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Full Day Of Eating On A Bulk | LEAN BULK DIET DIARIES Ep.4

Full Day Of Eating On A Bulk | LEAN BULK DIET DIARIES Ep.4

Full Day Of Eating On A Bulk | LEAN BULK DIET DIARIES Ep.4

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we’re gonna make a shake this morning we’re not doing coffee we’re gonna do my go-to chocolate protein shake that’s we’re having for breakfast today I think I was drunk when I woke up this morning I just I made a mess when I made this shape but what I got today four tablespoons twenty grams of the Hershey’s cocoa for some chocolate anise and Micah’s cocoa it’s got a little bit of caffeine in there so kind of smoke it with a bit of caffeine scoop and a half 45 grams of ice appears chocolate protein I’m just less than a tablespoon of what about 10 grams of Splenda I like to use Walden Farms chocolate syrup in my shade but I’ve been able to finally in my grocery store in a really long time so for a little bit of sweetness how to have the Splenda and then got a little almond breeze almond Kashi I think this is just way creamier than the almond breeze almond blend that they sell plus the macros are way better but two cups of that and then I’ll just drop this a medium sized banana and bunch of ice that’s pretty pretty pretty good you know those days where you just pumped for the day that’s the kind of day I’m having this morning’s been great my clothes on I’m ready for work feeling good I’m energized I think I got a really good night’s sleep last night that might have been it but leave the house time to go to work let’s do this lunch is together in the office guys and I’ll take products that disappoint you for a thousand Alex this simply balanced steam in the bag quinoa from Target but that bowl it’s filled with quinoa it looks delicious the macros on this are pretty nice I mean 28 grams of carbs per serving you get two servings whatever I saw the bowl and I was like mmm YUM quinoa with little black beans red peppers in pineapple but then I open the bag and where’s the quinoa target that is like the most poverty sad amount of quinoa I’ve ever seen compared to what is shown on this pitcher this is totally deceiving anyways I’ve got and 60 grams of some shredded chicken in here products that don’t disappoint you though the G Hughes smokehouse sugar-free barbecue sauce the Hickory I heard that the the regular is poo but the Hickory and the maple there’s like a maple brown sugar maple brown sugar supposed to be even better than this and this super delicious I whoa I almost dropped it if you haven’t seen the last episode of the lean bulk diet 30 grams of this is only two carbs that is crazy that is craziness for barbecue sauce and now I’m gonna cover my chicken with the barbecue sauce I’m also I’m not gonna eat this entire thing I’m really disappointed about this I’m only gonna have half of the black bean red peppercorn and pineapple with a hint of quinoa I’m just gonna add that in there port barbecue sauce on it that should be delicious and I think I’m also gonna make oats I’ve got oats behind the clock it’s where my oats stash is and I’m pluggin have 60 grams of some oats for dessert along with this Pink Lady Apple because Honey Crisp are way too expensive Pink Lady are cheaper and they’re just as delicious Honey Crisp anyways that’s what I got going on for food today I’m gonna eat this and then it’s push day at the gym I think Zakir once again is gonna meet me at the gym we do lift together should be fun first exercise of today’s push day it’s below script decline bench that’s my base exercise the last time I start with this as my base exercise I could only get 315 for a 5×5 today I’m doing 324 a 5×5 and that last exercise was like seven days ago so in a week I’ve been able to add five pounds to this exercise he’s just like crazy crazy amount of progress I’m kind of been making during this this initial stages of lean bulking so I’m super pumped about that anyways this is the fifth set this is the top set of my base exercise of Close Grip decline bench here we go let’s do this last [Music] [Music] back home from the gym got my post-workout feast together there’s a lot of food going on post-workout post-workout is like the meal of the day where I just I’m just super hungry it’s my usually it’s my biggest meal today because the hunger pains pangs pains pangs are real after my workout so today I’ve got two servings it’s 114 grams of some smoked salmon somebody asked me the other day what the seasoning is that I put on my smoked salmon that’s just dill and crushed black pepper and then the crackers that I use to put my smoked salmon on are these right itzá rye crackers and shown this before but I find this at Wegmans my local grocery store in the international section like the Irish section of the grocery store this is an Irish cracker but the macros on these are great two crackers on May 13 carb to protein I think zero fat so really great macros in terms of a cracker I’ve also got some speaking of crackers ago pretzels going on over here the pretzel crisps pretzels and these are the best presses that they sell the store guys the sticks the regular pretzel shapes nothing beats the cracker pretzel this is the best trust me I’ve had them all so you have three servings like 84 grams of pretzels and then do a more shredded chicken guys because I’m all about this life right now this G hue stuff on the shredded chicken amazing so gonna get some protein in with a little bit of barbecue chicken that I got going on there it’s like 180 grams of chicken and then this I was talking about fried rice earlier and I think it just got me in the mood for fried rice so a couple of eggs and it’s a package of the green giant riced veggies cauliflower rice and a package of the Birdseye steamed fresh broccoli carrots brown rice wild rice dough blend you guys have seen this a lot if you haven’t seen it there’s also half it in here it’s a ton of volume you can make a ton of volume for not a lot of carbs the carts on the this cauliflower blend only 20 grams of carbs is a huge package and then you mix it with rice it tastes like all rice you can’t even tell that there’s cauliflower I mean it’s really tough to tell especially I had just a little bit of the sesame oil and then a little salt and I swear guys I don’t ever taste the cauliflower in my rice so just a little pro tip if you want to make yourself some awesome fried rice use use those my voice cracking use those those bags that I just showed you guys mom bones is back home from her painting class check out this painting guys this is just like so much talent what’s really cool about this package is that it actually comes from one of the subscribers of the channel ELISA who I think some people have thought it’s you babe but it’s really not you she owns a bakery called a fit bake shop in Santa Ana California and she ships these like really great macro friendly baked goods all across the country it’s really it’s really taste well that’s that’s one way of opening up a box I guess there’s a note here and everything chocolate chocolate chip I’m excited about this and the macros for your cookies are inside your box which is super cool check that out think I’m going peanut butter first because I like peanut butter they smell amazing these cookies smell really really good baby I got awesome mom Savannah that might be one of the best bar cookies of a rat this is the chocolate chocolate chip I literally can’t stop eating these cookies aren’t off the high beef they’re gonna be dangerous macros on the double chocolate chocolate chip cookies three fat seven carbs to protein per cookie sixty calories that’s amazing play I said guys if you want to pick up some cookies of your own you want to show a list of some love just go to a fit bake shop calm all of our stuffs on there and if our cookies are any indication of how all of our other stuff is you’re gonna want to do that ASAP because the cookies are really really good and by the way Alyssa thank you so much for shipping us those cookies because me analysts over there are really enjoying them that time the night it is bedtime I put all of where’s my phone where’s my phone I put all my macros in my phone there it is it’s right here I put all of my macros into My Fitness Pal I’m clearly tired I’m hitting my calorie goal today so I’m at twenty eight hundred and sixty seven calories that’s nice but macro wise I did not hit my macro goals today so I’m at 268 protein I was low on my protein I met 328 carb so overall my carbs 45 grams of fiber that’s like a really great fiber number for me and I hit 53 grams of fat so I was a bit under my faculty a day but mainly the reason why I went over the carbs because I just couldn’t stop eating the cookies guys I think I had like 3 or 4 LS count not peanut butter but chocolate chocolate chip the macros on there were just so good I just kept nibbling and nibbling and I don’t know I gotta have a list of hide those cookies ASAP otherwise I just will eat the entire bag that’s like what I do with things if Alissa made for instance which she doesn’t thank God tray of rice krispie treats I would eat the entire tray of rice krispies treat I just can’t have one of something like I just can’t have one pretzel I have to have like 3 servings of pretzels a lot of pretzels so ya gotta hide the cookies they’re just really really good and I just want to thank Alyssa again for sending those to me because sending those to us because we both really enjoyed them some hope you guys enjoyed hanging out today a little bit hope you guys enjoyed the full day of eating this lean bulk diet episode see you guys in the next episode thanks for watching guys good night

This Post Was All About Full Day Of Eating On A Bulk | LEAN BULK DIET DIARIES Ep.4.
Full Day Of Eating On A Bulk | LEAN BULK DIET DIARIES Ep.4

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