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Weekly Q&A Session – Thanks for your Comments (12/10/18)

Weekly Q&A Session – Thanks for your Comments (12/10/18)

Weekly Q&A Session – Thanks for your Comments (12/10/18)

New To Keto But Want To Grow Your Knowledge?

More specifically, you want help with Weekly Q&A Session – Thanks for your Comments (12/10/18)?

you’re here for information which means you probably want some answers and one of the things that I like to do on this channel is take the previous week’s videos and take some of the comments that were posted on those videos throughout the course of the week and compile them into a list so that I can answer questions and answer comments the following week in a nice format like this now full disclaimer there are hundreds thousands of comments I can’t get to all of them so what I do is I pick the ones that seem to be the most common or at least the most interesting and then I answer them so here’s what we’re gonna do we’re gonna lead off with the first video from last week which was do you have adrenal fatigue the top three causes so this video was all about what causes adrenal fatigue where basically your adrenals just get shot don’t produce as much of the cortisol and everything just gets a little backed up so a Dimitar dimitrov says some people say that coffee messes up your adrenals explain to me why when I ditch my coffee my anxiety went away and I slept way better did I have high cortisol you didn’t necessarily have high cortisol what was going on was that the caffeine was encouraging your adrenal glands to produce more of those catecholamines more adrenaline more noradrenaline more epinephrine and norepinephrine scuse me so what that means is that they were getting burned out so yeah when you reduce that you reduce the catecholamines you reduced the load on the adrenals nikko críticos says can you build muscle in a calorie deficit if you’re doing keto fasting and getting enough protein I know it’s a little bit off-topic but it’s a common question purely put if you’re in a deficit it’s hard to build muscle but like I always say what is your deficit is your deficit an hour is your deficit 24 hours is your deficit a week because you could be in a deficit over the course of a week but have one day we’re gonna caloric surplus where you build muscle that one day so it all depends on how you look at it foo and Li says in some videos you say to never combine fats and carbs and eat them separately but how do you do it for example if you eat either one first or how long you should wait before you the other you know generally speaking it’s not a cardinal rule but I do think it’s pretty important and I do think that an hour and a half two hours you’re glucagon levels start to come back up insulin levels start to drop down you’re okay to eat one or the other so if you eat fats you can have carbs 30 minutes later but if you eat carbs you shouldn’t really have fats for about an hour and a half in my opinion now some will argue this definitely say that you can’t have them together but it’s kind of old-school stuff that when you spike your insulin in fact and go into storage okay so Judy banks says how does age figure into all this ie hormones etc what modifications if any should be made at different decades you know when you’re older it’s more important to add salt to your diet I know it’s the opposite of what people typically think but by adding salt to your water in the morning you’re going to give your adrenals a break you have a lot more years of stress and damage potential damage on your adrenals ok adrenal fatigue is kind of a weird term realistically it’s adrenal insufficiency it’s the inability of your adrenals to keep up they’re not really tired they just they’re a little burnout in terms of how they produce things so a fatigue is kind of a mess it’s more about insufficiency so the way that you can make it more sufficient is by taking the load off of the adrenals and you can’t always reduce your stress that’s just not always practical and a lot of times as you get older your stress levels increase so the best thing that you can do is start combating what is affecting the adrenals so allow some salt into the diet so that it can actually help boost up the blood pressure so the cortisol doesn’t have to do it as much I actually did a whole separate video explaining on the solutions so I’ll post that up soon lisa says is adrenal fatigue related to high emotional stress in the central nervous system yes and no it’s not necessarily about the central nervous system per se but it is related to high emotional stress if you have a lot of stress you’re going to have a high adrenaline response period slim LAN says how do you know if you’re in auto fiji that’s a good question quite honestly you’d have to have a test done you test what are called auto phagosome so no real way to tell just by walking around okay the next video our evening workouts better for performance okay so this was a video that talked about how working out in the evening is actually good if you’re trying to just get stronger but not looking for as much of a body composition change working out in the morning is better if you’re looking for fat loss so some good questions here the GTE channel says some argue that you burn more fat after the workout when you train in a fed state so that is more beneficial long-term what’s your take on that sign it’s kind of missing that point of view so that the argument there is that you’re going to be able to train harder if you’re fed so therefore meaning you’re gonna have a post ex post exercise oxygen debt effect it allows you to burn more fat after the workout it’s not that big of a difference I think the fact that you actually burn more fat during your lasted workouts ends up being a lot more effective than trying to bank on post-exercise oxygen debt and the calorie consumption or calorie burn that occurs there excuse me oh and Thompson says a great video I’m wondering I have type 2 diabetes when I work out in the morning my blood sugar spikes to 200 sometimes sometimes in the high to hundreds in a fasted state so I started working on the evening I would rather work out in the morning for many reasons so I was wondering what your thoughts would be on the time of working out I think you’re still good to work out in the morning I think it’s gonna help drive your blood glucose down and help allow your body to utilize that a little bit better you know your high blood sugar right now you might develop a little bit of peripheral insulin resistance when you train in a fasted state which means your blood glucose might go higher for a little bit of time but I think over time you’re gonna get more adapted obviously anyone with any medical condition you really should just ask your doctor but I fully understand you’re probably not getting the information from them which is why you asked me here I just have to answer with a grain of salt Gustavo Sanchez says will or rather should ketogenic diets lower the blood sugar for healthy people as well is it normal for people under ketosis to stay on the lower into the healthy blood sugar level or on the higher end why did my blood sugar increased by 3 points after doing fast weight lifting training where’s this sugar coming from ok so I talked about this recently because I discovered it my bone broth fast but what happens is when you’re working out your body is dumping glycogen in the form of glucose in your bloodstream so totally normal to see an increase in blood sugar there shortly thereafter it should go down now additionally you talked about your blood sugar increasing where’s it coming from like overall with a fast same kind of thing basically your body is now using fats so the glucose that does come into your system for some needs like for the brain it’s gonna be elevated because it’s not being used by other cells it’s only being used by the brain basically if you had let’s say a hundred points you know your glucose was a hundred and your whole body was using it you’d be easier to you know get down lower but all of a sudden you’re fasting and the only thing that needs glucose is your brain so that means your ability to burn that glucose is a lot less because the only thing that needs it is your brain so the mountain your blood stays higher in glorious Roman says hi Thomas is there a recommended time to do a workout after waking up for example I wake up before you have warm up and do my workout around 4:15 yeah I would try to give it an hour if you can it doesn’t mean get up at 3:00 I mean I know it’s not always practical but if you can push your workout back a little bit it allows the hormones that kind of balance out a little bit Frank o say says so does that mean that one rep sessions in the morning you’re okay I totally there’s nothing wrong with that at all as long as you obviously warm up okay the next video was the immune system and muscle growth understanding insulin growth factor 1 so igf-1 interesting video I did this video talking about call Ostrom and a lot of people gave me beef on calling it call Ostrom instead of colostrum potato potato doesn’t really matter I’ve always called it call strim it’s just how you pronunciate it so who cares anyway so there’s a video talking about muscle growth how IG F works and how call us from plays into that so Josiah Haynes says I’ve seen a few conflicting studies something that call Ostrom causes cancer and something that helps fight cancer it’s kind of neither high amounts of igf-1 will grow cancer cells yes they I mean just like if you were to take growth hormone while you had cancer it’s gonna increase IGF it’s gonna grow the cancer so it’s not going to give you cancer but if you have existing cancer and you’re loading up a ton of IGF it could cause it to grow I think the small amount that comes from call Ostrom and stuff like that is negligible though Lea 3000 says hello well 3 grams to see that consuming you mean vitamin C and 10 milligrams Ida in the morning stop your fasting state I want to take it early and not wait for my eating window it’s not gonna stop you’re fast no but it is going to diminish some of the antioxidant capabilities of your fast simply because now you’re giving an exhaustion antioxidant rather than relying on the body to form its own antioxidants so I just be cognitive that ok little voice says how does igf-1 impact skin aging how can we optimize this to keep the skin looking young you know there are some studies that look at this but I’m not super familiar with them but it is interesting yes igf-1 growth hormone all grow skin and soft-tissue very very well so I would imagine it has a powerful effect professor duck says what effect does fasting and Kido have on the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis I’ve read a lot of people saying that keto messes up your hormones your testosterone thyroid cortisol can you explain to refute this the studies that I’ve seen seen that says that ki dose tends to balance out your hormones simply because a lot of the steroid hormones in your body cholesterol is that you know hormones that are built on cholesterol like testosterone stuff like that they require these fats so you usually see a balance you might get a little bit whacked out with your adrenals for a while but generally speaking you’re gonna be in good shape so I don’t know where you’re hearing that I think it’s probably all just the anti keto kind of naysayers out there keno says you mentioned it in the other video but could you extend on a strategy for your calorie surplus with high in tor but weekly lower lower calories idea since muscle building typically happens 24 to 48 hours after the workouts is this when you had time meals in short yes I just did a video on the keto Balch and explaining all this but in short this is exactly what it is you want to just time your calories along with your bigger workouts and then restrict other days you want to just time your higher amounts of calories during protein synthesis you got it carbs post-workout in a targeted ketogenic diet alright so this one was interesting I think it confused a lot of people first and foremost this video was all about a targeted ketogenic diet if you’re deep in keto you don’t need to do this I did this video to help people out in terms of giving them a solution for being able to time their carbs if they want to add carbs post-workout or pre workout if they really want to apply it so Bethany B says can you give us an example of what you would do post-workout with this method I’ve been having issues with muscle fatigue and not recovery and I’m thinking this is the problem perfect timing for this video thank you I’m not living keto for losing weight but mental clarity and other benefits perfect example would be like a 1/4 to 1/2 a cup of blueberries ok then probably like 2 corn tortillas no gluten and some P protein that would be perfect perfect combination and then a little bit later add your fats you know maybe an hour hour and a half later daya viana says ok so this approach will a lot of boost of performance during a workout but how effective is it for building muscle is this the better way for getting muscle or the result just the same as someone who’s in hardcore keto you know I don’t know because the research didn’t really look at that I would imagine that if it allows you to get a little bit more recovery then ultimately your muscle building effect is going to be stronger but if you are kicking yourself out of keto then you are temporarily being you have an obstruction to that leucine oxidation blocking benefit that you get from keto normally kiitos gonna block leucine from oxidizing in the moment you break that you can go into a catabolic state so it’s a wash do you want the extra performance and potential risk of muscle loss or do you just want to stay keto and have your safety barrier that’s the way you got to look at it Ebola said you said in the earlier viewer that fructose from yeast or does liver glycogen and not as muscle glycogen is this still true so kind of so what ends up happening what the science is showing with this is that when you consume carbohydrates and fructose it goes through a process of getting converted into lactate and then the liver has the ability to take that lactate and convert it into more usable form of glucose so in essence with this method you could be able to take the glucose from the liver and actually have it restore muscle glycogen in theory so what’s happening is you’re just making the process more efficient making it so you have an available glucose so the fructose probably does still go to the liver but the liver might be able to essentially in effect donate some of its glycogen into other areas Naseer sh mony says great hak man I just wanted to ask about consuming beans for someone on a vegan keto diet are they good to go because I need them as a protein source you don’t need them as a protein source you can get by with a lot less protein just have a little bit of a pea protein shake you could probably get by with 75 grams of protein per day and be just fine trust me so the beans are okay in a small amount as long as they’re not kicking a taquito but it’s not necessary Jamie Albert says is it possible to use this method with intermittent fasting I worked out during my fasting period yeah as long as when you break your you know you’d be breaking your fast when you eat this so it’s not like you could continue fasting so if you intermittent fast and then you train at the end of your fast you could break your fast and your post-workout meal with this method that’d be perfect David ray says do you recommend leucine with keto and a 16-8 fast nope don’t need it you preserve a lot of leucine that’s the whole idea keto and intermittent fasting which produces ketones beta-hydroxybutyrate ends up blocking leucine oxidation by 18 to 41 percent meaning 18 to 41 percent less muscle breakdown so no need to take leucine the next video the Thomas de Lauer recommended products being holiday thank you this was a video that I did with all of my sponsors or most of my sponsors from 2018 just to give them a big shout out but also to give everyone a good price on these things I had the usual haters in this video people that were upset that there were sponsors and you need to say like I say in every single video if it wasn’t for the sponsors I wouldn’t be able to have this channel so first and foremost if you have any issues with that I highly recommend you unsubscribe because that’s just not how I can be I can’t afford to keep this channel going without sponsors so they’re gonna be there sponsors are always people too I reach out to first okay so it’s usually a combination of me reaching out to them because I used their product and then us coming to a deal that works for the channel so Justin Swenson says you mentioned breaking your fast with bone broth is it just as good to break your fast with collagen peptides what so get the same benefits it’s a good question with bone broth it’s just a little bit easier to palate and it’s a little bit easier to digest sometimes collagen peptides are a little hard to break down right out the gate so yeah you’d be okay but I do think that bone broth to be a little bit better Rubicon 5 says what do you think of sunflower seed butter versus other nut butters including macadamia nut PS I eat immaculately macadamia nuts but I want to add a different butter sunflower seeds butter is good just try to go for an organic one and be careful because there’s usually a lot of sugar in them other nut butters macadamia nut butters awesome walnut butter is really good but it’s hard to find pistachio nut butter is a little higher carb but it’s also good too so yeah rotate them all out just try not to go for peanut butter all right you guys that wraps up today’s Q&A for this last week so the videos that are up this week if you post your comments then I can do my best to get them into a video or at least reply to them so as always keep it locked in and I’ll see you in the next one

This Post Was All About Weekly Q&A Session – Thanks for your Comments (12/10/18).
Weekly Q&A Session - Thanks for your Comments (12/10/18)

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Weekly Q&A Session – Thanks for your Comments (12/10/18) – Thomas DeLauer

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Owen Thompson – Great video! I’m wondering, I have type 2 diabetes. When I work out in the morning my blood sugar spikes to 200 sometimes to the high 200’s in a fasted state. So I started working out in the evening. I would rather work out in the morning, for many reasons. So I was wondering what your thoughts would be on that time of working out. Thanks

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Bethany B. – Can you give us an example of what you do post workout for this method? I have been having issues with muscle fatigue and not recovering and I am thinking this is the problem. Perfect timing for this video! Thank you! (I am not living Keto for losing weight but mental clarity and other benefits.)

Dyah Viona – Ok so this approach will allow to boost the performance during workout, but how effective is it for building muscle? Is this the better way for gaining more muscle or the result is just the same as someone who is in hardcore keto?

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