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Women! STOP Fasting Like Men (it’s  Different for You)

Women! STOP Fasting Like Men (it’s Different for You)

Women! STOP Fasting Like Men (it’s Different for You)

New To Keto But Want To Grow Your Knowledge?

More specifically, you want help with Women! STOP Fasting Like Men (it’s Different for You)?

This Post Was All About Women! STOP Fasting Like Men (it’s Different for You).
Women! STOP Fasting Like Men (it’s  Different for You)

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Women’s Fasting – How to Structure Eating Window (Meal Timing)

Women! STOP Fasting Like Men (it’s Different for You)

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0:00 – Intro: Side Effects of Late-Night Eating
2:24 – Eating Enough During Your Eating Window
3:53 – How to Break Your Fast + What to Eat
4:58 – 2nd Meal: When & What to Eat
7:13 – 3rd Meal : When & What to Eat
8:23 – Important Note on Calorie Intake

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Complete Women’s Guide to Intermittent Fasting

Complete Women’s Guide to Intermittent Fasting

Complete Women’s Guide to Intermittent Fasting

New To Keto But Want To Grow Your Knowledge?

More specifically, you want help with Complete Women’s Guide to Intermittent Fasting?

welcome to the complete guide to intermittent fasting for women you see I have this amazing video that’s got well over a few million views that was the complete guide to intermittent fasting in general but then I started realizing there’s a lot of new evidence coming out surrounding women and intermittent fasting and it makes sense to do a detailed video so in this video we’re gonna cover everything we’re gonna cover the benefits we’re gonna cover why fasting works so well for women we’re going to talk about rejuvenation and stem cells we’re gonna talk about what you need to do before you start a fast we’re gonna talk about what you can consume during a fast and what would actually break a fast we’re going to talk about the fad adaptation period like how long it takes for your body to get kind of used to it we were going to talk about what you should do shortly before you break it fast we’re gonna talk about what you should break your fast with we’re going to talk about some cortisol lowering effects then we’re going to talk about some foods that you should actually consume after you’ve broken your fast within your normal Meal Time in your more normal meal window okay then we’re gonna talk about your workouts and how you should time that and of course we’re going to talk about side effects and then lastly we’re gonna talk about frequency how often you should fast so without further ado let’s go ahead and let’s dive into this complete breakdown you’re gonna sit down you’re gonna want to grab your bag of invisible popcorn if you’re fasting and just dive right into this content but first make sure you hit that red subscribe button and then please do hit that little Bell icon so you can turn on notifications so you know whenever I go live or post a new video all right let’s go ahead and dive in the first thing I want to talk about is why fasting actually works very well for women it’s important that I note this first and foremost because most people think that women shouldn’t be fasting because they think well women have reproductive organs and it would make sense to always be fed to nurture a child or to take care of that situation it’s actually the opposite when you think about it the female body is designed to be able to go longer periods of time without food as a way of protecting a potential fetus right so it makes sense that women can actually do better in an intermittent fasting regimen because their bodies are designed to sort of weather the storm a bit better see there’s a study that was published in the Journal of Medicine and science and sports and exercise that proved that women utilize lipids better than men they found that during exercise women would recruit more fat for utilization than men and also women would oxidize less protein and less carbohydrates meaning their bodies didn’t break down muscle as much as men’s did but their bodies utilized fats even more which means that women are designed to be able to do these intermittent fasting regimens and have the utmost success from it now let’s touch on the benefits really quick and I know you want this as a how-to guide and it is going to be a how-to guide but I have to give the benefits I have to make everything make sense first okay first let’s touch on the mental benefits the big mental benefits of fasting come from the fact that you have a large degree of what are called ketone bodies being released into the bloodstream people think that ketosis is only about the keto diet well no when you’re intermittent fasting your body’s producing ketones and it just so happens that ketones are a tremendous fuel for the brain now they have a unique ability to cross through what is called the blood-brain barrier and therefore modulate inflammation in the brain so that brain fog that you normally have at 2:00 p.m. is like totally eradicated when you’re utilizing the intermittent fasting regimen so it’s pretty nifty now the brain benefits go on and on and on ok we could talk about how it helps boost adenosine so you sleep better and all kinds of things but I’ll save those for another video now the fat loss benefits obviously those are very powerful the fat loss benefits come from the sense that when you are in a fasted state your body is stressed now it’s stressed because you’re not eating food so stress triggers adrenaline which people think is bad but the journal in actually triggers something else called hormone sensitive lipase to start the fat burning process to kick-start lipolysis so it’s the stress of being in a fasted state that allows you to burn fat it’s a really good stuff and it’s why you’re getting such a powerful fat loss body composition benefit at us now the other side is the rejuvenation piece what person doesn’t want to look younger and fresher and cleaner ok especially women right then you definitely want to be able to work you know focus on your appearance and have your skin look nice your hair look nice well fasting has so many powerful effects when it comes down to stem cells when it comes down to telomeres and just rejuvenation effects that you really get a solid youthful boost out of it ok so because of that when you start pushing your fasts a little bit long you can really get that benefit now we’ll talk about different lengths of fasts in just a moment as well but I just wanted to put that out there now a moment ago I touched on hormone sensitive lipase and I touched on adrenaline how it helps burn more fat now there was actually a study that was published in the American Journal of applied physiology that found that women burn more fat from adrenaline than men so what that means is that if you had one male and one female standing right next to each other and they both had the same amount of adrenaline be released same amount of adrenaline in the male same amount of adrenaline in the female the female would burn more fat as a result of the same amount of adrenaline adrenaline is more potent at burning fat in women and remember the biggest driver of why you’re burning fat when you’re intermittent fasting is the adrenaline contrary to what everyone else says there’s lots of benefits a smorgasbord of benefits but the fat loss benefits are coming from the adrenaline now additionally the Journal of physiology published another study that found that women have a higher degree of what’s called intro Mya cellular lipids fancy word let me just help you sound smart when you want to talk about this to your friends it basically means that women have microscopic bits of fat that are in between their muscle fibers more so than men which means that they’re readily available to get used by those muscles as fuel so when a woman has a higher degree of fat content in say her quad muscle and she walks she’s gonna readily burn that fat for fuel so it’s again goes right in line with the fact that women utilize fats easier than men do now let’s talk about stem cells and let’s talk about telomeres for just a second because this is really important especially with women that are again aiming to look a little bit more youthful and just feel better right and and maybe combat the symptoms of menopause even so there’s a study that’s published out of USC so University Southern California they took a look at fasting and its effect on stem cells they found that fasting actually increased the amount of immune system stem cells so meaning it allowed the immune system to regenerate and actually flourish so our immune system can get a little bit weaker as we age but fasting recharges it so if you’re going into the cold and flu season you want to start amping up your immune system a little bit fastening is not a bad way to allow those stem cells to start creating now stem cells are just like the name implies they’re cells that stem new growth if you have an injury in your knee you might go get a stem cell injection to allow the knee to start growing new cells and heal right well imagine that happening inside your body naturally via intermittent fasting the other thing that we have to look at is something known as oto Fuji now etapa G is your body’s cellular recycling system think of it as the survival of the fittest okay so when your body is full of older cells that are close to dying and they’re weak they’re taking up space okay and they’re taking up powerful important vital fuel that the rest of the body could be using just to keep these barely functioning cells alive what happens is fasting sort of implies this scarcity effect within your body so the stronger cells start running out of options so they start eating the weaker cells now it’s not quite that simple it’s more about the internal components of a cell kind of eating itself but it’s a perfect analogy to make some sense of it so you’re left with strong thriving components of cells so your body is more efficient and clean the other thing that we have to touch on with this whole thing is telomeres now telomeres is a very complicated thing so I’m not gonna go into a lot of detail but fasting promotes the stem cells that grow telomeres they enhance what’s called telomerase activity now as you get older your telomeres shorten and I want you to think of this whole process as like the little plastic caps on the end of your shoelaces so the telomeres are the capsule near shoelaces and as those telomeres get shorter and shorter and shorter your shoelace has the ability to become frayed because you don’t have a cap on it we don’t want those caps to get super short we want to keep those caps long and that’s how we stay young that’s when they get too short and they frayed that’s when the DNA essentially dies right and we get older now it turns out that fasting increases telomerase activity and therefore allows telomeres to grow which work can grow very slowly but more so prevents them from shrinking so big reason to be fasting to stay nice and youthful now let’s get into the fun stuff of what you need to know to get started there’s three different kinds of fasting that I want you to focus on and you can kind of choose which one’s best for you there’s a 12 hour fast and a 12 hour eating window call this a 1212 it’s also known as time restricted feeding and its really son of a kind of a gateway into intermittent fasting it might be a good way for you to get started let me talk about the benefits you’ll get from that you’ll get microbiota benefits okay anytime that you’re not eating your gut microbiome gets a chance to reset so you get that benefit you get some spontaneous caloric reduction benefit you’re going 12 hours without eating so you’re definitely getting a benefit there and you’re also getting larger protein boluses so basically what that means is you’re able to have frequent meals still and then I would put this this way a lot of times the biggest problem for people when they first start intermittent fasting is the length of time they have to go between meals at least with a 12:12 approach you can introduce the idea to yourself and you can still have three square meals in your 12 hour eating period and you can still get those free frequent larger protein bolsas that allow you to maintain muscle the next one that I want to talk about is a 16-8 okay this is 16 hours of fasting and eight hours of eating and I’m gonna arrange this all the way up to 20 hours of fasting and 4 hours of eating I call this the mid-range intermittent fasting category the benefits here strongly come again from the microbiota you’re resetting your gut biome bad bacteria die faster than good bacteria so whenever you don’t eat you’re not feeding the bad bacteria so you’re by starving the bad bacteria it’s gonna die faster than the good bacteria and you’re left with a net delta of the good bacteria this is all very very good you also have a light ketosis effect okay after 16 hours of fasting you have a little bit of ketones in your body now ketones aren’t just a macronutrient like we think in ketosis ketones have an ability to act as a hormone they act as multiple different things so basically they can change DNA expression they can change who we are in terms of how our body metabolites we want these little bits of ketones here and there you also go on what’s called an insulin fast ok you get yourself a break from insulin what that means is that because you’re not constantly eating and because you go along enough period of time insulin levels get back down to baseline and it gives your body a chance to actually recover and burn more fat okay then we have 24-hour fasts now I like these periodically because they allow you to get into a deeper state of ketosis so 24 our fasts are less about body composition although they do have a strong benefit there and they’re more about getting yourself the big surge of ketones that you need in your body at that point in time to really just heal remember we’re looking for genetic benefits we’re looking for hormonal benefits it’s more of a therapeutic thing now the longer term fasts are really good when it comes down to just rejuvenation and when it comes down to telomeres and everything stem cell related the 16 hour fast are more so related towards body composition one thing that’s important to note is that when you do first start fasting you’re gonna put your body under a lot of stress okay now women especially here’s what can happen when you go under stress cortisol elevates and there’s a link between course all and estrogen so a lot of times when women first start intermittent fasting or eating keto for that matter they don’t lose weight in fact they might even gain a pound or two and they’re like I’m not even eating how am i gaining weight well it’s a cortisol estrogen loop and it’s just in the beginning as your body’s getting used to utilizing fats for fuel cortisol elevates than estrogen elevates as a result and vice-versa which means that you’re gonna have fat retention you have water retention for a very short amount of time so I’m putting saying that is just as a side note – do not get discouraged for the first few days first week you don’t see the results that you thought you would it’s very simple and it fixes itself very quickly now what about when you’re beginning a fast like how should you go into a fast is there anything that you should be paying attention to well here’s the thing to get the most out of your fast your leptin levels need to be low so here’s what happens if you eat a big meal your leptin levels go high which for a short period of time is good leptin is the communicator of your fat tissue to your brain when leptin is high your fat tissue is telling your brain that there’s plenty of fuel and it’s okay to turn on the metabolism when leptin is low the fat cells are telling the brain hey we’re low on fuel so slow down the metabolism to preserve it ironically we need our leptin levels to be low in order for lipolysis to occur so what I highly recommend is actually weaning off of food a little bit before going into your fast or going into a ketogenic diet for a couple days before starting fasting I say this simply because carbohydrates spike you’re left in really high fats do not so if you eat a big carbohydrate rich meal before you go into an Internet and fasting regimen you’re not going to have as much benefit as if you were to eat a high fat high protein meal going into your fast so you don’t have to go full keto but your last meal the day before starting a fast ideally shouldn’t have carbs or should be very low carb okay which leads me into what can you consume during your fast it’s actually pretty cool you can consume a lot more than what people typically think to a degree you can have your coffee just make sure you don’t add any creamers to it okay I’m okay with you adding stevia to it but black coffee that’s the only bummer okay you can’t add clears to it bulletproof coffee does break a fast butter coffee all that stuff it does break it fast those are calories coming in tea is a-ok but again no creamers no sweeteners unless you’re using something like stevia or some pure monk fruit no erythritol none of that okay very very simple apple cider vinegar is okay I’m okay with apple cider vinegar and a little bit of water salt is okay in fact I encourage you to add salt to your water okay minerals are okay electrolyte drinks are okay okay those things are very very simple we don’t need to add a lot of them flavored drinks like the the stevia-sweetened little like beverage things you add to water those are okay but I highly recommend that you avoid Splenda during a fast and highly avoid the avoid Esparta me and avoid acesulfame potassium so try to keep it with just like stevia and monk fruit now what can you not consume well pretty much everything that I didn’t explain but let me tell you some common pitfalls branched-chain amino acids the leucine and branched chain amino acids triggers an insulin spike when you are fasting your insulin levels are low and that’s major the major major benefit if you spike your insulin with anything even amino acids that’s taking away that benefit and it’s stopping the atashi process okay so we need to be very careful of that just caffeine is fine but you just don’t want to be adding things to it you don’t want to be taking someone’s pre-workouts yeah we could go down the rabbit hole of specific things that are you know approved but here’s the thing this video would be ten hours long if I went through everything I’m trying to make it simple for you the simple thing is abide by what I said you can consume a little bit of lemon is also okay as well now as you go through your fast there’s going to be things that you I’m gonna talk about side effects at the end of this video but for the most part I just want you to stay hydrated and keep it simple okay it’s gonna be a fun ride you’re gonna see a nice element of mastery with your brain as you really are abstaining from food but as you get closer to breaking your fast there’s some things that I want you to pay pay attention to now let me explain some fairly complex science in a pretty simple way I think cortisol when you are fasting cortisol is actually elevated now you have to erase the common beliefs that you know about cortisol you me think the cortisol is all terrible and then it contributes to belly fat and this and that and that in this and it can but it’s also your best friend it’s like spider-man cortisol has great power and great responsibility so cortisol when we’re in a calorie deficit or when we’re not eating actually allows us to burn fat cortisol is our friend but cortisol when combined with food causes us to store fat so here’s what we have to be careful of at the end of a fast hour cortisol levels are high because we’re stressed out because we’re fasting so we have a very sensitive area there when we break our fast cortisol levels are still high so we’ve got to be careful because when we eat those course all levels are still going to be high and then we’re combining food and insulin which is gonna cause that fat to store very easily so we need to do we can to reduce our cortisol before we break our fastest especially for women because they’re more prone to higher levels of cortisol in this case so what you can do is a couple of things okay one is add some salt to your water especially in the back half of your fast well that does is it brings down the aldosterone effect which is basically a hormone that regulates fluid retention and it makes it so that cortisol comes down as a result salt can help bring down cortisol so we want to do that in the last few hours of our fast the other thing that you can do is have some tea and put a little bit of sentiment in your tea simple cinnamon you see there’s something as cinnamon known as methyl hydroxy chalcone polymer now this mimics insulin so what that means is it allows your cells to become receptive as if there was an insulin spike so when you consume food insulin spikes in the cell way cell doorway opens for food to come in now when you spike your insulin of course you’re taking in food cinnamon allows you to spike your insulin just sound of mimic it without actually eating food so what this means is when you do eat it’s gonna have less of an impact is therefore going to reduce the amount of food that’s gonna get stored in a negative way so if you do this just leaning up before you break your fast we can help you out a lot which leads me into how should you break your fast this is the important piece okay very important here breaking your fast is more important than the fast itself if you ask me fasting is simple just don’t eat and consume very little things right but when you break your fast especially for women we have to pay particular attention to a few things so we want to make sure we’re mainly just consuming lean protein to be honest that’s honestly just the way it should be now lean protein that if it does have any fats is going to be good omega-3 fats okay now I want to keep it as lean as possible if you gonna do red meat keep it super lean ideally fish shellfish white meat or a pea protein shake of some kind now just for the record when it comes down to meat you want to make sure you’re getting good high-quality meat and when I break my fast I honestly won’t touch anything other than utilizing a butcher box meat because I know it’s quality now what I mean by that is there’s a link down below in the description for a company called butcher box okay butcher box is a meat delivery system so they have grass-fed grass-finished high omega-3 meats whether it’s chicken fish beef you name it even shellfish and and scallops and things like that they deliver right to your doorstep and they’re world’s cheaper than the grocery store so you’re getting higher quality meat than you would at the grocery store for less money and it’s delivered right to your doorstep it’s a no-brainer but the cool thing is anyone that watches my videos also gets special discounts so down below in the description it’ll change your life when it comes down to intermittent fasting I can pretty much promise you that just because it’s such good quality stuff and also if you’re on a ketogenic lifestyle it’s the only way to go because you save so much dang money so make sure you check them out down below in the description okay now additionally when you break your fast you got the lean protein I don’t care if your keto or not I usually recommend not adding extra fats why you don’t need them okay break your fast your system is sensitive at this point in time a little bit of lien easy to digest protein is going to get assimilated it’s gonna allow your insulin to spike just a little bit and then it’s going to come back to normal and then an hour later you eat you’re more normal meal okay that’s when you have a little bit more fun so breaking your fast is the most sensitive piece and you’re best off to just have some basic protein as a woman okay it’s just gonna help you out a lot there some very important things to remember no gluten when you break your fast okay your digestive system is already sensitive your mucosal layer at the end of a fast is already very thin it’s gonna build up very quickly but it’s thin now gluten has some pretty powerful negative components it increases a protein the body known as on Yulin and this is on Yulin can make it so that basically the endothelial cells within your gut to have these junctions and what happens is when they get reacted upon by a specific protein these junctions expand and gluten causes this expansion to occur which means larger particles go to into the blood getting the blood stream it’s called a leaky gut and this triggers inflammation now what happens is when these particles get into the leaky gut or get through the leaky gut into the bloodstream you have an antibody that tries to attack these proteins this antibody is also the same antibody that would attack your thyroid if you had some kind of autoimmune condition okay it’s called molecular mimicry and because the thyroid looks so similar to these protein structures the body attacks these proteins and simultaneously attacks the thyroid potentially causing some thyroid slowdown which is the last thing that women really want to have because they’re already more prone to hypothyroidism so it’s very important that you don’t have gluten coming in okay also women are much more sensitive to Dairy okay you are going to be more hormonal e sensitive the estrogens the hormones in dairy breaking a fast is not a good time to have them if you want to get the dairy later on all good that’s fine but try to control it when you break your fast I also recommend that you keep veggies out of the equation when you first break your fast okay remember what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna break your fast and then 60 to 90 minutes later you’re gonna have your larger meal okay and we’ll talk about what that should contain in a minute another thing that you can do is break your fast with a little bit of bone broth directly before you have your meal and that’s gonna allow your gut layer to sort of rebuild that mucosal bit a bit so it basically makes that mucosal layer come back through so I highly recommend that if you can get your hands on some of that additionally do not mix fats and carbs if you do have some fats if you do have some carbs have them independent of each other fats and carbs are not good together carbs spike your insulin and that opens the cell okay so that it can absorb things if you consume fat along with carbs fats are going into the cell – it’s one or the other you pick one but in this case if you keep it protein only you just mitigate that risk entirely or a lot okay so then 60 to 90 minutes later you eat your next meal and this is where you have more flexibility however I recommend that you get some specific things in especially as a female the vitamin D is proving to be one of the most powerful things that we can consume especially when we’ve been fasting women seem to be more sensitive to vitamin D and they seem to have issues with lower vitamin D than men do now you’re going to get your vitamin D from eggs you’re gonna get it from fish from shellfish from some meats or from supplementation but if you can get it from whole food sources obviously the better everything I want to focus on with women is hormonal and thyroid related so I also think it’s very important that you get good amounts of zinc now to get good amounts of zinc again eating the shellfish eating the fish I know not everyone does that but it’s really powerful zinc allows the receptors in our body to see and accept the thyroid hormone that’s floating through our body we have active thyroid t3 hormone that flows through our body but what good is that thyroid hormone if we don’t have any receptors that are actually willing to accept it right it’s just floating through doing nothing zinc is important for that so it’s get any foods that have zinc in them it’s a very important for you another thing is foods that have iodine okay I recommend that women have some kind of seaweed or nori or something or kelp I know it sounds weird as a seasoning there are companies out there that literally have kelp in their seasonings it’s simple to find you just have to look for it a little bit goes a long way and it helps the thyroid create its active thyroid okay so it binds t-nut basically a t1 t2 t3 you have tyrosine that binds with iodine to make of course ultimately in the thyroid hormone and then lastly a couple Brazil nuts okay that’s all you need here’s the thing though normally we don’t have too much of an issue in mineral deficiencies but when you’re fasting it’s easy to deficient because you’ve been fasting all day and then you’re eating period is so small that you don’t get the aggregate you don’t get all the minerals and vitamins that you need so eat a couple of Brazil nuts get your selenium or have some sardines or something that gets you those minerals so that your thyroid doesn’t slow down because that’s the biggest beef that people are gonna have when you are fasting you could potentially slow down your thyroid so let’s support it as much as we can especially for women now the other thing is these fats that we need to get women need the fats to support estrogen there are studies that show that low fat diets crush estrogen levels men don’t need high amounts of estrogen women don’t need high amounts of estrogen but you need a decent amount and here’s what’s gonna happen as you get older estrogen levels go down and by ratio your progesterone levels are now higher did you know that estrogen actually makes it so that you’re not that hungry and estrogen makes it so you recover it doesn’t mean you want skyrocket it but you don’t want it to get suppressed so while you’re fasting estrogen levels can get suppressed we need to support it with good healthy fats okay but what we don’t want is excess estrogen that is not being processed estrogen needs to get metabolized by the liver it’s almost like a poison that is very powerful in good ways and bad ways it’s like a radioactive weapon it has to be controlled so what you want is you want to consume cruciferous vegetables during your period if you want high fats and cruciferous vegetables because the high fats are gonna make it so your estrogen levels are supported the cruciferous vegetables have something called DN dual methane that’s going to help counteract the one seven hydroxy estradiol so basically the bad estrogens that need to give a tablet lies by the liver to ultimately get get excreted so fats and cruciferous vegetables now let’s touch on workouts for a second I’m not gonna spend a whole lot of time here cuz I have other videos here but it’s important to know number one thing maintain your intensity don’t don’t change it people tend to say I’m just gonna work out easy because I’m fasting no if you work out hard normally work out hard you don’t want compounding variables okay the deficit the calorie deficit is going to take the weight off of you I don’t want you to change anything else then you ordinarily would because otherwise it’s skewing your ratios it’s skewing the data so still work out hard now if you work out like a absolute maniac you may want to tone it down because yeah you’re gonna you know be not eating and it might be difficult for you okay but here’s the thing timing with your workouts if you’re trying to maximize your fat loss definitely work out in a fasted state doesn’t matter if it’s cardio doesn’t matter if it’s whatever I just want you to workout in a fasted state now if you want to really maximize it work out at the end of your fast which is tough okay I ideally like to work out in the morning so if you’re fasting from like maybe 9 p.m. to 2 p.m. like throughout the night and most of the day yeah working out in the mornings gonna be great you don’t need to break you don’t need to eat right after your workout that’s a total myth I’m not gonna spend a lot of time there either protein synthesis stays elevated for 24 hours you do not need to eat right after your workout okay so finish your workout then go through the rest of your day and break your fast as usual but if you have the ability and the flexibility to work out early afternoon before you break your fast you’re that much further into a fast which means you’re that much more likely to burn more fat then you can break your fast with your post-workout meal which is really nice because post-workout you absorb a lot of nutrients so if you push it to the end of that window it’s really maximized if fat loss is not your goal and maybe you’re just doing this for lifestyle and and you want to be able to just put on some muscle then I recommend you know working out after you’ve eaten but you might find that you’re stronger if you workout fasted 2 more things we have to cover side effects I’ll make this quick you’re gonna notice then you might get cold that is okay what’s happening when you get cold is it’s the blood flow going to your fat tissue to convert it over to a usable form of brown fat it’s converting adipose tissue into visceral fat tissue which therefore gets burned visceral fat burns in priority over out of regular adipose white-white tissue it’s complicated point is you’re not getting cold because your metabolism is slowing down you’re getting cold because blood flow is getting diverted headaches they’re not hypoglycemia headaches how about glycaemia headaches are throbbing okay this is more of a constant headache and it’s more of your pain receptors in your brain getting readjusted to glucose levels being lower totally normal and it’s fine bloating right when you break your fast if you consume veggies you will be bloated if you consume high amounts of fiber you will be bloated your system is sensitive your gut biome is different you might find that you respond differently to different foods every week because your gut biome is changing so much don’t be alarmed but that’s why I’m having you consume simple bland things and you break your fast okay sleeplessness is also a big thing and it goes away don’t worry the sleeplessness is really just adrenaline but it’s also just the fact that you have low levels of orexin now I’m not gonna go into a lot of detail there because I’ve done other videos on that but essentially you get by with less sleep when you’re fasting so even though you feel like you’re wide awake well you’re probably are wide awake for good reason you don’t need as much sleep so sleep however much you need I want to end on one very important thing how often you should fast I do not recommend fasting every day people think intermittent fasting is a lifestyle that you just skip breakfast every day and you fast every day I personally believe and especially for women that it can lead to an eating disorder and it can lead to these tendencies that are not good also that is how you get your metabolism to slow down so I recommend alternate day fasting and that’s just the simple way to put it otherwise three days per week is perfect how often should you do a longer term fast well I recommend doing a longer term fast like a 24 to 36 hour fast maybe once every 2 to 3 weeks nothing crazy maybe even four weeks ok don’t do them super frequently now it varies from individual to individual and it varies on your giving goal and everything like that but here’s what I want to leave you with I want you to think of your calories on a seven-day basis not a daily basis rather than sitting there fixating on how many calories you got today tomorrow focus on how many you get over the course of the week that way if you get 3,000 calories today but you’re fasting tomorrow and you only get a thousand calories in your net net the same ok all we want to be is in a slight calorie deficit at the end of the week not at the end of the day so I do ask that everyone watching this video please gives us a share so we can get a lot of good people watching this video and changing their lives so that the world can be a better place and also if you can just do me a big favor and go ahead and check out put your box down below in the description it helps support this channel you get to use some good quality stuff and it makes everything just worth doing so thank you again for taking the time to watch this and as always keep it locked in here my channel see

This Post Was All About Complete Women’s Guide to Intermittent Fasting.
Complete Women's Guide to Intermittent Fasting

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Special Thanks to my team and Nicholas Norwitz – Oxford Ketone PhD Researcher and Harvard Med Student – for working diligently on research as well!

Body Fat

Essential body fat is approximately 3% of body mass for men and 12% of body mass for women – also stated that women typically have 6-11% more body fat than men, on average

Carb, Fat & Protein Utilization

A study from Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise looked at sex differences in exercise metabolism and concluded that:

Women oxidize more lipid and less carbohydrate and protein compared with men during endurance exercise

Fasting, Catecholamines & HSL

The American Journal of Physiology – Fasting increases levels of catecholamines and subsequently activates HSL

Per the Journal of Applied Physiology, adrenaline burns more fat in women than men – since women have a higher fat percentage than men of the same weight (not only on their bodies but also within their muscles) it makes sense to use this as the primary energy source

Specifically, they are “more sensitive to the lipolytic action of epinephrine compared with men while maintaining similar glucoregulatory effects”

So women burn more fat, less carbohydrate and less protein than men at the same exercise intensity**

How to Begin a Fast

Study from Cell that found that leptin needs to be low as well during starvation for fat burning to occur

Estrogen aids in muscle repair

estrogens act through both genomic and non-genomic pathways to reduce leukocyte invasion and increase satellite cell numbers in regenerating skeletal muscle tissue

Estrogen is anti-catabolic and prevents muscle loss as it has an anabolic effect on muscle primarily by lowering the protein turnover

When Should I Workout

Preferably fasted, but if you can’t, that’s okay – not the end of the world

In regards to how to train and when to push yourself:

Muscle Fibers

A study published in Experimental Physiology found that with strength training women’s muscle fibers are converted to type I fibers, whereas in men they generally change to type IIa fibers

The cycle and gym performance

During the first half (two weeks) of women’s menstrual cycles they have relatively higher levels of estrogen (compared to progesterone). During this half the cycle, women will have experience better recovery in the gym because estrogen promotes connective tissue synthesis.

During the second half of women’s menstrual cycle they have relatively higher levels of progesterone. During this half the cycle, women may perform worse in the gym and have more cravings.

Although there are some contradictor results in the literature, Carter A. et al. Human Physiology 2001 ( compared 17 women taking estrogen-based oral contraceptives to ten control women and found that those taking the estrogen exhibited significantly lower creatine kinase levels (a marker of muscle damage) three days following a 30-minute downhill run trial.

Common Concerns: Thyroid & When to take supplements

Fasting & Thyroid

A study from the European Journal of Endocrinology and a study from the journal Thyroid both found that fasting decreases the concentration of T3 thyroid hormone while thyroxine (T4) and free T4 levels stay the same or only decrease slightly – thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) does not increase

Nicholas Norwitz – Oxford Ketone PhD Researcher and Harvard Med Student:

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