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8 Ways You May be Kicked out of Keto – You’ll be Shocked!

8 Ways You May be Kicked out of Keto – You’ll be Shocked!

8 Ways You May be Kicked out of Keto – You’ll be Shocked!

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More specifically, you want help with 8 Ways You May be Kicked out of Keto – You’ll be Shocked!?

let’s have a little bit of a serious conversation here surrounding the things that might be kicking you out of Quito all right because it’s not as simple as just consuming carbs are gonna kick you out of Quito and that’s that I hate to break it to you and I hate to be the person that does any kind of fear-mongering but I’m doing this for your own good because I want you to get the most out of Quito and I want you to be able to get the most out of your healthy diet changes in the first place so I don’t want you to make the mistakes that I made okay early on in Quito I was constantly bouncing in and out of ketosis and I didn’t really know why and I know that this is probably something that you’re dealing with to full disclaimer the things that I’m talking about are usually things that have to be consumed in excess or experienced in excess to really cause a problem okay you can get away with quite a bit on keto I’ve talked about that in other videos but just want to be able to lay these out here for you hey I do want to make sure that you are watching all the videos that I put out if it about videos every single day at 7:30 a.m. Pacific time so you have to make sure you’re navigating to the channel and checking them out and please hit that red subscribe button and then hit that little bell icon to turn on notifications and after you watch this video I encourage you to check out fat snacks down below in the description so if you’re doing keto or low-carb and you want to eat cookies that are guilt-free and honestly just help you feel pretty good in terms of just the emotional response you get from them make sure you check them out okay so they’re probably the most affordable keto cookie but they’re nice good clean mix of ingredients that I stand behind so check them out after this video a special link special discount for anyone okay the first one we’ll talk about is stress now mind you none of these are in any particular order okay none are really worse than the others I’m just going through them all stress is simple stress increases cortisol okay it increases the fight-or-flight response the whole purpose of cortisol is to increase your blood sugar and your blood pressure to get energy in the case of an emergency okay so if you’re constantly stressed out you’ll constantly have stress and you’ll constantly end up having cortisol elevated and you’ll constantly have glucose being elevated that’s going to get in the way of the liver producing ketones okay it does affect things so I hate to break it to you I don’t really know what to tell you here you have to do something to get stressed under control it’s funny I’ve done my own test when I am out of town and on vacation and my workload is less my ketone levels are higher despite my diet actually being less strict that tells you something right okay the next one I want to talk about is sleep okay if you’re not getting enough sleep it will affect your ketone levels I’m not trying to scare you but sometimes there’s nothing you can do about it you can’t just be like magically sleeping better okay but if you are not sleeping it’s going to decrease your leptin levels and it’s going to increase your ghrelin levels but also increase yet again your cortisol levels the other big dangerous thing that it’s going to do is it makes it so that you have an increase in these particular endo cannabinoids that affect cb1 receptors so what that means is it’s gonna make it so that food gives you more of a psychological response food tastes better and gives you more of a satisfaction and a reward if you’re sleep deprived that if not it’s dangerous stuff it’s a slippery slope have you ever been in a situation where you eat something and you’re just why did that taste so good why do I want so much more usually you’re sleep deprived okay the next thing that I have to talk about and I hate to even talk about this because it’s gonna create a bunch of enemies and it’s gonna upset people but please hear me out yes too much protein can still affect your ketone levels I wouldn’t go so far as saying that it’s gonna kick you out of keto yeah I used to stand behind the fact that protein would kick you out of keto then I started doing more research and I saw that okay gluconeogenesis where your body takes protein and converts into carbs is a demand driven process meaning it’s only going to convert what it needs the excess is really going to be used to store muscle and build muscle however during the period of time in which the body is creating glucose from protein it does stand in the way of ketone production so the full disclaimer with eating too much protein is you really have to be eating too much protein consistently throughout the day if you’re eating a lot of protein like every two hours every three hours then you might notice an effect in terms of how it affects our ketone levels it’s still a process that spikes your insulin we have to be careful with that now branched chain amino acids fall into this category too they are an amino acid which is a building block of protein and they will kick you out of keto they will mess you up okay so it’s kind of mysterious because they tell you that it’s going to preserve muscle mass but it’s gonna block ketones which are even more powerful at preserving muscle mass it’s like jumping over dollars to save nickels in the grand scheme of things okay you’re wanting to take in branch teen amino acids because they preserve muscle at the expense of basically killing off ketones which preserve muscle much much better than BCAAs okay so anyway point made the next one is going to be insulin a genic non calorie sweeteners believe it or not some of the artificial and non calorie sweeteners are still insulin a genic and are still gonna spike your insulin and effect ketone production I’m not trying to scare you I’m trying to give you the information please don’t hate help me with this part maltitol sorbitol Malan all xylitol anything ending in like oh oh L in that kind of category with the exception of like a riff through tall is going to have an insulin genetic effect okay so be careful with that stevia is good to go monk fruit can even have an insulin genic affected some people but generally it’s okay sucralose is insulin o genic okay saccharine is insulin and genetic meaning it spikes your insulin and you want to know what one of the worst ones is acesulfame potassium okay also going to show up on an ingredient label as acesulfame k now here’s the thing aspartame technically doesn’t kick you at aikido it’s poison but it doesn’t kick you out of keto here’s the caveat most energy drinks and sodas have aspartame and acesulfame potassium because of that you’re going to get a big insulin spike okay so we’ve got to be careful there the other thing we have to look at is something known as the cephalic insulin response cephalic cephalic potato potato dependence how you want to say it but basically what this is is the insulin response that just comes from having something sweet in the first place and some people are more sensitive to it than others I’ve done videos on this where I break down a little more detail on it but there was a study that was published the American Journal of physiology that broke it down pretty clear and they did a sham feeding test where they had people basically eat something and swish around their mouth and spit it out and they found that insulin levels went from 10.5 micro IU’s per milliliter all the way up to 21 point five so they doubled their insulin levels just by tasting food so case in point just be careful with sweet things especially ones your insulin okay this next one I have to talk about is an unfortunate one and it doesn’t mean that you can’t can’t have it from time to time I just want you to be careful okay we have to just get rid of the old school diet beliefs that we have to eat all the time and that’s whey protein if you have whey protein you will likely see that your ketone levels drop or you even get kicked out of keto okay whey protein is comprised mainly of gluconeogenic amino acids that cause this spike but they also spike something known as GI P and glp-1 okay these enhance the effect of insulin even more they basically compound an exacerbate insulin so you get a bigger insulin spike even though you’re not consuming a whole lot now I’m gonna let this chart speak for itself when it comes down to the study that takes a look at whey proteins so the gray bars in this chart are whey protein okay the white bars are the control and the black bar is glucose you can see that the gray bar from whey protein spikes insulin significantly higher than even glucose okay so you can actually spike your insulin more by having a whey protein shake than even just having straight-up glucose or sugar does that prove a point you have to be very very very careful okay the next one that can kick you out of keto and this is one that people fall victim to a lot is having too much caffeine at one time okay caffeine is okay and I drink coffee a lot and I drink tea a lot but if you have a lot at one sitting it jacks up your cortisol levels jacks up adrenaline levels which therefore spikes your blood sugar so if you notice that your ketone levels are lower in the morning after having some concentrated cups of coffee or like quadruple shot you know coffee or something that’s why okay also it triggers glycogen to be released from the muscle into the bloodstream so you get a bunch of sugar that goes into the bloodstream all of a sudden because caffeine is doing what it’s supposed to do directing energy okay so just be careful with that again don’t 86 your coffee just be aware of it next up alcohol consumption something to know about alcohol it doesn’t kick you out Aikido because it’s a car okay it kicks you out of keto because the liver will always prioritize alcohol metabolism over anything else alcohol is a toxin okay acetaldehyde which is what it gets converted to ethanol gets converted into acetaldehyde that is a toxin to the liver the liver has to break that down okay it is high alert has to take care of that okay so that means any other stuff gets reprioritized ketone production chugging along alcohol comes in whoa sorry ketone production I got to take care of this poison right now okay so be very careful with that not all alcohols are created equal the cleaner the alcohol triples distill quadruples is still the better because it’s going to go through your system quicker and less breakdown the last thing we have to talk about is fibers I don’t necessarily believe the whole net fiber thing entirely why because some of us have different gut biomes than others in fact all of us have different gut biomes from one another what that means is that some of us have the ability to break down some fibers into simple sugars and some do not so some people consume different fibers and they just get bloated and they just go through their system because they don’t digest them but if I have a different bacteria than you do I might have the ability to break that down into disaccharides and monosaccharides and actually use it as energy and sugar personally this is me speaking fibers kick me out of keto am i wrong for that happening I don’t know tell my diverse trillions of gut bacteria okay I don’t know and it’s so hard to test so you have to test fiber yourself do not let people think that you were wrong or crazy if fiber kicks you out of keto because it does for me and I know at least five or six other people that it does too as well okay so anyhow just be careful with that so I want to invite you to come back every single day okay same time 7:30 a.m. Pacific time on my channel to see new videos surrounding everything health-related everything fat loss related I appreciate you being here keep it locked in here in my channel and I’ll see you soon

This Post Was All About 8 Ways You May be Kicked out of Keto – You’ll be Shocked!.
8 Ways You May be Kicked out of Keto - You’ll be Shocked!

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8 Ways You May be Kicked out of Keto – You’ll be Shocked! – Thomas DeLauer

This topic isn’t as simple as just consuming carbs which are then going to kick you out of keto and that’s that. Now, full disclaimer, the things I cover in this video largely have to be consumed in excess in order to truly kick you out of ketosis, but they can easily do so in the right amounts.

Aside from keto providing you with amazing weight loss, it also gives you increased energy, mental focus, and improved mood – all of which can be disrupted by being kicked out of keto.

You see, jumping in and out of ketosis causes your body to continually switch between glucose v ketone utilization, which can result in some side effects, like disrupted fat burning and the dreaded keto flu.

Some of the things I mention in this video may be kicking you out of ketosis without you even realizing…

Nicholas Norwitz – Oxford Ketone PhD Researcher and Harvard Med Student:



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