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Why Sweaty or Dry Palms?

Why Sweaty or Dry Palms?

Why Sweaty or Dry Palms?

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More specifically, you want help with Why Sweaty or Dry Palms??

so I wanted to create a quick video on the difference between sweaty palms and dry palms okay so if you have the sweaty palms that is a condition called Palmer hyperhidrosis and that is a sympathetic dominant situation there’s two parts of the autonomic nervous system you have the sympathetic and the parasympathetic the sympathetic is the flight-or-fight and part of that system is involved controlling different glands the sweat glands and that’s really what’s behind sweaty palms so what can you do about it well realizing that it’s an overactive adrenal anything that you do to help your adrenal is going to be a good thing there’s another condition called Potts okay which involves one of the symptoms is getting up too fast and you’re feeling really dizzy that is also a sympathetic dominant situation a person who startles easily or they can’t tolerate stress would have sympathetic dominance one key vitamin that supports that part of the nervous system is about mb1 I put a link down below another treatment that seems to get pretty good results is called iontophoresis I’m not recommending a certain machine you’re gonna have to do the research on that but you should look this up it seems to be very very successful now dry palms okay this has to do with a vitamin A deficiency vitamin D deficiencies will also cause dry eyes but also dry hands and you usually see these people putting tons of lotion on the hand and it lasts maybe like a minute and then it dries out again what you should look at is by them name okay and and and your diet and are you consuming foods that have high vitamin A and are you avoiding foods that are depleting by them an A a vitamin A is in fish oils especially column oil it’s in fatty fish beef liver it’s an animal products it’s in dairy it’s in butter egg yolks those foods which you know a lot of people do consume fat in their diet but usually it’s the other foods that are countering that process okay so let’s say you’re consuming a lot of refined foods or sugar that is messing with your liver or your gallbladder and then the gallbladder doesn’t work or you’re consuming too much alcohol that can affect the gallbladder and liver that alone will prevent by the man apron being absorbed okay it could also be a problem with your digestion internally some inflammatory condition in your colon that will not let you absorb either than a and causing this dryness now the last point I want to bring up is that if you use lotion on a regular basis the fact that you’re using the lotion which usually has either alcohol in it or some other solvent in there you’re going to have to stop that for a while before your skin can heal because it it pulls out the oil it’s going to dry up despite how much vitamin A you’re consuming so you’re gonna have to avoid putting lotion on your hand for a while you may want to put some vitamin E oil in your hand as a temporary thing to start healing the skin simply because all the oils are pulled out and vitamin E is a really good oil to put back into the skin and I think a lot of people have this idea that if I have dry skin I’m dehydrated but in actuality it’s usually low fats either in the diet or you’re not absorbing the fats alright thanks for watching if you’re liking this content please subscribe now and I will actually keep you updated on future videos

This Post Was All About Why Sweaty or Dry Palms?.
Why Sweaty or Dry Palms?

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Have you ever wondered why you have sweaty or dry palms? Well, today we’re going to talk about it. I’m also going to give you a few solutions that should really help.

Why you have sweaty palms:

Palmar Hyperhidrosis — a condition that causes sweaty palms. It has to do with a sympathetic dominance situation which goes back to overactive adrenal glands.

How to stop sweaty hands:

• Do what you can to support your adrenals
• Take vitamin B1
• Iontophoresis

Why you have dry palms:

Vitamin A deficiency— causes dry palms, dry eyes, and dry hands.

Are you consuming foods that have high vitamin A, or are you consuming foods that deplete vitamin A? Consuming a lot of refined foods and refined sugar, or consuming too much alcohol can keep vitamin A from being absorbed. It could also be a problem with your digestion.

Dry hands remedy—Consume more vitamin A through:

• Fish oil (cod liver oil)
• Beef liver
• Animal products
• Dairy
• Butter
• Egg yolks

One more point:
• If you use lotion on a regular basis as a dry hands treatment, you’re going to have to stop for a while so your skin can heal. Apply vitamin E oil to your hands instead.

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