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The Benefits of Pine Oil

The Benefits of Pine Oil

The Benefits of Pine Oil

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so today I want to talk about pine oil which is an essential oil now what is an essential oil well it’s not similar to vitamins that you have essential fatty acids or essential amino acids and those are required because your body doesn’t make them and you need them from your diet and this sense essential means the essence of the oil of a plant okay so it’s kind of like what gives it its fragrance so pine oil comes from the pine tree the Christmas tree so they take it from the stump the needles the cones the twigs and they concentrate it and it has some real interesting antimicrobial properties and it used to be the ingredient in pine saw but now they took that out and pine salt is a disinfectant it’s a cleaning agent but what I want to talk about is the pine oil that you can consume or put on your body or inhale it’s great for if you have dandruff or you have itchy skin achy joints respiratory infection because bacteria hate this oil it’ll help disinfect bacteria viruses funguses candida and lying ok so if you have the line this could be a great remedy to help put this thing back into remission and then e coli okay and Salmonella and many other types of infections so how would you take it there’s three ways you can use it topically on your skin take it orally or breathe it in okay now if you’re gonna take it topically let’s say you’re gonna put it on a joint that is arthritic or you have pain or in your skin let’s say you have dandruff or psoriasis something like that you would rub it in and all you have to do is take two drops and about two tablespoons of coconut oil mix it really good and use that as the SAP that you rub it into the joint or your scalp now if you’re gonna take it orally you want to take two drops in a glass of water and drink that slowly but that’s really good for some internal microbial infection that you have that let’s say you want to speed up the results with because these microbes are repelled from pine oil so in this situation let’s say you had lime or you had some type of respiratory protracted problem you can actually do this and the last way is breathing it in okay if you have a respiratory problem and you want to speed things up you just put two drops in the container of fluid okay and you start slowly breathing this in your lungs and it will greatly help you and one less point always start out with a very small amount just to make sure you’re not sensitive to this substance and you don’t have a reaction to it and then if you don’t have a reaction go ahead and do more because pine oil is super concentrated thanks for watching hey if you’re liking this content please subscribe now and I will actually keep you updated on future videos

This Post Was All About The Benefits of Pine Oil.
The Benefits of Pine Oil

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Today, I want to talk about pine oil and the different benefits of pine oil.

What is pine oil? — Pine oil is an essential oil. Pine oil is a natural oil that comes from a pine tree and is concentrated. A lot of the pine oil benefits we’re going to cover come from its interesting antimicrobial properties.

Some people use pine oil disinfectant around the house, but the kind of pine essential oil that I’m talking about is the kind that you can:

• Consume
• Use topically
• Inhale 
Pine oil uses:

• For dandruff
• For itchy skin 
• For achy joints
• For respiratory infections

One of the best health benefits of pine oil is that it helps disinfect and fight:

• Bacteria
• Viruses
• Fungus
• Candida
• Lyme
• E. coli
• Salmonella

How to use pine oil (always start out with a small amount and use more if needed):

• Use it topically – Use 2 drops of pine oil mixed with 2 tablespoons of coconut oil. Rub it in.

• Orally – Drink 2 drops of pine oil mixed in an 8oz. glass of water. 

• Inhalation – Put 2 drops in a diffuser and breath it in slowly. 

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