’s usually carbohydrates or sugar and msg insulin is going to push it down you’re gonna end up with low blood sugars and you’re gonna be hungry an hour later which is gonna cause you to eat more okay but of course while you’re eating it’s like wow this tastes so good it’s amazing just because if the chemical mate makes it taste better than it really is okay to minimize the damage you can also consume apple cider vinegar with that meal and that will help you of course dilute it like one tablespoon and some water that will help your blood Sugar’s also by taking potassium magnesium an electrolyte mix or in some powder b1 and nutritional yeast and vitamin D these nutrients actually help stabilize your blood sugars they improve insulin resistance they will to a certain degree buffer the effect of the high sugar okay that’s why the nutrient-dense foods are recommended but you can just take those nutrients individually to kind of minimize the damage now when you exercise you can burn off the excess sugar that you just consumed that would be a smart thing and then of course get right on a fasting program longer to make up the damage from the cheat meal okay you notice I didn’t say cheat day so we fast and we can basically just bring our insulin down to where it needs to be over a long period of time and then your body will start burning up the excess sugar and then tap into fat again now just realize when you do a cheat meal it can knock you out of ketosis for a good amount of time so I would recommend having an agreement with yourself if you go off the program then you automatically have to make up the damage by fasting a lot longer than you normally would I think that would be a very good thing to do when you go off the keto plan don’t spread it out for a long period of time just do it for a shorter period of time and then get right back on the plan and you see this a lot with holidays people between Thanksgiving and New Year’s they go off the program the longer you do that the more damage it creates why don’t you just go off on Thanksgiving okay or maybe even a Thanksgiving meal and have it one meal a huge meal go off the program and get right back on it so let’s say for example it’s a weekend a lot of times people have the entire weekend of one big alcohol experience well just like make it a Friday night or a Saturday night and then get right back on it so you don’t spread it out over a long period of time all right there you have it damage control on your cheat meal all right thanks for watching so if you want to get notified with all my content click the notification bell next to subscribed 

This Post Was All About Damage Control From Your Cheat-Day on Keto.
Damage Control From Your Cheat-Day on Keto

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In this video, Dr. Berg talks about the damage control from your cheat day on a ketogenic diet plan. The damage means the spike in insulin which is the root cause of fatty liver, oxidation damaged in arteries and is directly in causing so many problems.
1. Food with Nutrients – you need to consume nutrient-dense foods. When you have nutrients despite having high carbohydrates, it will decrease the complications from the damage of high sugar causes.
Refined Foods has no vitamins and minerals
2. Type of Sugar
Glucose, Fructose, HFCS, Agave, Table Sugar, Beet Sugar
3. Fiber – Lower Insulin
4. Organic vs. GMO – Corn, Soy
5. Avoid MSG – it will spike the insulin by 300%.
6. Consume Apple Cider Vinegar
7. Consume Potassium, Magnesium, B1 and Vitamin D
8. Exercise
9. Fasting – Fast longer to make up the damage from the cheat meal.
10. Cheat meal – Don’t Spread it Out for a long period of time

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Dr. Berg, 53 years of age is a chiropractor who specializes in Healthy Ketosis & Intermittent Fasting. He is the author of The New Body Type Guide and other books published by KB Publishing. He has taught students nutrition as an adjunct professor at Howard University. He no longer practices, but focuses on health education through social media.


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