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PARASITE CLEANSE: DIY Protocol and Home Remedy

PARASITE CLEANSE: DIY Protocol and Home Remedy

PARASITE CLEANSE: DIY Protocol and Home Remedy

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More specifically, you want help with PARASITE CLEANSE: DIY Protocol and Home Remedy?

Today i'm going to show you a do-it-yourself parasite cleanse concoction i have to say i hate parasites you know why because they take but they don't give back like at least friendly bacteria they provide vitamins immune protection but a parasite is kind of like a little criminal it takes something it doesn't .

Give anything back and that definitely applies to these worms now the most common parasite worm in western europe and united states is the pinworm they're about one centimeter long and when you're exposed to them the eggs can survive for a period of think three weeks in your body and then they actually hatch and then they can even .

Reproduce and so they're pretty nasty and so i'm going to show you a really good natural remedy that you can make on your own i recently made mine not that i have pinworms but i just want that remedy on the shelf now 20 of children are going to get pin worms sometime in their life .

Probably from like nail biting or finger sucking and 30 of the people who get pin worm have absolutely no symptoms but for those that do get symptoms the number one symptom is anal itching at night okay number two grinding of the teeth three insomnia four restlessness five stomach pain and nauseousness six bedwetting and number seven which is .

Not really a symptom it's just a a point i was i was going to make 36 percent of people that get utis end up having pin worm which is actually quite interesting because it just tells us their environment is very attractive for growing parasites and so if you do have a history of utis i have a very good video i'm going to .

Just put that in the section below so here's the remedy black walnut halls now where i live it's you can walk down the street and find these you can go in the park and find these they're in your backyard they're all over the place so the hall is the kind of a green shell around the walnut and it's very .

Very uh bitter it's very very concentrated and it has certain elements that are really good to kill pinworms ringworms tapeworms it's very anti-microbial now you want to make sure that you use gloves because it will stain your hands for weeks .

So what you want to do is you want to get these walnut holes and you want to get several that are kind of soft but they're not dark brown yet and then you want to cut them in half take the nut out okay you can dry that for a couple weeks and actually eat eat the walnuts but what you're interested in is this hull this surrounding green part which .

You're going to put in a jar okay a quart wide mouth jar and you're going to add a mixture of half alcohol and half water i do recommend vodka but you can also use apple cider vinegar it's just not as strong but the way that we made ours is with vodka .

Now inevitably you know every time i'm at the store and buying something for research purposes like vodka inevitably someone's going to be in there that has been watching my videos so i'm here i am in the liquor store i'm looking around making sure no one sees me and then i go right up to the lady at the checkout and she goes oh dr .

Berg i watch all your videos and i'm like okay great it's not what it looks like okay this is for experimental purposes we're gonna we're making a parasite cleanse and she's looking at me like you're making a parasite cleanse with vodka yeah right so no she didn't believe me but anyway .

Hopefully she's watching this video right now so you're gonna take a combination of alcohol and water a one to one ratio and you're going to basically pour it into this jar where you have several of these black walnut hulls which are basically green because the hole is green in the .

Actual nut it's black we're not using the nut so basically we top it off so we have all these holes that are being bathed in this alcohol mixture and the thing about the alcohol it's going to help extract these phenols about 14 different powerful phyto .

Nutrients that are very very potent seriously potent antioxidants as well as having antimicrobial properties so you're going to leave it in this jar which you're going to put a lid on for about four weeks in a warm place don't keep it outside where it's cold because it's not going to work as well and so you're just .

Going to keep it there and then at the end of a month you're going to strain the fluid out you're going to put this mixture in tincture bottles with a dropper then what you do is you just take one drop or full whatever liquid comes up in the dropper okay and put that in a little glass of water and just chug that down .

Once a day now if your children have pin worms okay or tape worms or ring worms you can just use half of the dropper okay so that way it'll be a bit more mild now there's a couple other things you can do you can use wormwood garlic and clove they also work really good you can even buy this in a supplement if you don't want to .

Make it but i'm really into making natural remedies from nature that don't really involve too much complexity now regarding black walnut halls there's some fascinating research that's being done by pharmaceutical companies for various remedies so apparently they get a lot of ideas for certain properties from nature .

And then they extract them they synthesize them and they patent them to come up with remedies but why not just use something that mother nature has provided us and so at a fraction of the cost you can now make your own parasite tincture oh by the way if you haven't seen my other video on .

Parasites i put it up right here check it out

This Post Was All About PARASITE CLEANSE: DIY Protocol and Home Remedy.
PARASITE CLEANSE: DIY Protocol and Home Remedy

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This DIY parasite cleanse is so easy to make! Check it out.

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Top Remedies for UTI:


Today I’m going to show you an effective DIY parasite cleanse.

Parasites take, but they don’t give back. The most common parasitic worm in Western Europe and the United States is the pinworm. 20% of children will get pinworms. 30% of people who get pinworms have no symptoms. 36% of people who have a history of UTIs also get pinworms.

Symptoms you could experience if you have a pinworm:
• Anal itching at night
• Grinding your teeth
• Insomnia
• Restlessness
• Stomach pain and nausea
• Bedwetting

The best natural remedy for parasites:
• Black walnut hulls (the green shell around the walnut)

This remedy may be effective against:
• Pinworms
• Ringworms
• Tapeworms

How to use this home remedy for parasites:
1. Use gloves
2. Get black walnut hulls (ones that are soft but not dark brown)
3. Cut them in half and remove the nut
4. Put several hulls in a 1-quart wide-mouth jar
5. Fill the jar with a 1:1 mixture of water and alcohol (vodka or apple cider vinegar)
6. Keep the jar in a warm place for 4 weeks
7. Strain the mixture
8. Put the strained fluid in tincture bottles with droppers
9. Take 1 dropper full and add it to a small glass of water—drink once per day
***For children, only use half of the dropper in a small glass of water

Additional natural remedies for parasites:
• Wormwood
• Garlic
• Clove

You can also buy supplements that contain black walnut hulls.

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