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Thinking About Starting the Ketogenic Diet, But Not Sure?

Thinking About Starting the Ketogenic Diet, But Not Sure?

New To Keto But Want To Grow Your Knowledge?

More specifically, you want help with Thinking About Starting the Ketogenic Diet, But Not Sure??

so this video is for those people that are new to keto that are considering it maybe you had a friend tell you a little bit about it you’re not sure about it you’re doing some research this video is for you now there are several reasons why you need to do the ketogenic diet and one of the reasons is longevity anytime you do a diet you have to think long term is this sustainable okay most people go off diets because of the cravings and one of the most powerful things about the ketogenic diet is it will get rid of your cravings if you have no cravings you’ll be able to do it long term we live in an environment that is so tempting with the breads and pasta and cereal and crackers and biscuits and all these things and if you’re craving these things forget it you’re not going to be able to stick to it the next major point is does it get results does it work yes it does work and it gets results in a big way because it corrects the very reason why you’re overweight in the first place people are overweight because they have too much insulin in the body okay and doctors never test this hormone they’re checking your blood sugars if you were to get a fasting insulin test you would find that this would be too high insulin is a fat making hormone in the presence of insulin you can’t burn fat so what keto does is it finally corrects this hormone so you can get in fat-burning speed up the metabolism and get rid of that a stuck set point which is that weight that you can’t seem to get below no matter what alright next point is it actually safe maybe you’ve heard that ketogenic diet is a high-fat diet right and eating all the fat might clog your arteries and cause a heart attack but the ketogenic diet is not a high-fat diet what makes a ketogenic diet work is not the higher fats it’s the lowering of the carbohydrates I’m not talking about vegetables I’m talking about the sugars there is a version called dirty Kido which pretty much you could eat whatever you want as long as you keep your carbs low now let me just touch on that one point when you lower your carbs okay your sugars you lower insulin you’re normalizing insulin the benefit of this alone is huge because it’s going to strip off the fat from you liver it’s going to get rid of the visceral fat around the organs in your belly it’ll make your belly flat it will decrease your inflammation it’s going to increase your oxygen levels that’s pretty wild you’re actually going to breathe better when you keep your carbs low and you eat fat and you’re burning fat you’re releasing less co2 and you’re actually having more oxygen in your body people that consume more carbohydrates have more co2 carbon dioxide and less oxygen so this is a really good plan just to increase your oxygen alone it’s going to increase your exercise performance it will decrease something called free radicals okay this is like the oxidation of the body think about oxidation is rusting out a car but you’re rusting out the inside of your body so diets that are high on carbohydrates literally rust the inside of your arteries the brain the eye and the kidney Kito lowers the free radicals that caused this damage in the body number six it improves brain cell function cognition focus memory concentration as well as uplifting you mood so as you can see the benefits of keno alone are huge but if we add the healthy version of keno we’d take it to the next level and what does that mean well it’s all about getting healthy to lose weight not losing weight to get healthy if you’re trying to lose weight to eventually get healthy and you do it unhealthily you may end up not looking very good okay you might look older you you’ve probably seen people who lost weight they don’t look good when they lose weight well when you do the healthy version you actually end up looking good as you lose weight because healthy implies providing all the nutrients healthy also implies doing it with higher quality ingredients okay doing the healthy version of keto is really really important for longevity and also keeping the weight off these nutrients are vital with the repair process with the recovery process with building body tissue using quality material food and the nutrients which allow this material to turn into body tissue now the next question is will the food taste good realize that any food that you really really desire that might not be healthy you can do a keto version of it whether it’s pizza pasta cake cookies you can do a keto friendly version of that so it’s low-carb so you get the pleasure of the food just without the added sugar and by the way if you don’t know this already but keto stands for ketones and ketones are the byproduct of not burning so if you want to lose weight wouldn’t it make sense to focus on fat burning well this is what keto is all about it’s the best way to lose weight now if you’re not a reconvince taquito let me explain this last slide with the problems with other diets the reason why other diets don’t work is they allow too many carbohydrates and the carbs keep you from getting into fat-burning if we take the average blood sugar which should be about 80 let’s say 85 okay on a fasting blood test this amount of sugar really is one teaspoon of sugar per all of your blood did you realize an average person in the u.s. consumes 31 teaspoons of sugar per day this is why most people are pre-diabetic and diabetics it’s just way too many carbs another big problem with diets are their ingredients they’re just so unhealthy soy protein isolates that’s not a natural food it creates a lot of damage on your liver and soy is GML which means and has the chemical glyphosate dextrose is a synthetic sugar and they put on a lot of diets same thing with multi dextran which is even worse than sugar and then milk proteins these cows are fed GMO grains like soy and corn cows are meant to consume grass and then you have all the other hidden sugars in these diet shakes in these bars and things like that the next problem with diets is they provide too many snacks between the meals but they omit this very important additional thing that we always want to combine with keto and that’s intermittent fasting so when you’re doing in them in the fasting all you’re doing is you’re not eating so frequently it works not because you’re lowering the calories but because you’re lowering the frequency and if you’re not eating so frequent some magical things happen with repair in the body inflammation drops your metabolism starts restoring all sorts of magical things happen and this is why we always want to combine in a minute fasting with the healthy ki tell plan next point is proteins a lot of diets are high in protein with the added sugar which is very very deadly anytime you add sugar with protein you create sticky blood the name for that is called glycation so it’s kind of a combination of sugar with a protein molecule that starts plugging up the cells the lens of the eye causing cataracts and cause diabetes Alzheimer’s creates a lot of problems in the body the same thing happens when you combine sugar with fat the cool thing about the ketogenic diet is that you’re doing higher amounts of healthy fat but without the sugar so you don’t get the side effects all right last two points when you do a low fat diet it’s not sustained upon first of all you’re depriving fat soluble vitamins number one but number two it’s not going to allow you to do in a minute fasting because you’re going to be hungry all the time the same thing with a low calorie diet you deprive the nutrients that you need and also it makes it almost impossible to do in a minute fasting so the healthy version of keto with intermittent fasting is your best option I put a link down below of exactly what to eat and how to do this step by step enjoy if you’re liking this content please subscribe now and I will actually keep you updated on future videos

This Post Was All About Thinking About Starting the Ketogenic Diet, But Not Sure?.
Thinking About Starting the Ketogenic Diet, But Not Sure?

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Overview of Healthy Ketogenic Diet and Intermittent Fasting:

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In this video, we’re going to cover a few keto basics. If you’re new to healthy keto and you’re doing research and trying to decide if it’s something you want to do—this video is for you. 

There are several reasons why you need to do the ketogenic diet.

• You can do it long-term. 
You have to consider if the diet you choose is sustainable long-term. Most people go off diets because of cravings. One of the most powerful things about the keto diet is that it gets rid of cravings.

• It works.
Is keto effective? Yes. The ketogenic diet gets results in a big way because it corrects the reason why you’re overweight in the first place, which is insulin. 

• It’s safe. 
You have probably heard that the ketogenic diet is a high-fat diet, and eating all of the fat could cause health problems. But, keto is not a high-fat diet. What makes keto work is not the higher fats, it’s the low-carbs.

• Keto foods taste good.
Quality keto foods are healthy options that taste great. There are also plenty of healthy keto substitutes for unhealthy foods that you might crave like cake and pizza. 

Dirty keto – You can pretty much eat whatever you want as long as you keep your carbs low. When you lower your carbs (sugar), you are lowering your insulin. The benefit of this alone is huge. 

Some keto benefits are:

1. It will strip off the fat from your liver
2. It will decrease your visceral fat
3. It will decrease inflammation
4. It will increase oxygen levels
5. It will decrease free radicals
6. It will improve brain cell function

Healthy keto – Healthy keto takes it to the next level. It’s all about getting healthy to lose weight, not losing weight to get healthy. If you try to lose weight in an unhealthy way, you may end up not looking very good. Healthy keto helps you look good as you lose weight. 

Healthy keto provides the benefits of dirty keto and more because you’re using higher quality foods and you’re getting more essential nutrients. Healthy keto is important for longevity and keeping the weight off.

Keto focuses on fat burning. Healthy keto with intermittent fasting is the best option.

Other diets don’t work because they:

• Allow too many carbs
• Have very unhealthy ingredients
• Omit intermittent fasting
• Are too high in protein with high sugar
• Are low fat – not sustainable
• Are low calorie

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