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How to Fix Your Low Estrogen Levels

How to Fix Your Low Estrogen Levels

How to Fix Your Low Estrogen Levels

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More specifically, you want help with How to Fix Your Low Estrogen Levels?

now in the past I’ve done a lot of videos on what to do for estrogen dominance but in this video we’re gonna talk about what to do if you are low on estrogen okay let’s say you’re postmenopausal or you just have low estrogen these are the some of the symptoms hot flashes thinning hair breasts atrophy vaginal dryness depression UTIs loss of collagen so you do not want to do a low-fat diet you want to do the ketogenic diet that’s a higher fat diet cholesterol is needed to make estrogen alright number two boron this is a trace mineral which is very very important in maintaining normal cholesterol levels and boron will just help balance estrogen whether it’s too high and needs to come down or too low and needs to be brought up alright herbal remedies that will increase estrogen black cohosh fennel wild yam and a very special herb from Thailand per area murica alright next thing is fasting in a low carb diet why because fasting and low carb diet lower insulin now what’s the relationship insulin will increase androgens in a female body and indirectly lower estrogen so if you eat very frequently and you do a lot of snacks and you do on a high carb diet that’s gonna lower your estrogen alright next one is vitamin E why is that so important because out of all the glands in your body the pituitary needs a lot of vitamin E especially after menopause so if you’re deficient in vitamin E you may not produce the hormones that signal the ovaries and the adrenal to make estrogen if you’re gonna get vitamin E make sure it’s not just a synthetic version you want the dick off role in tocut RINO complex together but this can actually greatly help someone next thing is adjust your stress levels if you have high levels of stress you have high levels of cortisol that is a hormone that will just shut this right down because realize that during menopause the dream glands are supposed to back up the ovaries they make the same hormones but just in smaller amounts so if your adrenal glands are already stressed and weakened going into menopause they’re gonna everything’s going to be magnified and the same part of the gland and the adrenals that make or so also make estrogen so the bottom line is lowering your stress is going to help you make more estrogen because the adrenal glands will be able to work better and lastly you have to adjust your exercise and make sure you’re not overtraining if you’re exercising too much and you’re not recovering that alone will shut down estrogen so the key is making sure you’re sleeping well making sure you’re recovering and make sure you don’t over train some people do very well on one to two workouts a week and as soon as they do three or even four their body’s breaking down there constantly sore and their estrogen will plummet all right there you go these are the things that can help you increase your estrogen levels so if you want more knowledge on how to create a healthy body subscribe now and get daily notifications

This Post Was All About How to Fix Your Low Estrogen Levels.
How to Fix Your Low Estrogen Levels

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I’ve talked about estrogen dominance before. But what should you do for low estrogen levels?

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In this video, we’re going to talk about low estrogen and what to do if you have low estrogen levels. 

Low estrogen symptoms:

• Hot flashes 
• Thinning hair 
• Breast atrophy
• Vaginal dryness
• Depression
• Bladder UTIs
• Loss of collagen

What to do for low estrogen levels:

1. Cholesterol—you do not want to do a low-fat diet. You want to do the ketogenic diet, which is a higher fat diet. 
2. Boron 
3. Herbal remedies (black cohosh, fennel, wild yam, Pueraria mirifica)
4. Fasting and a low-carb diet 
5. Vitamin E 
6. Adjust your stress levels (lower stress)
7. Adjust your exercise (make sure you’re not overtraining) 

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