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I Tried Keto But It Didn’t Work

I Tried Keto But It Didn’t Work

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so recently I talked to a lady who was 56 years old postmenopausal and she weighed 170 pounds her goal was 138 and she told me she tried Kido but it didn’t work here’s the big question what makes key to work okay well what makes key to work is the reduction of insulin insulin is the hormone that controls whether you burn fat or whether you store fat if insulin is low you will lose weight if insulin is high you will gain weight now how do you lower insulin she said decrease car okay that was correct you lower your carbs but she didn’t realize that you also had to decrease the frequency of eating she didn’t realize that every time you eat regardless of what you eat you trigger insulin so this then explains why in a minute fasting is a must if you do keto they must be done together because if you’re lowering your carbs and you’re eating frequent meals you are still going to increase insulin to a certain degree and that could be the reason why you’re not seeing success other interesting point I want to bring up is this eating makes you hungry in about one to two hours so here you are your blood sugars are let’s say 80 they’re normal and you eat a meal okay insulin is triggered insulin brings the blood sugars down you end up with lower blood sugar and you’re hungry by the way when you elevate insulin you’re hungry insulin causes you to be hungry so this is what I explained to her you go to bed at night you sleep for seven hours eight hours you’re actually fasting you’re not eating right your body is hopefully tapping in the fat then you wake up and you need a breakfast and then you eat lunch and this is what she said right around 3:30 she is ready for a snack she cannot not eat something at 3:30 and she would normally have fruit sometimes nuts cheese and that would get her to dinner okay and of course she needed a snack at night and you can see that she’s never gonna lose weight with that many frequent meals so this is what I told her this problem could be solved so simply just by following this rule right here do not eat unless you are hungry she said she’s not even hungry in the morning but she still eats that is a big mistake the other mistake she’s making is she’s allowing fruit in the diet her carbs are just a little too high so you must keep the carbs low because if you increase your carbs and try in a minute fasting you’re it’s not you’re not going to see results because your insulin is just too high and it’s going to be very difficult to go from one meal to the next now this lady has some pretty serious insulin resistance and if you’re not sure what that is I put a link down below but it’s a situation where the cells are blocking insulin so we have high levels of insulin which make the cells just really really hungry and they can’t pull the nutrients in so another thing that I told her was that she should probably for breakfast instead of doing the breakfast he should just have her coffee with MCT oil the MCT oil will very easily allow her to go to lunch so now she’s had two meals lunch and dinner if she keeps her carbs low and she adds more fat to the meal she’s not going to need this neck it’s the combination of the frequent meal and the calm that’s a little too high that was throwing her off so in summary always do intermittent fasting with keto but just make sure when you’re doing keto it’s actually a really low carb and if you’re not hungry and don’t eat and one last thing a lot of times when people are hungry they might have a stomach hunger but mentally they’re fine now for that I would recommend not to eat because that could be just a temporary spike in a certain hormone that will come up and down and your body might be adjusting to burning more fat so when we talk about hung and when your body really needs food that would be more involved when you’re you’re feeling irritable or you’re mentally sluggish okay but if you’re immensely good but you still have a little hunger pains ride the wave go as long as you can thanks for watching so if you want more knowledge on how to create a healthy body subscribe now and get daily notifications

This Post Was All About I Tried Keto But It Didn’t Work.
I Tried Keto But It Didn't Work

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Have you tried keto before, and it didn’t seem to work? In this video, we’re going to talk about why that may have happened, and how to make keto work in the future.

What makes keto work?
What makes keto work is the reduction of insulin. 

What is insulin?
Insulin is the hormone that controls whether you burn fat or store fat. If insulin is low, you will lose weight. If insulin is high, you will gain weight. 

How do you lower insulin? 
You need to lower your carbs and decrease the frequency of eating. Every time you eat, regardless of what you eat, you trigger insulin. That’s why intermittent fasting is an absolute must. 

You have to follow this simple rule: Do not eat unless you’re hungry. 

*For success, you have to do the ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting together.

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