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6 Vital Tips For Fasting – WOMEN Edition

6 Vital Tips For Fasting – WOMEN Edition

6 Vital Tips For Fasting – WOMEN Edition

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More specifically, you want help with 6 Vital Tips For Fasting – WOMEN Edition?

if you’re a female and you fast this video is gonna give you tips that you need to get the most out of your internet and fastening protocol these are specific tips that work really well for women now if you’re not a female I recommend that you share this video with your female counterparts sharing with your significant other share them with your friends that are women that are fasting because honestly it’s very important that they follow some specific rules you are tuned into the Internet’s leading performance nutrition and fat loss channel got new videos every single Tuesday Friday and Sunday at 7 a.m. Pacific time a bunch of other videos throughout the week as well I highly recommend that you hit that subscribe button you’re not gonna be sorry but I also recommend that you hit that Bell button it’s gonna allow you to turn on notifications so you’ll know whenever I go live or post a brand spanking new video so without further ado let’s get right into these I’m gonna talk about 6 tips that’s gonna change how you fast okay the first one ladies you want to make sure that you’re getting a tiny amount of soy in now this this sounds crazy right normally we hear that soy is not something we should be consuming we don’t want these estrogen ik properties we don’t want that but the reality is if we do it in moderation and we have some other things at play which I’ll explain in a second we get a big benefit for example Organic edamame we’re going to get a good soya feck from organic edamame but world– means we’re gonna get that estrogen effect now what ends up happening is normally soy is what’s called a phytoestrogens so the body sees it as estrogen which means that it activates estrogen receptors 1 7 beta estradiol so what ends up happening if you have too much soy is you end up with way too much estrogen now if you’re a woman you can have more estrogen if you’re a man you probably shouldn’t be consuming a bunch of soy but here’s the thing if you add cruciferous vegetables along with your soy you actually help your body metabolize the estrogen in a way that has actually beneficial for you so first off don’t be afraid of broccoli of cauliflower of kale don’t be afraid of the cruciferous vegetables they are not going to slow down your thyroid okay that’s a common myth okay because they contain something known as Gorgons people assume that they’re bad for you let me just explain this really quick what goitrogens do which of course are something that are in cruciferous vegetables is they blocks some of the absorption of iodine into the thyroid which is supposed to slow down your thyroid but studies have shown that you need a ton of that to happen and you need to be deficient in iodine already which is a very difficult to behavior it’s hard to be deficient in iodine okay so let’s forget that now the benefit of the cruciferous vegetables is what it does is it has something known as dim in it okay D and ol methane which is derived from something known as indole-3 carbon all the names aren’t important but basically what it is is it’s something that helps the liver metabolize larger molecules of estrogen into easier to metabolize smaller molecules of estrogen so therefore you don’t have the negative effects of the estrogen you get the good effects of the estrogen which is exactly what you want as a lady so it’s exactly what we’re looking for so don’t shy away from a little bit of edamame and some broccoli during their eating window okay the next thing I want to talk about is controlling your caffeine a bit more than your male counterparts all right here’s the thing when we’re fasting we’re already putting our bodies under stress that quite honestly is the point okay we stress our bodies out so we burn more fat we stress our bodies out so we get those effects caffeine further adds to this stress now here’s the thing women are much more sensitive to the catecholamine response they’re much more sensitive to the stress as far as the reproductive system goes as far as the hormones go this makes it so that we really need to be careful there now when it comes down to caffeine specifically with hormones and women is it decreases the actual ability for the egg to drop through the fallopian tube you see it reduces the muscle activity we need spontaneous muscle activity in the fallopian tube from what are called pacemaker cells to actually allow the egg to drop now if we have too much caffeine it sort of disrupts the electrical signaling so we don’t have the ability for those pacemaker cells to have the slow rhythmic wave that they need to drop the egg to the right place so this obviously throws off hormonal cycles pretty significantly and it’s also why you see women that consume a lot of caffeine generally have a harder time conceiving it has to do just with this process so that begs the question like what are you supposed to consume during a fast I mean the thing is like I’m always telling the benefits of a coffee and tea during a fast and you don’t want to miss out on that stuff so the reality is there are some things that you can consume now I’m a good friend of dr. Jason Fung and we’ve worked together to create some specific Thomas Toole our tea bundles and these are fasting approved tea bundles and these are ones that could work really well for women that are fasting the reason is because they’re bundles that contain teas like along okay long is a little bit lower caffeine content has a calming effect but additionally teas that have no caffeine okay we’re talking like hibiscus mint like a beauty elixir still something that’s going to allow you to have a tasty tea throughout the day when you’re fasting but without the caffeine impact now additionally we have digestive elixirs okay these are teas that are gonna help you out when it comes down to digesting so you improve that gut motility which is a big benefit of fasting you improve that but without the caffeine effect now keep in mind a little bit of caffeine is okay like if you’re getting it from some green tea like the Sencha or the Jasmine that the peak tea crystals have but the nice thing is there’s theanine in there now theanine sort of counteract some of the caffeine from that so theanine is known to be relaxing it helps tilt the scale over to what’s called gaba I’m not going to go into detail there basically it makes the brain a little bit calmer the cool thing is is that these teas come in what are called crystal form so they instantize in water like you can just throw the powder in some water and you’re going to have a tea whether it’s hot or cold and it works out really really well so really perfect for women now the cool thing is special discount down in the description below if you want to take advantage of these I just don’t want you to be totally caffeinated up if you’re a female and you’re fasting so take advantage of it special bundles Thomas tell our bundles that are fasting approved link down the description make sure you check it out after you finish this video okay let’s go ahead and move in to the next thing you need to make sure that you’re not fasting every single day now I sound like a broken record to talk about this a lot but women especially fast every other day okay here’s the thing what happens is women are more sensitive to the stress from fasting which means they’re more sensitive to the starvation signals okay we have things called leptin leptin is very important and if leptin is too low we actually don’t burn as much fat now here’s what ends up happening we have a hormone both men and women okay known as gonadotropin-releasing hormone what happens is the hypothalamus a portion of our brain releases this go now and releasing hormone and it triggers the pituitary gland to release what is called luteinizing hormone and follicle stimulating hormone these two hormones are so important they are what trigger a female to ovulate and they are what trigger a male to produce testosterone the very very important here’s what’s interesting there’s one master hormone that’s super important it’s called kiss pepsin this kiss pepped in hormone is what has the power to flip the switch on or off with that GnRH that gonadotropin-releasing hormone so the whole cascade that I talked about that produces ovulation and testosterone is regulated by kiss pepsin here’s the problem women have way more kiss pepsin than men meaning it’s a much bigger lever for women than it is for men so now what happens is when kiss pepsin levels decrease we don’t produce as much of the hormonal cascade that we need and if we’re fasting we end up producing less kiss pepsin which means for women the stress from fasting is a lot more impactful than it is for men men can stand to reduce their kiss pepsin a little bit women can’t because that’s a big lever that we’re pulling so you want to fast every other day so we’re not dramatically reducing these levels of kiss pepped and I promise you you’re gonna get better results that way it really will happen okay the next tip keep weight training don’t give up on your weight training people think that it’s too high and too much intensity right they think it’s too much work while they’re fasting the reality is that weight training is what’s going to keep the muscle mass on you the biggest reason you’re losing weight with intermittent fasting is because your muscle mass is keeping your metabolism going very important now in one study that was published in the journal nutrients that found that weight training during caloric restriction ended up accounting for 93 percent preservation of the lean muscle mass so basically when you’re on a diet or you’re reducing your calories if you weight train you’re gonna preserve almost 94 percent of the muscle simply by touching a weight so three days per week some gentle weight training to keep the muscle on you and it will make a big effect okay don’t forego the weight training the next one is making sure you add potassium into your diet okay normally I talk about magnesium deficient but for women with fasting potassium is the big one all right here’s what happens fasting promotes the production of what’s called aldosterone okay aldosterone is a master hormone when it comes down to like our mineral corticoids and fluid retention and regulation long story short aldosterone will throw off our mineral corticoids it’s going to make it so that you hold on to more sodium and you drop potassium if you drop potassium it can trigger hot flashes but it also triggers other hormonal and mineral corticoid cascades so we have to be very very careful with that so I highly recommend eating potassium rich veggies but just adding potassium into the mix take a potassium supplement here and there trust me for women it’s much more important and lastly this goes whether you are fasting or not studies are starting to show that women are much more sensitive to Dairy okay specifically yogurts and given cheeses that are not required to label if they have what is called our BST you’ve all seen the milk before that says from cows not treated with rBST okay milk it’s a little bit more regulated but cheese and yogurt things like that we have to be careful because they’re not required to say if they are from cows that are treated with rBST or not here’s let me just get to the gist of it our BST which is a hormone that’s found in dairy triggers the production of igf-1 igf-1 is very important to the develop of the mammary system of a female so now what we’re finding is excess dairy consumption is leading to big amounts of IGF which are leading to higher instances of breast cancer when you are fasting you’re more sensitive to these IGF insulin-like growth factor responses the point is control dairy or make sure you’re getting it from an organic source that you know and you know for a fact does not have rBST in it fastings and make you more sensitive to it but the fact is I’m trying to look out for you ladies no matter what whether you’re fasting or not the science is a little bit scary when it comes down to too much dairy so be careful with butter be careful with yogurt be careful with cheeses obviously be careful with milk but it’s easier to see on the label there just be very very careful and this is just kind of a good-hearted tip here so I hope that this video gave you a good breakdown some things that you can do when it comes to fasting I highly recommend you take advantage of the dr. Jason Fung Peak tea crystals and check out my specific bundles that are fasting I think you’ll get a big kick out of them they’ll help you out plus they taste good so as always thank you for tuning in and I will see you in the next video

This Post Was All About 6 Vital Tips For Fasting – WOMEN Edition.
6 Vital Tips For Fasting - WOMEN Edition

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6 Vital Tips For Fasting – WOMEN Edition – Thomas DeLauer

Cruciferous vegetables contain goitrogens – a goitrogen, so named because an enlargement of the thyroid gland is known as a goiter, suppresses the thyroid gland by inhibiting the uptake of iodine

Iodine is one of the two building blocks of thyroid hormone, and if you are deficient in it, you can develop hypothyroidism (an underactive thyroid)

Cruciferous vegetables are rich in two different goitrogens: isothiocyanates and thiocyanates

have found that the consumption of cruciferous vegetables has little to no effect on the thyroid, unless a person is deficient in iodine

One study in humans, published in the journal Human Toxicology, found that the consumption of 150 g/day (5 oz/day) of cooked Brussels sprouts for four weeks had no adverse effects on thyroid function

Caffeine is known to inhibit cyclic nucleotide phosphodiesterases (PDEs), leading to an increase in cytosolic cAMP (activated by catecholamines) and stimulation of downstream cAMP-dependent mechanisms

Caffeine has been found to inhibit slow waves and associated myosalpinx contractions; this may be the result of elevated levels of cytosolic cAMP

Caffeine hyperpolarized membrane potential, abolished slow waves and inhibited myosalpinx contractions

Spontaneous electrical activity, termed slow waves, drives rhythmic, propulsive contractions in the smooth muscle of the oviduct (myosalpinx).

Myosalpinx contractions cause egg transport through the oviduct. Agents that disrupt slow wave pacemaker activity will therefore disrupt myosalpinx contractions and egg transport

Study – Obesity Research

This study suggests that fasting could reduce women’s insulin sensitivity slightly more than men’s, causing their blood sugar to spike higher after a meal

Looked at the response of alternate day fasting in eight men and eight women

Glucose and insulin responses to a standard meal were tested in nonobese subjects at baseline and after 22 days of alternate day fasting (36 hour fast)

Glucose response to a meal was slightly impaired in women after 3 weeks of treatment, but insulin response was unchanged

However, men had no change in glucose response and a significant reduction in insulin response

In other words, women had slightly diminished insulin sensitivity also makes it harder to digest carbs and absorb nutrients, increasing the odds of gaining weight

Weight Training

Prevents catabolism

Meta Analysis – Nutrients

Looked to see if resistance training prevents muscle loss induced by caloric restriction

The review randomized clinical trials (RCT) comparing the effects of CR with (CRRT) or without RT on lean body mass (LBM), fat body mass (FBM), and total body mass (BM)

The six RCTs included in the review applied RT three times per week, for 12 to 24 weeks, and most CR interventions followed diets of 55% carbohydrate, 15% protein, and 30% fat

RT reduced 93.5% of CR-induced LBM loss (0.819 kg [0.364 to 1.273]), with similar reduction in FBM and BM, compared with CR

Concluded that CRRT is able to prevent almost 100% of CR-induced muscle loss, while resulting in FBM and BM reductions that do not significantly differ from CR.

The mineralocorticoids (primarily t) regulate the balance of minerals (sodium, potassium, and magnesium) in the cells

Stress triggers the release of aldosterone, which raises blood pressure by its action on cells to hold onto sodium and lose potassium

Long-term release of stress levels of mineralocorticoids can cause a potassium deficiency and a magnesium imbalance, as well as chronic water retention and high blood pressure

*Perimenopause, or menopause transition, begins several years before menopause. It’s the time when the ovaries gradually begin to make less estrogen*

rbGH (recombinant bovine growth hormone), also known as rbST (recombinant bovine somatotropin), is a genetically engineered hormone injected into dairy cows to increase milk production.

rBST raises the concentration of insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) in treated cow milk

During development of the mammary system, IGF-1 increases cell proliferation and the formation of mammary ducts


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