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Best Candidates for Intermittent Fasting – Is Fasting for You

Best Candidates for Intermittent Fasting – Is Fasting for You

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More specifically, you want help with Best Candidates for Intermittent Fasting – Is Fasting for You?

science that proves the top five candidates for intermittent fasting now there are a lot of people that can have immense success with intermittent fasting from all walks of life but I wanted to do some due diligence and figure out for you who would be the ideal candidate for intermittent fasting now I broke this down outside of just the fat loss rule what I mean by that is we all know that intermittent fasting is great for losing weight and losing body fat so I didn’t want to include that as a general candidate because that would be pretty vague account boring okay we already know intermittent fasting is great for fat loss like Bar None probably the best way to lose fat so I wanted to look at it from some different angles lifestyles like who are the best people that should try intermittent fasting why is it going to benefit them the most so without further ado let’s go ahead and dive in please do hit that red subscribe button and you won’t be disappointed and then hit that little bell icon and when you hit that Bell icon make sure you turn on all notifications not just personalized notifications so you always get that little ding when I post a new video jumping right in the first person that is a great candidate for intermittent fasting is the person that wants to build muscle while staying lean you say we have this thought process that with intermittent fasting we go these periods of time without eating and that’s gonna make it so we lose muscle I’ll be the first to tell you from my own experience that intermittent fasting has been the only dietary pattern that’s worked for me in terms of being able to build muscle while staying lean I’ve tried other things and I’ve tried eating six meals per day and I can build muscle maybe even a little bit faster but I end up putting on a lot of fat with it I don’t like that okay so with intermittent fasting you have some things that are working in your body in your favor to build more muscle so for example what’s going on is the longer that you go without eating it makes it so that when you do eat you have a stronger let’s call it a pro-growth signal it’s like you’ve stretched a rubber band so far then all of a sudden you let it go boom it’s got a lot more velocity the longer that you stretch it right for the you stretch it it’s kind of that way with your body it’s like a rebound effect so if you can have your diet controlled when you do break your fast you can actually build a lot more muscle via intermittent fasting while utilizing the fasting period to stay quite lean see it all has to do with insulin sensitivity because we’re not eating for a period of time our body’s insulin sensitivity just increases we get way more sensitive to insulin because we’re not eating and then when we do eat our body activates of course an insulin spike but it also activates what’s called mTOR mammalian target of rat myosin which is what is sort of the anabolic signaling within our body to build muscle and to grow now we don’t want import activated all the time because then it suppresses longevity things things that are good for our general health and things that are good for fat loss but we do want to activate it at specific times so what intermittent fasting does is it takes the person that wants to build muscle and stay lean and gives them a very finite amount of time to work with but if you’re powerful amount of time so if you can be strategic about it where you break your fast shortly after your workout then you can capitalize on some massive nutrient absorption now the other thing that we have to look at with this is ketones you may not be doing a ketogenic diet but like it or not while you’re intermittent fasting you are producing ketones okay ketones are produced when we don’t have food in the system and our body runs on its own stored body fat we want that now these ketones are extremely anti catabolic and what that means is they stop the breakdown of muscle tissue they protect they act as a buffer now this is great if you’re trying to build muscle because then when it comes down to breaking your fast you already have a little bit of a muscle preserving buffer think of it like this normally when you eat a certain portion of the calories that you eat in a certain portion of the protein that you eat goes to sort of filling the bucket of just preventing muscle breakdown and the rest of the protein and the rest of the calories can go to potentially building muscle well imagine that you already have this ketone buffer preventing muscles from breaking down it means that every bit of protein that you do take in can actually get utilized and help you build muscle but guess what you have this wonderful fasting period prior to eating that allowed you to burn fat – that’s why I love intermittent fasting and why I can maintain muscle with it anyhow let’s move on to the next do you travel are you on the road a lot are you jet-setting all over the place maybe you’re a business person maybe you just travel a lot maybe you just are a travel vlogger I don’t know okay with traveling fasting works phenomenally well we it allows your body to reset its circadian rhythm now if you’ve traveled you know that it’s hard to keep your weight and check when you’re traveling it really is things just happen you’re like why am i gaining weight well a lot of it has to do with the fact that our circadian rhythm is out of whack so our hormones are just out of whack remember our hormones go alongside our circadian rhythm and if our skinny and rhythm gets jacked up so do our hormones which means so does our waistline here’s what’s interesting we often think that the circadian rhythm only has to do with our body’s perception of light right when it’s light out more awake when it’s dark out we go to sleep well that is to one degree that is one very important factor now scientists are going to show there a meal availability and food availability could be just as strong as a factor what that means is when we eat and when we don’t eat sends a similar signal to what’s called the suprachiasmatic nucleus portion of our brain it’s for our circadian rhythm so when we wake up and it’s light sure the suprachiasmatic nucleus gets a signal it says wake up circadian rhythms cycle yeah yeah okay but guess what the timing of our food does the same thing okay if we stop eating then the brain will start to get the signal ah maybe this person is going to sleep maybe this is their circadian rhythm okay now it all has to do with peripheral tissues you see our liver actually has signaling mechanisms to our liver can sense when we’re taking in food and therefore send another signal to the brain just like light would so normally light goes straight to the brain and activates something known as p ER 1 or P ER – well food activates p ER 1 PR – but indirectly through peripheral tissues like the liver my point in saying this is fasting helps reset this now there’s some recent evidence coming out of Max Planck Institute for biophysical chemistry okay now what they’re looking at is a specific gut peptide hormone now this is going to get a little complex but I’m going to make it very very simple just so that it’s easy for the masses with this video I’ll do more in-depth videos on this later on if you want to learn more about it basically they were looking at something known as oxen to modulate and this oxen Samad Yulin is a gut hormone and that is released when we eat outside of our normal times okay so the simple point is here is that if you’re eating at the time you normally eat let’s say you normally eat at 8 a.m. 12 p.m. and 6 p.m. okay if you were to eat at those times you would not have a big release of this toxin – Modula ok no big deal but if you were to randomly eat at 3 p.m. then you would have a release of auxin to module inand what researchers are finding is that this auxins a module ins job is to start kick-starting the body to reset its circadian rhythm so in some ways we find that when we eat off pattern at a different time the body starts trying to develop a new circadian rhythm that’s why if you normally don’t eat late at night and then all of a sudden you eat late at night you probably won’t sleep well it’s because all of a sudden you’re having this huge surge of lux into module n’ what does this have to do with traveling well when we’re traveling we are automatically off pattern and our body’s having a really hard time resetting and it usually takes a number of weeks before our body can reset to a normal circadian rhythm but oftentimes we’re not traveling for that long we needed to reset faster well studies are finding that when you fast you make it so that when you do eat you have a stronger surge box in the module and this surge of ox into module and is basically going to make it so that your circadian rhythms resets faster so you get more out of your travel and you get less weight regain less inflammation and everything like that the other thing that we have to factor in is our overall gut biome ok so there are other studies that take a look at intermittent fasting and our gut biome and how that affects our circadian rhythm so they took a look at my that were intermittent fasting ok I know mice are cute but they’re not humans so we can’t always compare apples to apples but being honest here it’s a pretty cool study ok intermittent fasting mice ended up having a stronger surge in the genes that help regulate a circadian rhythm and it all had to do with the fact that their gut biome was just going through a different pattern okay so when we fast for a period of time and then we eat we kick start this whole process that resets our circadian rhythm long story short is travel and when you do travel do whatever you can to fast during your travel period and when you break your fast make a concerted effort to break your fast that would be at a time that you normally would not be eating even if you went six hours ahead and your dinner is falling at the same time your breakfast is try to push it out a couple hours so that your dinner is still falling at a completely random time for your body’s clock it will help you I promise one of the things that I recommend doing when you travel is have your food ready to go now I don’t mean like having a bunch of Tupperware prepped and all this stuff you can do that too but realistically have your keto snacks have your fascinating snacks have that stuff squared away so then when you do get to the point where you want to break your fast you have the right foods available and you’re not just following a victim that what’s on the plain or what’s at the airport be prepared because breaking your fast is the most important part of the entire intermittent fasting protocol if you guys would like I did create some really interesting keto boxes and fasting boxes through thrive market so down below you’ll see in the description there is a link to thrive market thrive markets allowed me to create these intermittent fasting boxes so I can put my favorite groceries in there and you can get them so basically thrive markets an online grocery store delivers food to your doorstep super super convenient super easy and it just works really really well for intermittent fasting because you can get Thomases recommended grocery box without having to really think a whole lot about it so anyhow definitely check them out check them out after you watch this video now let’s go ahead and let’s move into the next one the next one we want to talk about kind of goes hand-in-hand with the travel and that’s for the business person okay the business person and I can attest to this absolutely positively should practice intermittent fasting and it’s probably why so many business people are doing intermittent fasting right now it gives you the wiggle room to be able to have the client dinners and the things that you need to have to not and not totally just blow your physic right okay take me for example I was in the corporate healthcare world I was trying to lose weight I was going on my own health journey I didn’t want to look like a complete buffoon just sitting there with a glass of water in an air sandwich I wanted to actually eat something so intermittent fasting gave me that flexibility it was actually an interesting study that took a look at this took a look at 32 individuals alternate day fasting so people that did intermittent fasting every other day versus of control they found that the group that did the Internet fasting could eat whatever they wanted have as much wiggle room as they wanted and they still lost 5.2 kilograms more than the control and they lost more fat and guess what they maintain the same amount of muscle but all while reducing their c-reactive protein levels by 17% now if you are someone that is in business you’re gonna have high levels of c-reactive protein because it’s the inflammation marker you’re stressed out it’s gonna happen so you might as well lose some inflammation along with the fat and hey why the heck not maintain some muscle – okay so it gives you the wiggle room not saying you should just eat whatever you want all the time but that wiggle room is awesome okay it gives you the flexibility and that’s one of the biggest reasons I got into it in the first place is it fit my lifestyle so if you were in business you are missing out by not giving it a shot the next one parenting now you might think that parenting is the opposite of business right I’ve talked to guys out there that’ll say oh my wife’s a stay-at-home mom and she you know she doesn’t really work while I go to work hate to break it to you but she’s probably working just as hard if not even harder and yeah I’m just gonna tell you parenting is business it is work and the point is this all falls into the same category not because it gives you the wiggle room but because it gives you the black-and-white ability to either abstain or go for and what I mean by that is if you’re making a grilled cheese sandwich for your kiddo or if you’re making something that maybe you wouldn’t eat that wouldn’t fit it’s so much easier to just say hey I’m not eating until dinnertime tonight and then have the flexibility to enjoy dinner with your family and not feel like kiddo wants mac and cheese dad wants mac and cheese I want to be able to have some mac and cheese too and I don’t want to just have to watch my waistline be the one eating chicken and broccoli you can have your mac and cheese just maybe you should have it like lentil pasta chickpea pasta maybe some healthy stuff not just traditional cheesy Mac right but the point is is that you can enjoy your life a little bit it just gives you that same wiggle room it’s along the same vein as in business but I like just being able to just declare abstinence on food during the week so if I’m watching my son it’s easy to want a snack because you’re sleep-deprived and everything just sounds good because you’re just behind you’re just running ragged you’re pulled so many different directions you just want to run to the pantry it’s like a sport go into the pantry just grab him something to eat I can run back to the playroom it’s just easier to just say no just say no the last one that I want to talk about is people that have active jobs why because people that have active jobs or people that are in like a restaurant or they’re waiters are going to get such awesome benefits from intermittent fasting why because you’re active especially if you’re in a culinary setting if you were a waiter and I’ve been a waiter before and I feel like everyone should do some time and food service to be completely honest it’s so II grab a little piece of bread here grab a little someone’s plate I’m talking about in the back of the kitchen okay you’re not gonna ask someone for their bread the point is it so easy to munch and then you’re constantly spiking your insulin just fast but here’s the cool thing if you allocate your fasting period to be towards the time that you are most active you are exponentially going to improve how much fat gets utilized so simple example is if you’re a waiter try to make it so that your shift falls during the latter half of your fasting window that way you’re already fairly deep into a fast and it makes it so that while you’re moving around running around like crazy you are burning pure body fat and then you can break your fast and you can have a little bit of fun right so anyhow this breaks it all down now remember that I do have videos that go into a lot more detail on specific things with intermittent fasting the buck doesn’t stop here so I do want to make sure you check out my intermittent fasting playlists make sure you check out all the if’ videos that I’ve got because you’re not going to want to miss out as always keep it locked in here in my channel and I’ll see you in the next video 

This Post Was All About Best Candidates for Intermittent Fasting – Is Fasting for You.
Best Candidates for Intermittent Fasting - Is Fasting for You

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Best Candidates for Intermittent Fasting – Is Fasting for You

There are a lot of people that can have immense success with intermittent fasting from all walks of life, but I wanted to do some due diligence and figure out for you who would be the ideal candidate for intermittent fasting.

We already know intermittent fasting is great for weight loss…

But for this video I wanted to look at it from some different angles. Lifestyles, who are the best people that should try intermittent fasting? Why is it going to benefit the most? So without further ado, let’s go ahead and dive in and see if fasting is ideal for you…

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