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The 5 Reasons You Get Tired With Intermittent Fasting?

The 5 Reasons You Get Tired With Intermittent Fasting?

The 5 Reasons You Get Tired With Intermittent Fasting?

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hi guys another question that I want to answer and this person wonder now why am I so exhausted and so tired when I do intamin fasting okay well if you’re on a keto and you’re doing in a minute fasting together and your blood sugars are low it could mean that you’re going too fast okay because if you just start this and you go too fast your body has not adapted yet so what’s happening is you don’t eat so the blood sugars go down and because your brain needs some fuel you’re gonna be tired in the head okay you can bring your mood down it can make you feel cranky you can cause a headache but it could definitely make you feel tired so it could be that you’re going too fast and you need to add a meal in between here okay so that’s one but let’s say for example you’re doing this for a period of time and you’re not adapting how do you what’s happening and how do you get into this key to adapt ation because that’s when you really start having a lot of abundant energy okay so there’s some other things you can look at too if the adrenal is involved and the dream is weak it will not be able to stabilize this blood sugar problem and rebound it so it ends up going down in which case you need more salt okay sea salt so one of the symptoms of adrenal fatigue is a deficiency in sodium okay so by adding salt you actually can recharge the adrenals and just take some salt and see if it makes you feel better and then we know the adrenals are involved okay of course you also have to look at stress and sleep and B vitamins ok b1 is important potassium is important but also b5 so you could be fatigued just because you need more vitamin b5 b5 is really important and strengthening your adrenals okay so that could solve the whole problem right there now the next thing it could be is your liver because the liver helps you store sugar between the meals so if you have a history of a liver damage whether it’s an inflammatory thing like Abba Titus or a fatty liver or you have a history of eating a lot of junk foods or not eating enough vegetables and then we know you have to support the liver so one thing that’s really good for the liver in addition to large quantities of salad are dandelion greens you can go to the health and get a bunch or in your backyard and then you can consume that your liver really does well on dandelion greens okay now one last thing you might want to check if your stomach is not acid enough okay you may want to just add some opposite of vinegar in some water drinking with the meal and that could actually bring your energy up these are all just things that you can try out but how do you know if you don’t have enough stomach acid well just drink some apple cider vinegar and see if you feel better some of the symptoms of low stomach acid would be intestinal gas indigestion bloating when you eat and heartburn okay alright so go ahead and apply this and let me know how it goes hey thank you so much for watching keep spreading the word and share this video

This Post Was All About The 5 Reasons You Get Tired With Intermittent Fasting?.
The 5 Reasons You Get Tired With Intermittent Fasting?

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Dr. Berg talks about being tired or exhausted on intermittent fasting.

1. Adrenal issues can also keep your sugars low and this leads to brain fog (feelings of fatigue) – take sea salt
2. If the liver is a problem, then dandelion greens are a great solution to support a healthy liver.
3. Going to fast and not being adapated, in which case you need to slow down and start more gradual.
4. Vitamin B1 and vitamin B5
5. Low stomach acids, in which case you need apple cider vinegar with the meals.

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