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These 8 BUDGET Weight Loss Tips will SAVE You Serious Money

These 8 BUDGET Weight Loss Tips will SAVE You Serious Money

These 8 BUDGET Weight Loss Tips will SAVE You Serious Money

New To Keto But Want To Grow Your Knowledge?

More specifically, you want help with These 8 BUDGET Weight Loss Tips will SAVE You Serious Money?

losing weight on a budget is something that I wish I knew when I was this guy actually when this guy – all right thing is when I was going through my weight loss transformation I was having to spend a lot of money because I didn’t really know what I was doing at that point in time I had doctors telling me what to try and I had people telling me this and that I had to learn a lot just through my own process but now I know how to do it on a budget because I’ve been doing it for ten years I lost that 110 pounds over the last ten years or ten years ago so I’ve learned what to do and I want to share it with you before I dive into the nitty-gritty details of this video I want to ask you something please do hit that red subscribe button and then please please hit that Bell icon to turn on notifications if you post videos every single day and YouTube makes it very hard for us to get visibility unless people turn on those notifications so get that help and turn on all notifications now let’s give you some hot tips we’re gonna walk through the grocery store I’m going to show you some footage we’re gonna have some fun with this so the first rule when it comes down to dining on a budget when you go into the grocery store shop the meat department first okay now why is this important on a budget because the meats are gonna be the most expensive part of your journey okay they simply are your proteins your good quality meats if you’re getting good quality grass-fed stuff it’s gonna be a little bit pricey and I would rather you go to the meat department first and spend the portion of your budget there rather than going through the aisles getting stuff that quite honestly is somewhat worthless and then getting to the meat department and not having any of your budget left you end up making worse choices because your cart is already full I used to do this and I ended up eating a low amounts of protein which I think I ended up sacrificing a lot of potential muscle right so shop the meat department first it really doesn’t make a very very very big difference plenty of videos breaking down how to shop the meat department and I’ll put them down below in the description okay next up is going to be getting frozen veggies and frozen fruit instead of fresh this sounds so while but when I go to the grocery store I shop frozen simply because you preserve the nutrients they’re not getting oxidized you see what ends up happening is a lot of these vitamins and minerals that we would get out of vegetables and fruits they end up getting totally denatured throughout the travel process especially fat soluble vitamins so vitamin D vitamin K things like that they get totally oxidized and when you think about a vegetable that’s harvested and then immediately flash-frozen a lot of the nutrients are preserved most of them are in fact whereas the alternative is harvesting sitting on a cart then going on a truck than sitting in a grocery store you can see they turn rancid and you may not taste it but it’s happening at a cellular level inside your body in fact there’s something really interesting let me show you some so this is a study that was done at UC Davis but published in the Journal of Agriculture Food Chemistry take a look here ok so this study took a look at the vitamin content 8 different fresh and frozen fruits ok and they wanted to take a look at what would happen if they were frozen versus not frozen they found no consistent differences overall between the fresh and frozen in fact the vitamin content was occasionally higher in some frozen foods like frozen broccoli for example had more riboflavin which is a good B vitamin then fresh broccoli did and then when you look at the frozen peas yeah they have slightly less riboflavin but really not that big of a deal the researchers also analyzed the amount of fiber and the levels of phenolic compounds in minerals like calcium iron zinc and the same eight fruits and vegetables and they found no significant differences between the fresh and frozen varieties okay so that’s some pretty awesome stuff right then and there now if that doesn’t make you want to go frozen and save some serious money I don’t know what will and next up is don’t be afraid to get your protein from canned sources people tend to think that if it’s in a can it automatically has a bunch of BPA’s and it’s automatically unhealthy let me give you a couple of quick tips save your money with the canned tuna don’t go for the canned albacore go for the chunk light it’s cheaper it’s like half the price sometimes a third the price and it’s gonna have lower levels of mercury and more of the available nutrients that you need chunk light and skipjack is actually better than albacore albacore is not bad I’m just trying to help you save some money also when it comes to salmon you get canned salmon canned salmon is almost always wild-caught yeah if you go to even a healthy grocery store believe it or not it is hard to find wild-caught salmon okay almost all of it is farm-raised even foods they’ll have sustainable or safe farm-raised which I still don’t buy all the way it’s just I don’t know it’s expensive and it’s just not that great quality so you can get wild caught in a can seriously on the cheap additionally you’ll be able to get the higher fatty acid profile Atlantic salmon that you wouldn’t ordinarily be able to get normally you’re gonna find wild caught sockeye which is great but sometimes you want more fat from the fattier salmon like the Atlantic right so point is canned fish is good to go and sardines if you do like sardines there are such a good way to save money just get them packed in water okay so when I shop for sardines or when I shop for any kind of canned fish it’s almost always in water because I want the fatty acid profile of the fish to reign true I don’t want it totally washed away by soybean oil or some low quality oil so canned tuna canned fish in water so you support your brain and you get everything you need that’s going to satiate you and keep you burning fat for a long period of time if you don’t like canned fish no big deal the next rule avoid snacking and it saves you tons of money how much money do you think Americans or people in general spend on snack foods it’s insane the amount of money that Americans spend is usually more on snack foods than their actual meals that is so wild okay so what do we do about this they’re just snacking now I know this sounds so boilerplate and lame but no there is a legitimate fat loss physiological reason that you should not snack every time you put a single calorie in your body you trigger an insulin spike and that insulin spike stops the fat burning process it stops hormone sensitive lipase basically what that simply means is that when you have a single calorie you go from fat-burning mode into storing mode whether it’s one calorie or not so if you were to go from breakfast all the way to lunch and not eat you would have that whole period where you’re burning fat okay glucagon levels go up and you burn fat plain and simple so save your money don’t even buy the snack foods and just spend a little bit more on having higher-quality breakfast lunch and dinner three square meals can actually work for you if you’re not snacking in between them hey if you want to check out some of the grocery that I would usually recommend go ahead and check out the rive market I put a link down below in the description make sure you watch this video first so you’re fully educated and you can make the right decision but thrive market is an online membership based grocery store and the cool thing is I’m not gonna leave you high and dry I’ve been able to create specific grocery boxes for given dietary patterns so let’s say you’re trying intermittent fasting or let’s say you’re trying teto or let’s say you’re trying to balance your thyroid or your hormones things like that I’ve created different grocery boxes with foods that I would recommend getting within those grocery boxes that way it’s like your grocery shopping with me when you go over to thrive it’s like hey this is what Thomas recommends takes the thinking out of the equation you can just trust this is what Thomas recommends and gets thrive boxes so there’s a special link down below to thrive market but you have to watch the rest of this video simply so that you get the full understanding of what you should be looking for is that you’re educated so special link down below and special pricing ok this next one you guys are gonna love I’m gonna save you some money on organic stuff you don’t need to be getting organic food all the time there’s certain things that you should pay attention to and certain things you just shouldn’t care about ok there is such thing as the clean fifteen and the Dirty Dozen or dirty fifteen okay so websites out there tell you exactly what foods you should get organic and should not get organic so you save money it changes all the time but right now some of the foods you don’t have to worry about getting organic avocados and people spend so much money on organic avocados get them non-organic that tough outer skin makes it safe less than 1% of avocados have any even trace amounts of pesticides in them you’re good to go any fruit that has a hard skin ok Kiwi mango papaya thinks that even though their total sugar bombs you probably shouldn’t have them anyway save some money trust me you will cut your produce bill probably in half just by following this rule but asparagus such a big fan of asparagus I can go on and on about the benefits of asparagus I buy it all the time I get it at Whole Foods I do all kinds of stuff the thing is if you spend the money getting organic asparagus you’re gonna spend a ton of money ok it’s not worth it and then also broccoli ok broccoli same kind of thing the pesticides just don’t leech into the broccoli that much you can get non-organic broccoli additionally other low carb foods eggplant mushrooms stuff like that good to go next up when you’re shopping the meat department if you cannot afford grass-fed grass-finished or just general grass-fed there is another thing that you can factor in I always recommend getting grass-fed but I understand some people can’t spend six seven eight dollars a pound I get it so if you cannot do that get the leanest possible cuts of meat here’s why it grass-fed grass-finished has high amounts of omega-3 okay good omega-3 fats and lower omega 6’s also very high conjugated linoleic acid content which does support fat burning in a lot of different ways proven by multiple studies okay so okay that’s great but what about non grass-fed when you look at studies particularly one study that’s published a nutrition journal you find that non grass-fed has five times less the amount of omega-3s so therefore it has a significantly higher amount of omega-6 which is a very pro-inflammatory but those fats those pro-inflammatory fats that are in non grass-fed traditional meat they’re only gonna be in the fat they’re only going to be in the fat of that meat so you can defeat this issue by simply going with the leanest possible cuts of meat so if you’re going to go non grass-fed go for like 96 percent lean ground beef or go for like a filet I know that’s expensive but that’s gonna be super lean okay go for the lean cuts don’t go for a ribeye if you’re not going grass-fed if you’re gonna go high fat you’re gonna want to go grass-fed and spend the money if you go lean you generally are okay and last but not least you guys are gonna love me for this some of you might hate me just throw your supplements in the trash okay not forever you know me I talk about supplements on my videos I do have recommendations but in my opinion supplements are an advanced stage if you are looking to get in shape and lose weight and lose the belly and just get on the right track and you’re trying to do it on a budget you don’t need to waste your money with supplements I don’t care who you are okay it’s not the end-all be-all it is not what is gonna change the game going out and buying a $50 jug of protein isn’t going to make you magically healthier okay you to be very very very careful with where you spend your money when you’re dieting on a budget so please just don’t worry about it they will have their place the place will just come in time okay which leads me to one more thing that I need to talk about if you are going to have supplements use them as one particular meal replacement so like for a pea protein shake for example or a whey protein shake don’t use it as an additional meal replace a meal with it okay that’s gonna save you some money what I mean by that is if you were normally gonna spend $8 on the total meal for lunch right if you do have a protein shake use that protein shake as a meal replacement okay I know they say their supplements and they shouldn’t be used as a meal replacement but trust me as someone that advocates intermittent fasting and going long periods of time without eating I think you’ll survive if you don’t have a wholesome meal for one meal and you use that protein shake to your advantage that’s the one time where you can actually utilize it I also recommend replacing your breakfast with some kind of keto coffee or fad coffee and guess what you don’t need to be in ketosis to benefit from this at all who says that just because you’re not doing keto you can’t have some fats there’s a study that was published in BMC medical genomics that found that the human body can process fats easier in the morning without them going to storage so what that means take your coffee put some butter in your coffee slab that coconut oil in there whip it up in a blender and add a little bit of stevia and make a delicious treat out of it and skip your breakfast otherwise you just save yourself some serious money you got what maybe 25 cents at the most worth of coconut oil and butter and then you’ve got however much your coffee cost I mean you’re talking $1 versus spending a bunch of money on eggs and this and that just replace your breakfast with that anyhow save some money do this sustainably so you don’t go broke a year from now and end up fat like I was okay as always keep it locked in here my channel don’t forget to hit the red subscribe button and the little bell icon and also check out thrive market in the description seize it 

This Post Was All About These 8 BUDGET Weight Loss Tips will SAVE You Serious Money.
These 8 BUDGET Weight Loss Tips will SAVE You Serious Money

Here’s The Video Description From YouTube

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These 8 BUDGET Weight Loss Tips will SAVE You Serious Money – Thomas DeLauer

Losing weight on a DIET can be EXPENSIVE. Trust me, I’ve had a lot of first-hand experience, and I’ve learned by trial and error – and through A LOT of money spent. If I can help you avoid the amount of cash that I threw away along the journey, I will! In this video, I will break down 8 RULES to help keep you under budget when planning out your dietary needs! Let’s head to the grocery store!! I’ll see you in the COMMENTS!!

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The 7 Healthy Eating Hacks

The 7 Healthy Eating Hacks

The 7 Healthy Eating Hacks

New To Keto But Want To Grow Your Knowledge?

More specifically, you want help with The 7 Healthy Eating Hacks?

all right so it’s time to talk about the seven healthy eating hacks not snacks but actual hacks number one if you go off the plan get right back on it because here’s the problem there’s a holiday coming up like I don’t know Thanksgiving or Christmas something like that okay so you go off the program next day your agreement with yourself as I get right back on it because the longer you wait the harder it is to get back on it because it affects the blood Sugar’s so you want to create the smallest amount of damage control okay number that’s number one number two keep keto desserts on hand especially during the holidays especially if you are tempted you can probably do a search online and order them or you can make them yourself I have a ton of recipes I’ll put a link down below but that way you’re not depriving yourself number three you should have a plan in advance to know what you’re gonna eat I have a really cool little piece of software on the website that allows you to generate a weekly eating plan you can use that or just create one yourself but you do want to plan out the whole week so you prepare beforehand so you don’t have to worry about it and you just need to focus on doing the program that’s already been planned out this seems to work very well as long as you keep it simple and not make the recipes so complex because if you don’t have a plan you’re susceptible to running out of food and like oh gosh what do we need today and just go out to dinner and maybe eat the wrong thing and before whatever area or topic you have a problem with or food that you have a problem with whether it’s salt cravings craving chips or something like that or french fries or popcorn whatever study something about it I have a video on every possible topic related to food and kido you just need to watch it or we watch it again to get more education on that topic very very important number five avoid certain environments that will throw you off don’t hang out at the all you can eat buffet on the weekends okay don’t go in areas where they have aromas so let’s say for example you’re walking through the mall and you know if you walk downstairs there’s the food court where they have all these smells that tend to draw you in you need to avoid the areas that tempt you okay number six you do the cooking for social events the worst thing is going to a social event you know they’re not gonna have anything low-carb and what are you gonna do right so maybe you control the location of where you’re gonna be eating maybe have everyone at your house that way you’re actually controlling what people eat and I really think that the person that has the most awareness and knowledge should be in charge of the food okay not the person that knows nothing about it they just get everyone in trouble okay number seven realize that it is a thousand times easier to maintain your healthy eating than it is to get out of a disease nearly every single day I get an email from one or two even three people that have a disease cancer just had one today someone had cancer and you’re like dr. Berg what do I do I need help they don’t know who to go to they don’t know what to do they’re telling me I wish I would have stuck to something healthier a long time ago and as soon as I get this thing handled I’m gonna stick to a healthy plan the problem is it’s very very difficult to number one find a doctor that’s a good evaluator medicine is set up to treat symptoms what’s missing in medicine is they don’t really do a good evaluation and find out the underlying root causes it’s just all about managing the symptom but it’s just so difficult to pull yourself out of a situation that you’re you’re so far in you don’t really know how long it’s been there it could have been there for years and now it’s becoming a problem disease is created usually from food that’s my opinion and it can also be prevented by eating certain foods what you eat today will determine your future health so you just want to learn from them as stakes of others and not have to experience a disease so in summary it’s all about creating your health each and every day so you can actually avoid a problem down the road so I hope this one motivates some people who sometimes especially during the holidays they might tend to go off the program a little too long so maybe this might motivate you to stick to your plan a little bit closer thanks for watching so if you want more knowledge on how to create a healthy body subscribe now and get daily notifications

This Post Was All About The 7 Healthy Eating Hacks.
The 7 Healthy Eating Hacks

Here’s The Video Description From YouTube

Stay healthy and on the right track with these 7 healthy eating hacks.

Keto-Friendly Desserts:

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Download Keto Essentials

0:10 Hack #1 – If you go off the plan, get right back on!
0:38 Hack #2 – Keep keto-friendly desserts on hand
0:59 Hack #3 – Weekly eating plan (keep it simple)
1:38 Hack #4 – Study the topic you have trouble with
2:06 Hack #5 – Avoid environments that will throw you off
2:30 Hack #6 – You do the cooking (for social events)
3:02 Hack #7 – Realize it’s 1000x easier to maintain healthy eating than to get out of a disease!

Here are 7 healthy eating hacks:

1. If you go off the plan, get right back on!
This is a big problem many people have around the holidays. If you break your meal plan on Thanksgiving, don’t give up! Get right back on your meal plan the next day. The longer you wait, the more difficult it will be to get back on keto.

2. Keep keto-friendly desserts on hand
This is another big thing to remember during the holidays. Always have keto-friendly desserts and treats close by, especially if you’re easily tempted by things like Christmas cookies. You can order keto treats online or make them at home. Here’s a link to some of my favorite recipes:

3. Weekly eating plan (keep it simple)
Always have a plan ahead of time, so you know what to eat and when. If you don’t have a plan, it’s going to be much more difficult to stick to healthy keto. Just remember to keep it simple. If you need help making a plan, check out this link:

4. Study the topic you have trouble with
As you go on your healthy keto journey, you’re going to run into something that you have a problem with—whether it’s salt, cravings, or an addiction to french fries. More than likely, I have a video to help you with the problem you’re having.

5. Avoid environments that will throw you off
It goes without saying that that you should avoid hanging out at the all-you-can-eat buffet on the weekends. But you should also avoid going to places that have tempting aromas. For instance, if you’re going to the mall, avoid walking through the food court.

6. You do the cooking (for social events)
You probably know that most social events offer zero food options that are low-carb or keto-friendly. If you can, bring a healthy food option or host at your own home so you can prepare keto-friendly foods.

7. Realize it’s 1000x easier to maintain healthy eating than to get out of a disease!
What you eat today determines your health tomorrow. If you don’t want to have issues with your health, you have to eat healthily. Disease is most often created by bad eating habits.

Dr. Eric Berg DC Bio:
Dr. Berg, 53 years of age is a chiropractor who specializes in Healthy Ketosis & Intermittent Fasting. He is the author of The New Body Type Guide and other books published by KB Publishing. He has taught students nutrition as an adjunct professor at Howard University. He no longer practices, but focuses on health education through social media.


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