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Try a New Style of Fasting – “Staggered” OMAD (I Made it Up)

Try a New Style of Fasting – “Staggered” OMAD (I Made it Up)

Try a New Style of Fasting – “Staggered” OMAD (I Made it Up)

New To Keto But Want To Grow Your Knowledge?

More specifically, you want help with Try a New Style of Fasting – “Staggered” OMAD (I Made it Up)?

This Post Was All About Try a New Style of Fasting – “Staggered” OMAD (I Made it Up).
Try a New Style of Fasting - “Staggered” OMAD (I Made it Up)

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OMAD – What You NEED to Know (Metabolic Inflammation)

OMAD – What You NEED to Know (Metabolic Inflammation)

New To Keto But Want To Grow Your Knowledge?

More specifically, you want help with OMAD – What You NEED to Know (Metabolic Inflammation)?

you’re doing everything right with intermittent fasting and one meal a day okay you’re making changes and things are working but there’s one really important thing you need to be paying attention to and all comes down to a really important study now I promise you I’m going to make this simple and fun that’s why I have castle drawings and all kinds of stuff we’re gonna get into it but don’t be afraid of some of the big words that are here because I promise it’s going to be really simple it all just comes down to timing you see unfortunately we’re seeing that if you consume too much even good food at one point in time like two consolidated it triggers a specific metabolic response known as meta flah Masson so we’re going to talk about it were gonna talk about how to avoid it rather than just scare you and tell you about something bad I’m gonna tell you about something that we probably should be somewhat concerned with and then I’m going to tell you simply how to fix it okay so we have to go through the science first and I promise it’s going to be a lot of fun please do make sure you hit that red subscribe button and then hit that little bell icon so you can turn on notifications after this video I also want you to check out thrive market so if you’re doing intermittent fasting I have created specific grocery bundles for intermittent fasting thrive market is a membership-based grocery store that’s online so it ends up being way cheaper than the grocery store that you’d go to both manually and ends up making it a lot easier to get healthy foods so I highly recommend you check them out if you’re doing keto intermittent fasting or if you just want to check out any of the other fun grocery bundles that I have so link down the description after you complete this video all right let’s go ahead and let’s go to science class for just a minute so you can get in the best shape of your life all right so this whole thing was published in the journal Cell okay and it was originally published and written by Harvard and it was done in 2010 but it’s recently been stirred up because so many people are doing the one meal a day diet now I am an avid intermittent faster and I lost over a hundred pounds utilizing intermittent fasting in keto and I would be darned if I did not use one meal a day as a strategy for some point in time but I did find that my results about four years in stalled with one meal a day I wasn’t really getting the same kind of results that I was getting earlier on so the whole purpose of me saying this is to say I speak from experience that if you can alter some things with one meal a day you can end up having better results so I’m not anti one meal a day at all okay so what this study was all about was it found that if we had too much in the way of nutrients too much food coming in at one time like you might possibly do with one meal a day it triggered a specific thing called PKR which we’ll talk about in a little bit but PKR is something that’s designed to fight viruses and it is a result of any kind of just virus coming in our body what was interesting that the study was found in subjects consumed too much in the way of food well it triggered the same thing that would trigger when you had a virus which caused a subsequent increase in inflammation so because so nutrients are absorbed as well so you could end up with all kinds of other issues but worst of all in this particular case you’re gonna slow down your results right so what is this PKR and why is it so important and how is it going to change how we eat well PKR is what is called a double-stranded RNA dependent kinase okay what does that mean all it simply means is it only responds to viruses so the fact that PKR was triggered by food is already weird because it usually only responds to viruses we’re all DNA dependent anything that’s gonna respond to us our cells is gonna be DNA RNA is for viruses so this is just odd but you know that triggered a strong inflammation cascade here’s how we react to viruses we react to viruses in two ways and this is very important because this is what’s going to explain how you need to change your food right okay so we have two things one we activate the inflammatory response when we have a virus that comes in our body our immune system our body’s army our body soldiers go and they fight the virus right okay but it does something else too it doesn’t just externally fight the virus it triggers the cessation of protein synthesis inside our own cells what that means is it turns off our cells ability to eat and grow and get nutrition simply because it’s exercising its efforts to stop the virus – so the immune system is basically like sorry cells you need to stop consuming food – because we’re trying to starve off the virus here’s a perfect example of what it looks like okay you’ve got this castle here this castle is your cell okay and what’s happening with this castle is you’ve got a viral invader a virus coming in okay and these viruses these red viruses are trying to get in but in an effort to stop the virus from getting in the castle has to destroy its own bridge so it’s destroyed all the planks in the bridge across the moat so that the virus can’t get in the virus is starved out but that also in the process starves out the food supply here we have a horse carrying food in to feed everyone in the castle but the castle saying sorry I got to stop the horse but I have to do that to stop the virus I just have to kill the bridge so eventually that castle will end up starving not necessarily dying but starving in an effort to fight off the virus well that’s all great with a virus but it’s really a bummer when that happens when we simply eat too much food right because what’s happening we consume too much at one sitting and this PKR is elevated turning off protein synthesis inside of ourselves so we’re not absorbing nutrients so then those nutrients aren’t getting absorbed and they’re triggering inflammation outside in the body too just like you would with a leaky gut and we found that it down regulates and almost stops insulin receptor substrate 1 which is something very powerful for insulin signaling so when we eat we need insulin signaling to occur because that insulin signaling is what tells the cell hey it’s okay to become receptive to insulin to let nutrients in but what if this isn’t working then it means that nutrients can’t get delivered to the cell all because we ate too much at one sitting this is the perfect example that can happen with one meal a day I’m not saying one meal a day is bad please please please if you’re on a healthy lifestyle track and you have a great trajectory don’t change a thick but I always want to give you the tools this is so important as people are gonna make Hader videos on this but I am pro one meal a day I want to arm you with the positive knowledge so if you hit a stall you might be able to evaluate what is going on okay so what you may want to consider doing is rather than having one large smorgasbord of food is have two smaller meals switch to two meal a day versus one meal a day and split them up so you don’t have this massive influx triggering this potential PKR but let’s talk about why this is happening okay this is really important to know why so the whole why behind PKR is all because excess nutrients are a metabolic stressor okay too much of one thing the body just stress is out because it can’t handle it all it’s generalized mechanisms so what that means is that it’s a simple on/off switch it’s not like the body is evolving to respond to large amounts of food at one point in time it also isn’t evolving not to okay so my point here is simple it’s a general response that’s going to happen with anything whether we have viruses coming in whether we have too much food coming in and probably a half a million other things that haven’t been notated in studies okay it just happens we just are now getting to be able to scratch the surface and understand why so let me give you an example of what that means cuz that sounds a little bit gobbledygook jargony okay imagine this the PKR is the army’s general okay and this general was given a giant budget okay but he’s told in order for you to have this budget you have to spend all the money you can’t have any surplus okay so some companies the end of the year have a budget surplus and they go out and they spend all the money because they can’t have any extra budget think of our body acting like that so much immune system it has to use all of it okay so what ends up happening is continue to buy machinery you buy weapons you buy airplanes you buy all the things that you need because you have money to spend but imagine that all of a sudden you have an infinite budget okay sounds good at first you can go buy whatever you want you can buy all the weapons buy all the machinery but you don’t really need it so in this case the immune system is turned on okay the immune system now has a budget but it has an infinite budget because it’s flipped on the on switch well what happens is you end up buying so much stuff you clog all your hangers you clog all your bunkers your all your everything is filled with artillery everything’s filled with planes and rockets and missiles you you to the point where you are crippled you can’t even function because you have so much of a good thing right so it’s the same process here so then all of a sudden you have no choice but to start breaking down your own hangars to fit the planes in that’s what’s happening here we’re breaking down ourselves because we’re consuming so much at one sitting whereas the premise of one meal a day is phenomenal because I love intermittent fasting for long periods of time but we just need to space our meals out ever so slightly so we’re not gorging ourselves okay there’s a number of other reasons why you may want to consider going to to meal a day but again this is only if you are reaching a plateau if things are working for you and you feel good do not change things but arm yourself with the knowledge so that you can combat your own army that is waging a war inside you when you have metal emotion if you are gonna switch it up to two meal a day or anything like that the first meal when you break your fast like I’ve talked about in a lot of videos should be something very light and lean okay I would usually recommend just a lean amount of protein a lean protein shake no added fats not a bunch of nutrients I know people like to try to get their veggies in when they break it fast but unfortunately it’s really hard to digest those that can be hard on the digestive system so just keep it lean protein and keep it easy keep it a few hundred calories that way a couple hours later or whatever when you eat your next meal or even an hour later you’re also satiated so you’re not as likely to gorge yourself but you’re also just splitting up your meals and remember protein is pretty hard to break down so if we space up the proteins we put ourselves in a great little spot so that should give you what you need there Harvard has done some pretty good science on this so I think we can at least trust some of the research in this case as always I do highly recommend that you hit that subscribe button comment if you have ideas for future videos specifically around one meal a day two meal a day and intermittent fasting I will see you in the next video thanks for watching 

This Post Was All About OMAD – What You NEED to Know (Metabolic Inflammation).
OMAD - What You NEED to Know (Metabolic Inflammation)

Here’s The Video Description From YouTube

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Special Thanks to my team and Nicholas Norwitz – Oxford Ketone PhD Researcher and Harvard Med Student – for working diligently on research as well!

OMAD Science: Too Many Nutrients at Once Could be Unhealthy

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