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Simple Fix for Oily Skin

Simple Fix for Oily Skin

Simple Fix for Oily Skin

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More specifically, you want help with Simple Fix for Oily Skin?

hey guys I wanted to create a quick video on a simple fix for oily skin now the absolute worst thing you could do is use cleansers and start scrubbing this oil on your face because you can end up damaging it the skin is very delicate and you want to understand what’s causing this problem what’s underneath it and it’s actually an internal problem there’s all these little glands in your face they’re called sebaceous glands and they’re making the oil which is called sebum okay so the sebum is the actually oil that comes out so the question is why are these glands overactive well it has to do with in a production of a hormone called androgens so antigens are being produced too much and antigen is a male hormone so in a female body there are two glands that make antigens one would be the ovary and the other is the adrenal gland okay so now the quick fix for oily skin would be to take zinc because zinc lowers antigens but we want to take it one step further and find out why would your body be making too much energy and there’s really two main causes one it’s an overactive adrenal gland now what is it adrenaline it’s a stress plant it sits on top of your kidneys you have two of them and so if there’s stress involved if you’re under constant stress that’s probably what’s causing an overactive adrenal gland which is producing too much antigens in that case you have to remove this source of stress now the other reason would be insulin insulin converts to androgens okay now insulin is a carbohydrate hormone and that’s triggered by sugar and frequent eating and especially if you’re a pre-diabetic and that’s why women that have polycystic ovarian syndrome PCOS or pcod same thing have facial hair oily skin belly fat because of the antigen spike because the insulin is too high okay so no in that situation you would want to lower the sugar and decrease the frequency of eating I put a little link down below of how to do that but there’s another great remedy to help balance estrogen and it’s called dim I put a link down below to get some more data this but dim is a super concentrated blend of cruciferous vegetables that would be like kale broccoli radish cauliflower those type of vegetables so not only does dim lower androgens but it also balances estrogens now what I mean lower energons I’m talking about lowering it to a normal level not extremely low or you don’t have any more because even men take Tim to help support their prostates because a lot of times that could be high level of estrogen so Tim is just great to help balance certain hormones thanks for watching hey if you haven’t already subscribed press the button below and I will keep you in the know hey that runs 

This Post Was All About Simple Fix for Oily Skin.
Simple Fix for Oily Skin

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Dr. Berg talks about a simple fix or correction for oily skin. You have a situation of overactive sabaceous glands pumping out sebum. This is because of too much androgen hormone. You can take zinc to lower androgen. But whats really behind this problem is either too much stress or too much insulin. The adrenals and ovaries make androgens.
Fixing insulin resistance can really help your skin.
There is a natural concentrated pytonutrient called DIM which can also support healthy androgen and estrogen levels. It’s great for PCOS and supporting healthy skin.

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