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Endometriosis & Iodine Deficiency Link

Endometriosis & Iodine Deficiency Link

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More specifically, you want help with Endometriosis & Iodine Deficiency Link?

hi it’s dr. Berg here in this video we’re going to talk about something called endometriosis okay what is this it’s basically a situation in a female body where you have extra tissue that’s growing outside the uterus or on the fallopian tubes around the ovaries it’s causing pain inflammation infertility all sorts of problems with the menstrual cycle now if you type this up and try to find the cause it’s always going to be unknown cause but the the female reproductive tissue is very highly sensitive to hormones specifically estrogen this is an estrogen dominant problem it’s too much estrogen so everything that you do needs to be in the area of lowering the estrogen naturally there’s three things I’m going to recommend number one your diet must be organic both in the area of meats and cheeses as well as vegetables why because the chemicals that they spray on the vegetables the stuff that they feed the animals has GMO and they have pesticides insecticides and all that stuff mimics estrogen okay the other thing this is a side note you definitely want to cut down the sugars too because sugar can greatly exaggerate the production of estrogen number two cruciferous vegetables why because the cruciferous vegetables like kale and broccoli and Brussels sprouts and bok choy all are anti osteogenic they they don’t actually lower your total estrogen what they do is they lower the bad and they increase the good so they help balance estrogen so there’s even a concentrated type of cruciferous called dim you can look do some research into that number three iodine this is very very important I like to recommend this source of iodine from sea kelp a really good organic sea kelp you want it from a clean ocean but iodine decreases estrogen in the receptor cells so it’s really good for estrogen dominance it’s also good for cysts in the ovary fibrocystic breast menstrual cycle estrogen dominance so this one’s really really key and sometimes you have to increase it a little bit more that’s than what’s recommended so the only time you wouldn’t want to take iodine is if you have a hyper thyroid condition okay other than that you can take it make sure it’s in the morning because it tends to wake you up and it gives you energy and you don’t want to have that affect your sleep all right go ahead and apply these three things and let me know how you do thanks for watching hey if you’re interested in finding out the underlying cause of your body issues click the link below and take the evaluation quiz

This Post Was All About Endometriosis & Iodine Deficiency Link.
Endometriosis & Iodine Deficiency Link

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Dr. Berg talks about Endometriosis. This is a condition whereby the body is making extra tissue that grows outside the uterus – including the Fallopian tubes and ovaries. Estrogen dominance is the deeper cause of this. Estrogen is anabolic (which means it makes things grow). Symptoms include painful periods, low back pain and infertility.

1. Eat organic as much as possible
2. Eat cruciferous vegetables
3. Increase iodine, which helps regular estrogen, in the form of sea kelp.


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