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Is Your Poor Posture Linked To Vitamin D Deficiency? – Dr.Berg

Is Your Poor Posture Linked To Vitamin D Deficiency? – Dr.Berg

Is Your Poor Posture Linked To Vitamin D Deficiency? – Dr.Berg

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Hey I'm back in today we're gonna talk about an interesting connection between poor posture and vitamin D now you may know vitamin D is involved with calcium metabolism most people know that but there's a secondary major function of vitamin D that many people don't know about and that is this the development of osteoclasts what is that those are .

The cells in your bone that actually help you absorb calcium so vitamin D actually helps those cells develop so you can make bone now when a child is severely deficient in vitamin D they get this condition called rickets okay like bowed legs it starts to affect the structure of the skeleton well there's a mild version of rickets you see this in .

Adults and even teenagers that's called osteomalacia okay so it's a milder version of rickets in which you're getting a lack of mineralization of the skeletal system so you don't have this strong support of let's say the arches on your feet or the your back so one of the symptoms of osteomalacia or vitamin D deficiency is kyphosis which .

Is basically hunchback your posture starts going forward like this because you don't have the minerals to support this structure so this is just another important reason to take vitamin D or get enough Sun especially for your kids if you're pregnant if you're breastfeeding you need to take vitamin D for sure one last point one of the first .

Symptoms of a vitamin D deficiency and one of the big symptoms of osteomalacia is aches and pains so if you have any extra pains or especially low back pain try some vitamin D you may notice some really great improvement on that alright guys see you in the next video hey before you leave I just wanted to give you a little quick history on some .

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This Post Was All About Is Your Poor Posture Linked To Vitamin D Deficiency? – Dr.Berg.
Is Your Poor Posture Linked To Vitamin D Deficiency? – Dr.Berg

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In this video, Dr. Berg talks about an interesting connection between poor posture and vitamin D. There is a second major function of vitamin D which is the development of osteoclasts (cells in the bone that help absorb calcium). Severe vitamin D deficiency in children is called rickets and the mild version of rickets in adults is called osteomalacia (poorly mineralized skeletal system) and one of the symptoms is kyphosis (hunch back). One of the first symptoms of vitamin D deficiency and one of the big symptoms of osteomalacia is aches and pains.

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