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What is Water Fasting?

What is Water Fasting?

What is Water Fasting?

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all right so I had a question what is water fasting okay water fasting is very simply fasting not eating and only drinking water no coffee no tea no vitamins no minerals no gum no salt nothing except water okay now do I recommend this no I recommend taking vitamins and minerals and sea salt and you can do some coffee and tea simply because you may not have the reserve of nutrients in your body to draw from and when you’re fasting you’re not eating and you’re not getting nutrients you can have an electrolyte balance you can create an issue at the heart so unless you know what you’re doing and your nutrition has been excellent for yours I recommend taking vitamins and minerals but this video I’m just answering a question what is water fasting okay now the type of water that you drink is also very important I highly recommend you don’t do tap water okay so does the chlorine that is a fluoride that has drugs in there chemicals pesticides and all sorts of other discussing things either get a really good filter to pull out the chemicals including the fluoride or drink spring water that is bottled now should you drink distilled not if you’re not taking minerals because distilled water can deplete some of your minerals and if you’re new at this and you go into this already deficient in minerals and then you do distilled water without minerals that can create a severe deficiency now whether you do a stripped water fast or the type of fasting that I recommend with the nutrients after three days you will not have any hunger you will have a ton of energy you’re gonna have a lot of other benefits but you’re gonna be very surprised like I’m not even hungry yet I’m not eating that’s because your body is running off your fat fuel it’s a very interesting but weird thing because you would think you’d be exhausted and you’re starving but now you’ll have no hunger which makes it very easy to do but that being said I do recommend going into fasting starting with in a minute fasting and then slowly graduating so your body can adapt to less frequent meals to the point where you can do periodic prolonged fasting for two days three days and even longer because the benefits are over-the-top massive let’s go through the benefits one is you get to express a gene called BDNF this is a protein that gets activated and it stands for brain derived neurotrophic factor this protein which is also stimulate by exercise causes your body to produce more brain cells I mean if you have memory problems cognitive issues I mean wouldn’t you want more brain cells I mean this is amazing especially if your focus isn’t that great your concentration sucks or you you’re starting to go in the room and like what am i where did I go in there for where my keys you want to increase this right here number two antioxidant pool you start to make more antioxidants to start in the repair process because your body makes antioxidants but it’s stimulated in a big way when you do fasting next one you actually make more monic Andreea these are the energy factories that give you energy this is why you get more energy when you do fasting maybe not initially but after you adapt your energy will just start going up next thing is a toff adji etapa g is a condition whereby your body is recycling old damaged proteins and cleaning up the microbes that it should not be there so when you do fasting it kicks on certain genes that then trigger this chain reaction of taking all this old damaged protein putting it into a recycling mechanism with all these enzymes and pushing out new proteins and also using some of this for energy so this is a real important recycling mechanism to help in the repair cycle so fasting is really important in repairing tissue increasing longevity and fixing old damaged proteins this is why your skin looks better you look younger next one you decrease insulin now of course if your deke using insulin you you’re not bringing insulin down to such a level that is dangerous you’re just normalizing the excess okay because you’re also fixing insulin resistance which creates more insulin so if you have pre-existing blood sugar problems or you’re diabetic this is going to be very very very vital but when you decrease insulin you improve so many body problems it’s not funny because this is connected to fatty liver it’s connected to diabetes metabolic syndrome high blood pressure and the list goes on and on you also recycle nutrients so the amount or quantity of nutrients you need are much less next thing is you increase the resistance to stress this is one of the reasons why they’re also recommending fasting to people on chemotherapy because the fasting strengthens the cell to external stresses your cells become tough next thing decreases your risk of getting tumors and polyps and even cancer next thing is decreasing inflammation inappropriate inflammation autoimmune conditions allergies arthritis big-time and lastly it will cost your body to run on ketones okay about 40 percent of you will be ketones the rest will be mostly fatty acids and then a little bit of glucose but that can be made by your own body okay your body can make it out of protein and fat you don’t need to consume any glucose ketones are interesting because let’s say for example you’re a diabetic and your heart is damaged and you have heart tissue that doesn’t easily accept the fuel glucose okay well ketones can bypass that whole thing and feed the heart tissue directly and your heart thrives on ketones same thing with the brain let’s say you have Alzheimer’s Parkinson’s or insulin resistance and the cells in the brain cannot readily absorb glucose well guess what ketones bypass that whole thing get right in there and feed the brain directly so it gets fuel immediately so it can feed damaged tissues ketones are the preferred fuel of the brain your brain loves ketones okay if given the choice between glucose and ketones it’ll take ketones ketones are a much cleaner fuel without the excess waste that glucose bring alright guys that’s my long answer to what is water fasting if you’re liking this content please subscribe now and I will actually keep you updated on future videos

This Post Was All About What is Water Fasting?.
What is Water Fasting?

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In this video, Dr. Berg talks about water fasting, a kind of fasting (not eating) and only drinking water. The type of water you are drinking in this kind of fasting is highly important – don’t do tap water, either get a filter to pull out the chemicals or drink spring water that is bottled.

Dr. Berg doesn’t recommend doing water fasting, he recommends the intermittent fasting where you are allowed to consume vitamins, minerals, sea salt, etc.

Benefits of Fasting
• BDNF or Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor – This protein causes the body to produce more brain cells.
• Antioxidant Pool
• Mitochondria
• Autophagy – a condition where the body is recycling old damaged proteins and cleaning up the microbes that should not be there.
• Repair
• Decrease Insulin
• Recycle Nutrients
• Increase Resistance to Stress
• Decrease risk of getting tumors
• Decrease Inflammation (autoimmune conditions, allergies, arthritis)
• Ketones

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Dr. Berg, 53 years of age is a chiropractor who specializes in Healthy Ketosis & Intermittent Fasting. He is the author of The New Body Type Guide and other books published by KB Publishing. He has taught students nutrition as an adjunct professor at Howard University. He no longer practices, but focuses on health education through social media.


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