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Do This Acupressure Technique to Yourself After Surgery & Speed Up Recovery

Do This Acupressure Technique to Yourself After Surgery & Speed Up Recovery

Do This Acupressure Technique to Yourself After Surgery & Speed Up Recovery

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More specifically, you want help with Do This Acupressure Technique to Yourself After Surgery & Speed Up Recovery?

hi guys in this video we’re going to talk about the absolute best acupressure technique you can do after you get your surgery okay and so I’m gonna bring my person my volunteer thank you for volunteering he loves volunteer okay so I’ve had quite a few surgeries unfortunately I had my left shoulder completely fractured I had to get that handled my left elbow so what happens whether you get a hip surgery or a broken bone or some type of surgical procedure it’s almost like a trauma because they have to go in there and manipulate stuff of course if you the actually original injury is a trauma but then it’s kind of a double trauma to the adrenal glands because the adrenal glands they never go to sleep so they have to constantly work that’s why sometimes they have to give you a potassium IV when they do surgery because you dumped a lot of potassium because the Drina ‘ls have to they actually are working behind the scenes a little bit okay okay but here’s the point whether you injure yourself or have a surgery to a joint for example to a certain degree you lose communication lines neurological blood flow lymphatic etc okay and a lot of times after the surgery you get rehab and it’s months and months and months and it takes a long time this technique that I’m going to show you will speed things up dramatically and I did it to my you can do it to yourself okay well it’s a little difficult on the shoulder but let me just explain it what you do is you don’t work on the same shoulder this has been traumatized it’s kind of like taking a your thumb with a hammer and smacking it and then massaging your thumb that wouldn’t be smart now because the body is on a circuit which means a circle the neural nerves come down from the brain and actually come to this side cross over to the spinal column go over this side so you have the nerves on this side are connected to this side the hip bones connected to the thigh bone the thigh bone is connected to that but here’s the point and the reason for that is that helps you coordinate between left and right and front back so when you’re walking this arm is in coordination with this to swing the arms back and forth so you can run so you have these on/off switches that constantly are helping you coordinate and relax and contract relaxing contract and because you have these circuits from this side this second you can actually affect this side by working on the opposite side you won’t believe me until you do it but I want you to try this so let’s say for example he had surgery on this bicipital tendon right on the front right here this is the little tendon that goes through his bicep that allows this arm to go up like this let’s say they they reattached it right here okay now you have to kind of know your Anatomy and know where exactly they did the surgery so you put a little staple right there into the certain part of the bone and then that’s where the trauma was okay what you want to do is press on the exact mirror image side on the left side okay now here’s the thing when you press on the opposite side which by the way is the good side it’s gonna hurt like hell okay I don’t want to get into why it’s gonna hurt like hell but you’re gonna find the good side will hurt more than the recently traumatized side yeah okay all you need to know is you can use that to make sure that you’re on the exact rights the correct spot so in other words what you should know is the opposite mirror image point mirroring where you had the trauma and the surgery is going to be very very sensitive okay so you’re looking for that spot as soon as you find you’re like oh my gosh there it is and then you just massage that you don’t have to do it really hard but just massage it for like a minute okay what you’re gonna find you’re gonna regain more circulation on the bad side neurologically and blood flow and if you don’t believe me go ahead and try it and see for yourself you’re gonna see you’re gonna speed up the time recovery you’re going to see more circulation you’re gonna see less inflammation and you’re gonna see less pain so if it’s in the elbow you know wherever they you know put a screw in you work on the opposite elbow let’s say it’s the collarbone let’s say you broke his collarbone right here well guess what you work on the opposite collarbone mirror-image side same thing with the foot the toe a finger a hip work on the good side no does this but it’s so powerful after a surgery when you’re trying to heal that it’ll really speed things up and give you a lot of relief okay it’ll just cut down the time of healing I’m not saying don’t continue the other therapy but this will just this is the icing on the cake now the other thing is that lets say the surgery was in the lower back okay right in the center what do you do you work on the front right at the level of exactly where that surgery is so the belly button if you look on the back is that the third lumbar vertebra so if it was at l5 we go down a couple inches below the belly button but you know how to find the mirror image point because it’s going to be a very tender so you work on the point in the front and you just work that out and you’re gonna get a lot of relief if you had surgery for example I don’t know on the head right here you you can work on the mossad the opposite side and when I say what I mean by work on it is an acupressure massage you can just it doesn’t even have to be of a certain pattern you just need to massage it in any which way you want for like a minute and do that each day and the more you do that the more it’s gonna speed things up okay so just try and put your comments down below I want to hear them and then then everyone can see if it really does work which it does because I’ve tried it out about ten thousand times before alright thanks for watching hey guys I want to personally invite you to a new Facebook group that I just started called dr. Berg’s Kido and intimate at fasting lab okay so I created this so we can share our successful actions what worked what didn’t work your results so I put a link down below so go ahead and sign up and I’ll see you inside 

This Post Was All About Do This Acupressure Technique to Yourself After Surgery & Speed Up Recovery.
Do This Acupressure Technique to Yourself After Surgery & Speed Up Recovery

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In this video Dr. Berg talks about how you can do a “do it yourself” acupressure technique after surgery to speed up recovery. Now to do this you would have to symmetrically work on the opposite side of the body that just had surgery on.

By massaging the opposite side you will feel it on the side that was worked on and this will speed up the process and recovery.

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