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Gynecomastia (Man Boobs) and Your Liver

Gynecomastia (Man Boobs) and Your Liver

Gynecomastia (Man Boobs) and Your Liver

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More specifically, you want help with Gynecomastia (Man Boobs) and Your Liver?

hey guys today we’re gonna talk about something called gynecomastia that’s man boobs and the liver okay liver is involved in so many problems this issue is an estrogen problem but it’s really a liver problem if the liver is normally working correctly you should not have man boobs but it’s when the liver gets compromised whether it’s a fatty liver and inflamed liver as hepatitis or liver that’s become filled with scar tissue that’s called cirrhosis that’s when you start losing the ability to detoxify estrogen and estrogen builds up and if you have breast tissue you have excessive estrogen and it’s not just a matter of being exposed to estrogen directly there’s something else in the environment that mimics estrogen and that is called endocrine disrupters another name for endocrine disrupters is estrogen disruptors because it is those chemicals in environment that act like estrogen they call them Eadie’s and that would be things like pesticides insecticides herbicides fungicides it’s in the GMO food as glyphosate which is in almost every food right now it’s crazy it’s also going to be present in foods that have soy in them like soy protein isolates or soy oil it’s all GML so avoid soy if you have this issue so what happens in the liver is that there’s a series of enzymes called phase 1 phase 2 enzymes which detoxify poisons or environmental poisons or hormones like estrogen and turns them into water-soluble harmless particles okay that’s what normally is supposed to happen and it’s supposed to clear the excess estrogen what happens first is you have this spike in insulin because you’re eating too many carbohydrates okay and too many sugars and then what happens the liver becomes fatty it starts to develop scar tissue and that’s when you lose your ability to detoxify estrogen and there’s several additional things that can also affect that as well alcohol especially if you’re drinking you know a couple glasses wine every night over time that can affect the liver certain medic patience high blood pressure medications high cholesterol medications antidepressants all have side effects against the liver antibiotics okay so whether you’re doing a lot of carbohydrates and sugar or these things eventually it affects the liver and then you can’t break down estrogen now I put a link down below for those of you that want to lower this and repair liver damage you want to do healthy ketosis and in a minute of fasting I put a link down below exactly how to do it step-by-step now as far as dismantling estrogen the key food group that does it is the cruciferous vegetables kale broccoli brussel sprouts bok choy radish arugula there’s also a concentrated cruciferous called dim dim is like the most potent concentrated cruciferous out there like two pounds of cruciferous vegetables in one tablet and you can get it I put a link down below for more information but dim is a very powerful detoxifier of estrogen it actually in helps enhance estrogen metabolism so if it actually gets rid of the bad and it enhances the good so we actually have the right amount it dim does not have any estrogen in it it’s not a hormone and either as cruciferous even though it’s a phytoestrogen it doesn’t add or give you any estrogen it clears out the bad estrogen it rids the foreign estrogens the chemicals that mimic estrogen so it basically detoxifies estrogen so there you have it if you have manboobs focus on the liver thanks for watching hey if you’re liking this content please subscribe now and I will actually keep you updated on future videos 

This Post Was All About Gynecomastia (Man Boobs) and Your Liver.
Gynecomastia (Man Boobs) and Your Liver

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Overview to Keto and IF:

Insulin Resistance:

Whole Cruciferous Food:

Estrogen Balance with DIM:

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In this video, Dr. Berg talks about the condition called Gynecomastia(man boobs) and the liver. Liver is involve in many body conditions and gynecomastia is an excessive estrogen and also a liver problem. Endocrine disruptors or estrogen disruptors is something in the environment that mimics estrogen. A series of enzymes called Phase I and Phase II detoxifies poison that turns them into water-soluble harmless particles that is also supposed to clear the excess estrogen.

Endocrine disruptors or estrogen disruptors:
• Pesticides
• Insecticides
• Herbicides
• Fungicides
• GMO foods – Glyphosate
• Soy protein isolates, Soy oil

Cause of Liver Problems:
• Alcohol
• Medications – High blood pressure medications, high cholesterol medications, antidepressants
• Antibiotics

Key Foods to Balance Estrogen:
• Cruciferous Vegetables
• Kale
• Broccoli
• Brussel Sprouts
• Bok Choy
• Radish
• Arugula
• DIM – The most potent concentrated cruciferous vegetables.

Benefits of DIM:
• Enhance Healthy Estrogen Metabolism
• Rids Foreign Estrogen (Detoxification)

Hey guys! Today we’re gonna talk about something called Gynecomastia, that’s man boobs, and the liver. Liver is involved in so many problems, this issue is an estrogen problem but it’s really a liver problem. If the liver is normally working correctly, you should not have man boobs. But it’s when the liver gets compromised whether its a fatty liver, an inflamed liver, a hepatitis or a liver that’s become filled with scar tissue that’s called cirrhosis. That’s when you start losing the ability to detoxify estrogen and estrogen builds up and if you have breast tissue you have excessive estrogen and it’s not just a matter of being exposed to estrogen directly, there’s something else in the environment that mimics estrogen and that is called Endocrine Disruptors, another name for endocrine disruptors is Estrogen disruptors because it is those chemicals in the environment that act like estrogen, they call them Eadie’s and that would be things like pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, it’s in GMO food as glyphosate which is in almost every food right now, it’s crazy. It’s also going to be present in foods that have soy in them like soy protein isolates or soy oil. It’s all GMO. Avoid soy if you have this issue. What happens in the liver is that there’s a series of enzymes called phase 1, phase 2 enzymes which detoxify poisons or environmental poisons or hormones like estrogen and turns them into water-soluble harmless particles. That’s what normally is supposed to happen and it’s supposed to clear the excess estrogen. What happens first is you have this spike in insulin because you’re eating too many carbohydrates and too many sugars. And then the liver becomes fatty.

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