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Right-Sided Rhomboid Spasm and Pain?

Right-Sided Rhomboid Spasm and Pain?

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More specifically, you want help with Right-Sided Rhomboid Spasm and Pain??

hi guys I’m back today we’re gonna talk about rhomboid spasm on the right side now what what is that rhomboid is a muscle on the right side and it elevates the scapula right here so let me have my demonstrator over here show you alright thank you very much we’re gonna turn you around this way okay good okay good so like right here you have this bone right here called the scapula okay and there’s a muscle that attaches to this side and it comes right to the spine is’s right through in here and what happens is like when he takes the shoulder and brings it in this way and brings it up the rhomboid helps this action right here and so many people have a problem with spasm right through in here so they go the massage therapist they go to the chiropractor they get adjusted to unit massage trigger points but it doesn’t work it doesn’t work why because this pain is referred by there’s a gallbladder okay if you don’t believe me go ahead and just try this at home and then you’ll see that it’s true because I’ve been in practice for 29 years and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve worked on the ROM right before I knew about this I mean just beating that muscle up massaging it a keeps coming back over and over and over again okay it doesn’t go away so the gallbladder is right underneath the right ribcage right through in here okay so sometimes it’s tucked underneath the ribcage and there’s a little nerve underneath your diaphragm called the phrenic nerve and it comes right up through here and it can actually when the gall bladders swollen or congested it puts pressure on the liver and it starts to cause referred pain sometimes up here but also in the rhomboid area especially if there is a problem with the bile duct okay this little tube from the liver that connects to the gallbladder there’s little duct and has receptors for lectins okay so if you’re consuming a lot of nuts okay or other foods that are hard on lectins that can aggravate this area in cause inflammation and cause pain back here okay so you can try several things you can start eating healthily of avoid nuts though and the problem will probably go away but if you’re doing like refined carbohydrates that can cause an irritation here or you’re doing sugar or junk food or alcohol or anything that is not healthy that will create tension here and causes pain to flare up okay so I’m gonna recommend in a minute fasting in healthy ketosis is if you’re new to my channel just click the link down below I’ll show you exactly how to do it okay and that will improve this but intermittent fasting is very very important because if you’re eating too frequently that’s gonna create a problem with the gallbladder now one thing that you can do just to prove that it’s gallbladder related is let’s just pretend that he has pain back here okay and it’s just like a spasm so what you do right now if you have the pain just go ahead and rate it on a scale from one to ten ten being very severe zero being no pain okay let’s say it’s a five and then what you do is you take your hand and you’re gonna press in there and massage right underneath the rib cage so just hold that right there for about an hour no it’s getting so he’s gonna just kind of move this back and forth and massage find the tension find the tightness and hold that and then we rate the numbers after about 15 seconds like there was a five what is it now you’ll see the numbers going wow that’s just loosened that right up well that’s because you’re allowing the flow to go through there okay this is just a good simple demonstration to show you the connection between where the cause is and where the symptom is over here because when you step in a dog’s tail where is he bark throw the mouth thank you you’re gonna mess with this tail no no okay but right down here it’s going to be real congested it’s a real simple test and if you massage this whole area and this doesn’t go away well there’s a chance that it could be just coming from this maybe you tore it but 99% of the time that I’ve observed its this is referred right through in here okay and sometimes you might need to do some massage up underneath the rib cage on the right side to the liver as well because sometimes area gets all congested go ahead and do that and put your comments down below and I’ll be very curious to see how you react when you see how simple this is to get rid of a pain on your right round boy all right we’ll see you later so if you want more knowledge on how to create a healthy body subscribe now and get daily notifications daily notifications that sounds weird well I’ll just remind you on a daily basis how about that

This Post Was All About Right-Sided Rhomboid Spasm and Pain?.
Right-Sided Rhomboid Spasm and Pain?

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In this video, Dr. Berg discussed about Rhomboid Spasm on the right side. Rhomboid is a muscle on the right side which elevates the scapula. The pain from rhomboid spasm is a referred pain from the gallbladder which is underneath the right ribcage and also has the nerve underneath the diaphragm called the phrenic nerve. When the gallbladder is swollen or congested, it puts pressure in the liver and starts to cause referred pain especially if there is a problem with the bile duct. He also demonstrates how to know that the pain is gallbladder related.

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