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Accelerate Fat Loss | How to Combine Fasting & Keto

Accelerate Fat Loss | How to Combine Fasting & Keto

Accelerate Fat Loss | How to Combine Fasting & Keto

New To Keto But Want To Grow Your Knowledge?

More specifically, you want help with Accelerate Fat Loss | How to Combine Fasting & Keto?

two really big diet strategies that are very popular right now in the mainstream the ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting see there’s a common misconception out there that they’re one in the same or that they’re very very very similar so a lot of the keto people end up thinking that intermittent fasting is automatically for them and a lot of the intermittent fasting people think the keto is automatically for them it not always the case but what I do want to clear up in this video is how they do work harmoniously together but when you do combine them what you should have top of mind like what you should be paying attention to and it’ll also give you a little bit of a breakdown in terms of what you should do how you should time it out when you should break your fast how you should start your fast give you the whole breakdown you’re tuned into the Internet’s of leading performance nutrition and fat loss channel there’s new videos coming out every single Tuesday Friday and Sunday at 7 a.m. Pacific time and a bunch of other videos in between so please make sure you hit that little bell icon it’s gonna be part of the notification squad that gets a little ping on your phone every single time I post a video all right so before I get into exactly what you should do with keto and fasting combined let me do two things let me explain why keto and fasting do work well together but then let me also explain the clear difference between keto and fasting so let’s start with the history really quick so I know that I have to give you a history lesson but please please please stick with me throughout this entire video because I will give you the breakdown and you need all this information have it make sense ok so fasting has been used for treatment of different diseases for years and years and years and years like since 500 BC like really like it has been used as a method of treatment now what they found in the early 1900’s was that people that were suffering from epilepsy would ultimately have good results if they abstain from food if they were fasting so when they were fasting they weren’t having as many seizures and it wasn’t until the early 1920s that researchers and physicians started connect the dots they realized that the reason that people were having less seizures when they were fasting was because the presence of what are called ketone bodies beta-hydroxybutyrate and acetone specifically so it was a specific doctor out of the Mayo Clinic that actually kind of connected the dots here ok 1921 in 1923 there are these recognitions that noticed hey these ketone bodies are what is creating the magic of fasting but the same ketone bodies can be created by keeping carbs out of the diet and getting high fats in known as ketone emia basically where you’re creating ketones also in the presence of just what else is going on with carbohydrates that are naturally glucose that’s naturally flowing through your system no matter what so that’s where things got really interesting so that’s where the similarities of keto and fasting lie is that basically the benefit as far as disease states go and as far as longevity goes as far as energy goes you’re coming from the same source you’re relying on the ketones so fasting relies on ketones ketosis obviously relies on ketones so that’s why they do work so harmoniously together as they have a history and they ultimately have the same common denominator now here’s where they differ the ketogenic diet does not imply that you go a set period of time without eating you see the ketogenic diet it’s all about still maintaining a regular meal schedule but just keeping the carbs out so that your fats are high enough to elicit that ketogenic response and create those ketone bodies fasting doesn’t imply that you have to be Ana keto diet you still get that benefit throughout the period of your fast because you’re producing ketones during your fast but when you break your fast there’s no rule that says you have to be in keto not at all I know lots of people that intermittent fast with carbohydrates heck I do it from time to time but when you do combine keto and fasting you have some really amazing things that happen because you have a double whammy effect you see what’s happening in short essence is your body is getting used to using fats as a fuel source when you’re in keto you’ve conditioned your cells to become fat adapted okay so basically your cells now know how to function on those fats very very easily they know how to do it because you’re training them day in and day out with the ketogenic diet so that way when you do go into your fasting period your body has the ability to switch gears and burn fat really really fast and it has the ability to already create those ketones then give you an example if you’re eating carbs and again I’m not saying the carbs are bad but if you’re eating carbohydrates and then you start fasting well it’s going to take a period of time for your body to exhaust some of those carbohydrate stores and ultimately create ketones so your actual ketone benefit of that fast doesn’t really kick in for a while but if you’re already on the ketogenic diet ultimately the moment you start fasting your body’s up regulating its amount of ketones it’s up regulating what’s called ketogenesis the livers ability to create ketones from fat so you’re kicking yourself forward and not you’re allowing yourself to get into that optimal state much much much faster meaning you can reap the benefits both from a body composition standpoint and a longevity standpoint significantly markedly faster so what we have to ask ourselves is what does this process look like so let’s say you’re going to do an intermittent fasting regimen and you’re excited to try it out you want to combine it with keto well here’s the formula okay pretty simple you’re going to want to make sure that you’re doing the ketogenic diet for a few weeks before you plug in intermittent fasting you don’t have to but the reason that I want you to do this is because it gives your body time to get fat adapted and it gives your body time to develop the mitochondrial machinery to really utilize those fats well so if you’re just starting out you want to do that and even if you’re not starting out I want you to reset and practice again you’re gonna go strict keto with no fasting for three to four weeks get yourself fat adapt that get yourself there okay and you’re gonna want to focus on just eating a traditional ketogenic diet that’s anti-inflammatory so what I mean by that is keep dairy to a minimum keep some of these things out keep it clean keep it really clean so your body has nothing to do but focus on creating ketones so you can get the most out of your fasting then a few weeks later I want you to start implementing intermittent fasting but don’t do it every single day okay now I’m not saying that fasting every day is terrible but what I am gonna say is that you’re gonna get more effect long-term if you intermittent fast maybe every other day or three times per week why because it allows you to maintain in a nice moderate calorie level for the baseline course of the week and then use your intermittent fasting days as a calorie deficit tool so basically you’re not depriving your calories throughout the rest of the week but you are depriving yourself of calories on the intermittent fasting days therefore you’re not having this constant down regulation of your metabolism or your resting metabolic rate you basically keeping your calories at your normal baseline level on your standard keto days and on your intermittent fasting days you’re aggressively dropping them okay now what you’re gonna want to do step by step is right before you’re starting your fast you’re gonna want to consume high amounts of DHA okay now what that is is Doukas hexanoic acid that’s good quality omega-3s okay so what I recommend is eating things like salmon or eating things like sardines as your last meal why do I say this because DHA and those omega-3s are so important when you’re fasting and they’re so important on a keto diet but when you’re fasting if you were to consume Omega threes you’d put yourself in a situation where you’re breaking your fast because it’s an oil even if you take a capsule it’s an oil so you can’t be doing that’s gonna break your fast so what you’d want to do is you’d want to have a high amount of those fats prior to going into your fast your last meal of the day is going to be something high-fat preferably with some fish or if not with fish at least adding a good amount of fish oil pills to the mix then you go into your fast yeah you can also add a good amount of fiber to the mix so it’s going to satiate you throughout the day now again this is kind of entry level if you’re just starting out you’re practicing combining keto and fasting so what that schedule would look like is at the end of your evening time at the end of your day on your standard keto day maybe 8:00 p.m. 9:00 p.m. you’d have that high fat meal okay then you’d stop eating you go to bed you wake up the next morning and you’re still not eating okay you’re consuming your green tea you consume in your black coffee things like that okay and then you go through the course of the day for 16 18 20 22 hours whatever you choose you can go as long as you want and then you’re gonna break your fast okay now how you break your fast is very very important on a keto diet too you see this is where things get complicated because if you’re breaking your fast and you’re not keto it’s a whole different strategy but if you’re breaking your fast with keto then obviously it’s a different strategy again so there’s two different ways okay you can break your fast with just some fats like keep it super super simple or you can break your fast with just protein okay I like to keep fats out of the equation right when you break your fast if there’s gonna be protein present pick one or the other proteins or fats okay and you’re gonna consume a small amount you’re gonna consume maybe four ounces of protein maybe three ounces if you’re a smaller person and you’re only gonna consume maybe 20 grams of fat if you’re going that route and then about an hour later is when you’re gonna actually want to consume your normal meal your normal ketogenic meal now one thing that’s very very important when you’re breaking your fast or when you’re in your eating period is that you’re keeping your protein levels moderately low and keeping your fat levels higher what this is gonna do is it’s gonna optimize that ketone production your ketones are already revving up high because you’re fasting so you already have a high level of ketones in your blood which means you’re already burning a lot of fat you can keep that process heavily alive like really strongly alive by keeping your protein a little bit lower and keeping your fats higher don’t worry you’re not going to lose muscle mass you’re totally fine and you can increase your protein a little bit more on your next ketogenic day you see again people are gonna want to be tempted to intermittent fast every single day but honestly some of the issues that come to be with that are more on the emotional side you can put yourself into a situation where you actually develop sort of an emotional addiction intermittent fasting just because it’s easier and because you feel better so you want to make sure that you’re cognizant of that now when it comes down to which foods to choose when you’re booing both keto and intermittent fasting it can get very very complex so I’ve actually made things very very simple what I’ve done is I’ve managed to team up with thrive marketplace you guys know thrive ok they’re the online grocer basically you can get all of your groceries all of your items significantly cheaper than the grocery store delivered right to your doorstep but I’m good friends with the guys over at thrive so what I’ve done is I’ve actually literally built my own thrive box so it has the sardines it has the apple cider vinegar it has the products the foods that you need and I’m not talking about supplements or any kind of weird stuff like that talk about literal food items so you can literally click on the link in the description and it’ll take you to my personal thrive market box it’ll take you to a page that has all the items in my box so you can get it shipped to your door in one simple thing so you can put into practice everything that I’m instructing in this video literally everything that you’re going to need to be able to break your fast things you’re going to need to start your fast things are gonna need on a normal keto day and to also just keep you sane so that you have good snacks we’re talking good anti-inflammatory foods so thrive actually makes us possible and again it’s literally cheaper than the grocery store so huge thank you to them for making this video possible for sponsoring this channel studying keep my content free but also giving all of my fans and all my viewers a special discount on my personal aikido box so make sure you’re checking them out in the description below finish up this video and then get your hands on a keto box in a fasting box altogether that’s going to make your life a heck of a lot easier okay so some people are wondering probably about bulletproof coffee and fat coffee and things like that and where that falls into intermittent fasting so the way that I want you to look at things is if it has calories it’s gonna break a fast pretty straightforward okay so we don’t want to be having bulletproof coffee or fat coffee or anything like that on a fasting day but what you can do to make your life easier is use it as a breakfast meal okay so on your normal keto days with monies that you are not fasting go ahead and have your fat coffee have that it’s super simple go for it but don’t count it as a fasting day because it’s not a fast it’s a big mistake that people will generally make they’ll add that in and then they wonder why they’re not losing weight while they’re having three four five hundred calories from a fat coffee or bulletproof coffee when they think that they’re fasting so that’s breaking the process of the fast so again you can skip your breakfast and have the fat coffee instead the keto coffee but treat it as a keto day treat it as a meal so what that does is it combines the process of being able to have the luxury and the ease of fasting with just a liquid breakfast but you’re treating it as a keto day so that you can keep your calories high so again what we’re trying to go for it is calories moderate your baseline then drop calories moderate then drop that way we’re not on this constant downslope of having to consistently reduce our calories time and time and time again to get the desired result okay now what about working out what should you time your workout when you’re actually doing an intermittent fasting keto combination okay well the cool thing is when you’re combining keto and fasting you have a heck of a lot more flexibility to time your workouts that’s one of the biggest benefits because normally you’re having to structure your workouts surrounding your eating window and you’re not eating window because what’s gonna happen is if you have carbs with your break fast when you’re actually breaking you’re faster you have carbs it changes the entire paradigm entire energy system that your body is using which means you have to get really critical about when you’re timing your workouts but with keto you’re at a constant baseline your body’s always using ketones always using fat so worked out in your fasting period work out in your eating period it really doesn’t make too much of a difference I will say you’ll get more metabolic cosmetic effect body composition effect if you train during your fasted period simply because you’re gonna be in a deficit your body’s going to recruit more actual stored body fat but as far as energy goes as far as stamina goes you’re gonna feel pretty darn similar throughout the board even with intermittent fasting if carbs are in the equation you’re still gonna have to battle blood sugar rises and falls it’s just a natural process with keto you’re gonna be nice and even through your fast and nice and even through your non fasting period you will find that fasting becomes significantly easier all right what about supplementation like what kind of things should you be focusing on what should be taking during your fast if you’re doing a keto diet so if you’re doing a keto diet and break into a fast some of the things that you might want to consider taking during your fast are gonna be things like maybe a siedel carnitine acetyl l-carnitine is gonna help fat get mobilized into the cell a little bit better but specifically can cross through the blood-brain barrier so acetyl l-carnitine is good regular L carnitine is good if you’re actually working out heavily that’s gonna help you out green tea extract things like that apple cider vinegar again you can get those in the Thrive box too so that’s a really simple but really what we’re focusing on is keeping you water soluble vitamins so no fat soluble vitamins at all because that will break a fast and no soft gels if it’s a soft job you want to avoid it you want to try to consolidate all of your supplements into your eating window if possible okay so try to take your fish oils try to take your vitamin D all this stuff try to consolidate it into your eating window because you have sort of a biochemistry effect that happens when you consume that product with food you’re gonna absorb it a little bit better if it’s fat soluble you can’t take a fat soluble vitamin without a whole lot of food without it either upsetting your stomach breaking a fast or really not getting absorbed as well so best to just allocate them all towards the evening time and lastly the big thing that we want to talk about is caffeine okay so caffeine is going to help mobilize fats even more so one of the biggest benefits you get from intermittent fasting is the fact that you have a big increase in epinephrine and norepinephrine now this is adrenaline these are things that are normally misconstrued as bad but they’re very good you see fat loss occurs only really only in the presence of that stuff so basically when you get to a point when your calorie deprived your adrenaline spikes up so it starts triggering release of fat okay and that fat loss occurs at the site of hormone sensitive lipase whole different story for a different day I’ve done videos on that but basically what caffeine is going to do it is going to trigger this catecholamines the adrenaline noradrenaline epinephrine to be up a little bit higher so fat loss is mobilized even more now if you were on the keto diet you’re already having fat mobilized so what’s going on with the caffeine is you’re really accelerating that and allowing that process to work even better so again by combining keto with fasting you put yourself in that ideal situation so really that’s what we’re looking for and then last but not least just an added side note when you’re on your keto days it’s important to keep the time between meals as long as possible try to go for five or six hours between meals it’s the period between eating where your body will burn the fat period okay although people will tell you that snacking is a good way to lose weight studies have consistently shown that people that snack lose less weight than people that actually have a good amount of time between meals so don’t believe all that nonsense on your keto days keep it three square meals nice and simple don’t eat six meals per day don’t do any of that three square meals then break into your fast I’m happy to go more in depth with this topic I’m happy to break down a lot more of it but I wanted to at least give you the simple rundown on how this works and I wanted to have an opportunity to share my thrive box with you so also make sure you check out the ride marketplace and my special discount on my specific keto and fasting box that’s down in the description below I look forward to seeing you the next video and let me know if you have any ideas for future ones see you soon

This Post Was All About Accelerate Fat Loss | How to Combine Fasting & Keto.
Accelerate Fat Loss | How to Combine Fasting & Keto

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Fasting as a Precursor to Ketosis:
Fasting and other dietary regimens have been used to treat epilepsy since at least 500 BC – to mimic the metabolism of fasting, the ketogenic diet (KD) was introduced by modern physicians as a treatment for epilepsy in the 1920s. The first modern use of starvation as a treatment for epilepsy was recorded by a pair of Parisian physicians, Gulep and Marie, in 1911. They treated 20 children and adults with epilepsy and reported that seizures were less severe during treatment, but no specific details were given. In 1921, two observations were made: acetone and beta‐hydroxybutyric acid appear in a normal subject by starvation or a diet containing too low a proportion of carbohydrate and too high a proportion of fat. The transition from fasting to (keto) dieting was due to a connection that was made by William Lennox of the Harvard Medical School. He observed that epileptic seizures began to subside after 2-3 days of fasting – which led him to conclude that the change came from a change in metabolism; more specifically, a change in the body’s fuel. Concurrently, Dr. Wilder at the Mayo Clinic proposed that the benefits of fasting could be obtained if ketonemia was produced by other means – Wilder proposed that a ketogenic diet be tried in a series of patients with epilepsy. He suggested that the diet should be as effective as fasting and could be maintained for a much longer period of time – he subsequently reported on patients treated with the ketone‐producing diet at the Mayo Clinic and coined the term “ketogenic diet.”

Basic Fasting Benefits:
How Fasting Promotes Fat Loss- Fasting increases levels of the catecholamines norepinephrine and epinephrine, which increases fat breakdown – they work synergistically with each other to dictate metabolic responses within the body. Essentially, they activate hormone-sensitive lipase, which initiates lipolysis, the breaking down of triacylglycerols into free fatty acids and glycerol.

Fasting & Autophagy:
A study published in the journal Autophagy looking at liver cells found that fasting increased the number of autophagosomes by up to 4-fold, with the greatest increase at about 48 hours. The level of autophagy activity can be measured by simply counting the number of autophagosomes (the cellular organelles that degrade dysfunctional proteins), as these increase in number when autophagy is stimulated. It’s the process by which cells degrade and then recycle unneeded or dysfunctional proteins and organelles (via lysosomes). Simply, autophagy is a natural process in which your body removes toxins and estrogenic chemicals and recycles damaged cell components.

Keto & Fat Loss:
Due to the metabolic shift that your body undergoes, your body begins pulling from its own fat stores into to produce energy it needs, hence weight loss. A study published in the journal Diabetic Medicine looked at the effectiveness of weight loss in a low fat group vs low carb group.

**There’s a lot of studies showing the effectiveness in normal individuals, so this study actually looked at the effectiveness in Type 2 diabetics**

Study found that over a 3-month period the keto group lost 15.2 lbs, while the low-fat group lost only 4.6 lbs – keto diet caused 3x more weight loss.

Keto & Mental Acuity:
A study published in the journal Molecular Brain Research found enhanced expression of genes encoding for mitochondrial enzymes and energy metabolism in the hippocampus, a part of the brain important for learning and memory. In other words, keto increases the number of mitochondria in brain cells (more energy).

A study published in the journal Trends in Neuroscience in hippocampal neurons showed that ketones directly inhibited the neuron’s ability to “load up” on glutamate – creates a better balance between GABA & Glutamate.

Ketones can also cross the blood-brain barrier, and signal hypothalamic neuropeptides that stimulate neurogenesis, which may improve expression of neurotrophic factors such as BDNF and nerve growth factor.


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