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Top 5 Ways To Eat More Protein WITHOUT Meat – Vegetarian Protein Sources For Bodybuilding

Top 5 Ways To Eat More Protein WITHOUT Meat – Vegetarian Protein Sources For Bodybuilding

Top 5 Ways To Eat More Protein WITHOUT Meat – Vegetarian Protein Sources For Bodybuilding

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so the biggest reason why I want to make this video is because over the years one of the things I’ve heard the most is I have a hard time eating enough protein how can I get more protein into my diet and how can I do that without eating more meat so today I just want to share with you my favorite ways to do that and hopefully the tips and products that I go over in today’s video I’m gonna help get more protein into your diet without you having to eat more meat so let’s hop right into it and get to the good stuff or the meatless stuff alright so tip number one is use some high-protein spaghetti noodles explore cuisine they’ve got a line of high-protein noodles this one is a soybean spaghetti noodle and the macros on here are pretty awesome as well as the amount of protein each serving pack so one serving 56 grams which is the amount of a typical serving of pasta it’s 2 grams of fat 22 grams of carbs 11 of which is fiber but has 25 grams of protein per serving this is the most macro friendly spaghetti pasta whatever you want to say you can find this is actually like normal spaghetti guys it really shines in Chinese dishes like chicken lo mein or Thai like pad thai really good in that it’s great for spaghetti as well but I think it’s just really really good in the Asian type of dishes as far as where I get this just my local grocery store I have a Whiteman’s by me if you have a Wegmans buy you probably in just the regular pasta section there but if you have our time finding these noodles or just any of the products that I’m going to go over today there’s links to everything in the video description below my second tip is for all the snackers of the world I love snacking on stuff I’m a huge huge snacker and these Sea Point farms roasted edamame are awesome spicy wasabi especially if you like spicy stuff it’s very good but they do have a normal version if spicy stuff is not for you what I love about this is the entire bag it’s just a dollar 79 and you get over 40 grams of protein in the entire bag plus the macros aren’t bad at all four grams of fat 10 grams of carbs 7 grams of fiber and 13 grams of protein that’s per serving there’s three and a half servings per bag so this can take you a while to eat the whole bag it’s a great movie snack bring these into the movies get a little protein it’s really good so that brings me to tip number three and tip number three is replace your regular peanut butter with some PB to now per serving they have the same amount of protein but the difference is this has a quarter of the calories per serving compared to regular peanut butter so you’re getting five grams of protein in every serving but every serving of this only 50 calories compared to regular peanut butter is 200 calories per serving so what I love about this is it’s really easy to eat quite a bit of it and you can have four servings for only 200 calories compared to regular peanut butter would that be 800 calories and you’re getting 20 grams of protein in those for service so you saw one of my recent vlogs I had a PB&J sandwich and this was a main component to make him at a high-protein PBJ sandwich and the PB to tip is actually a great lead-in to my fourth tip which is replace your regular bread with some high-protein p28 bread what’s awesome about this is in two slices you get 28 grams of protein that’s like five times at least five times as much protein as you’d normally get in two slices of bread Scott like this od nutty flavor to it I just really like a lot the only downside of this is that it’s like twice the cost of regular bread but it could be worth the extra money if you love bread and you do have a hard time getting protein in your diet so you find this stuff I just get this at my grocery store regular bread section take a look for this super good I also heard that vitamin shoppe carries this too and if you can’t find it anywhere like I said there’s probably a link in the video description below to this and my fifth and final tip is totally not earth-shattering it’s just think about picking up some protein bars this quest oatmeal chocolate chip protein bar it is really really good this is my favorite protein bar of the moment I don’t eat a ton of protein bars in my typical day but I do like to have protein bars on hand where I’m just really convenient and I’m not a huge fan of making shakes just with water I like making shakes if I can put it in my blender but on the go it’s just with like a shaker bottle it’s really not for me this is just a way more delicious way to get protein into my diet and also what’s nice about the quest bars is that they’re loaded with fiber and especially when I’m traveling sometimes I just have a hard time getting fiber into my diet so the macros per this bar seven grams of fat 22 grams of carbs 15 of which is fiber and 20 grams of protein and this bar it’s seriously like eating a candy bar with just a significant amount of protein is really awesome and I’m sure a lot of you guys have some awesome protein bar recommendations outside of the quest bar so today’s question of the video is what is your favorite protein bar so yeah those are five of my best tips product suggestions whatever you want to call it for getting more protein into your diet without necessarily eating more meat I hope this helped you out in some way if it did it really helps me out a lot if you give the video a like if you subscribe comment all that stuff you did all three that’d be amazing but thank you guys so much anyways for watching and I’ll see you in the next video

This Post Was All About Top 5 Ways To Eat More Protein WITHOUT Meat – Vegetarian Protein Sources For Bodybuilding.
Top 5 Ways To Eat More Protein WITHOUT Meat - Vegetarian Protein Sources For Bodybuilding

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My top 5 best VEGETARIAN bodybuilding protein sources that I use, and are great for gaining muscle! Obviously all of these are vegetarian protein sources, but a few are vegan protein sources as well. Also, some of these sources have more protein than beef (per gram).



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