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Benefits of Protein Sparing Modified Fasting (Use Extreme Caution!)

Benefits of Protein Sparing Modified Fasting (Use Extreme Caution!)

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a protein-sparing modified fast is something that people do for extreme weight loss it’s quite effective it’s generally done in a medically supervised setting but that doesn’t mean that you can’t apply some of what you learned from this video i’ve used part of protein-sparing modified fasting in my dietary protocols for myself when i went through my own transformation so i’ll share what i’ve learned but also share some of the research so you know how to do this so you can consult with your doctor if you wish and do it the right way i do want to make sure you hit that red subscribe button and then also hit that bell icon so you never ever miss a beat and then i do want to make sure you know i’m not a doctor this is for informational purposes only okay i had my own 100 pound transformation but i’m really just some guy on the internet that knows how to speak biochemistry and share that information okay so let’s go ahead and dive in really quick what is a protein sparing modified fast well just like the name implies you’re mimicking a fast so you’re eating only things like lean lean lean meat you’re eating things like seafood and maybe some veggies okay you’re not having any carbohydrates coming in except for maybe a couple veggies and you’re not definitely not having any added fats what this does is at the cellular level it sort of mimics fasting now don’t get the wrong idea this is not a legitimate clear-cut fast but it mimics fasting at a lot of genetic levels and a lot of cellular levels which we’ll talk about in a little bit but it is really reserved for the people that have a lot of fat to lose it’s not something you necessarily want to do to just lose the last five pounds okay it’s really geared towards severely obese or at least people that have more than 20 pounds to lose here’s some basic parameters now this may or may not be perfect for you but these are the general guidelines that people that do a protein sparing modified fast follow okay usually are going to be between 0.7 to 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight now to give you an example i weigh 185 pounds so i would consume 185 grams of protein coming from lean chicken coming from tuna coming from really lean fish like cod stuff like that okay that’s pretty low calorie because at 185 pounds it’s still putting me four calories per gram of protein at less than a thousand calories but here’s what’s interesting about a protein sparing modified fast okay it’s geared for people that have enough fat on hand enough fat on their body where their body has no choice but to tap into that stored body fat and utilize it but the idea is your protein levels are so high that you don’t have a lot of protein turnover you don’t break down protein that’s in your muscles and protein in your muscles is what drives a lot of your metabolic rate so there’s a lot of positive sides to this and it’s one of the reasons why i would periodically do it although when i was going through my transformation it didn’t really have a name i just figured i’m just going to eat jack up my protein and reduce my fat little did i know i was doing something that doctors were doing now generally what you see is a slow reintroduction of carbohydrates and a slow reintroduction of good healthy monounsaturated fats like olive oil and things like that after three or six months so let’s break down a little bit of biochemistry and what’s going on here when you increase your protein intake while simultaneously reducing your fat intake you up regulate a really cool way of creating energy in your body called gluconeogenesis what that means is your body takes the protein that you took in and it converts it into glucose for your body to use as fuel well the cool thing is this process of converting protein into glucose takes energy so you rev up sort of a secondary energy machine that’s actually burning more calories than it’s creating so you kind of turned on a second furnace if you want to call it that it’s pretty interesting the other piece is that because your carbohydrates are so so so low you’re producing ketones now if you wanted to get granular the ketogenic diet is technically fasting mimicking as well simply because you’re kind of getting the same starvation result but a protein-sparing modified fast gets you there a little bit faster with a little bit more muscle sparing if you’re doing it right but a protein-sparing modified fast might get you a little bit more of an accelerated result although you’re not having the fats coming in so your ketones might not be as high but it all depends on the person so what kind of weight loss can you expect well i can’t promise anything but if we look at some of the results from some studies it’s kind of interesting one study took a look at three month results and they saw on average about an 18 pound drop in fat that’s actually a nice steady rate that’s not too aggressive that’s actually what we’d like to see and then also that same study took a look at six months and it found on six months it was like between 25 and 30 pounds that’s actually again a nice rate and the nice thing is that’s fat because the protein is keeping the muscle on you making it so that muscle can continue to burn fat later on after you’re done with the diet remember this is actually a diet not a lifestyle this is something that you want to do periodically possibly with a doctor’s supervision before i go into the next study which was published in american journal clinical nutrition let’s talk about what kinds of proteins you might want to bring into the mix because this does play a role you typically want to not be having the fattier cuts of protein you want to kind of avoid the ribeye steaks you want to avoid the new york strips you want to go for the lean fillets you want to go for the lean poultries like the chicken okay you want to go for good quality chicken quality poultry quality turkey okay then you really want to lean into seafood wild sockeye salmon would be okay because it’s going to be lower fat content than say atlantic salmon wild caught cod would be great because it’s very very very lean scallops shrimp anything that’s going to be lean protein i recommend butcher box if you haven’t used them before i’ll put a link down below they’re an online meat delivery company generally you’re going to find better prices there than you would at the grocery store too so highly highly recommend them they’re who i use they get delivered right to my door it’s like super convenient because i get sick and tired of going to the grocery store all the time so i highly recommend there is a special link if you watch these videos if you watch my channel special link down below for butcher box check them out now jumping into this american journal clinical nutrition study this was a six week study that took a look at 15 obese individuals and it found that throughout this journey they had very little metabolic turnover of protein what that means is that their bodies were not breaking down protein and excreting it as what’s called urea nitrogen this is very cool because this demonstrates that a protein-sparing modified fast does indeed somewhat prevent muscle from breaking down even in a pretty serious caloric deficit what’s interesting is this study was a 500 calorie protein sparing modified fast that’s low that’s very low calorie and more lower calorie than i would typically recommend but what do i know i’m just a guy on the internet right so that works but i would be afraid that they’d have a good degree of weight gain which kind of leads me into this international journal of obesity study which found that generally when people do a protein sparing modified fast they regain about 50 of what they lost now at first that sounds really scary but when you consider that most people that go on diets about 80 to 90 of them regain all the weight back to begin with so a 50 standard is actually much better but if you want to pick it apart you can pick it apart just like you can anything on the internet these days now what’s really cool though is this other study this one i’m talking about right now found that if subjects did between 800 and 1200 calories with a protein-sparing modified fast they still had tremendous weight loss results but they didn’t regain as much more importantly they strategically and in phases implemented carbohydrates so once they got to their weight loss goal they would do a few months of adding maybe 60 70 carbohydrates a day and then they’d increase it up and they found that when they did this even after 39.5 months there was only generally at most like a 40 regain so 40 we improved 10 just by adding those calories now the point is is that you can get a lot of benefit from this protein spirit modified fast but it’s important that you don’t just go off of it cold turkey and go right back to eating what you were before because of course your metabolic rate’s going to change even if you maintain muscle which has a good degree of thermic effect now one thing we do have to talk about to make sure this is very very very understood is there was a study called the minnesota starvation experiment and it looked at very similar things to this and it concluded that it was dangerous and not good but there was one big glaring thing that is different the minnesota starvation experiment was looking at very low protein and pretty much no meat in fact i think no meat at all it was trying to simulate what people would have in concentration camps and stuff like that a little bit of rice a little bit of starch here you go survive not highly structured very regimented good quality protein so i don’t know if we really want to apply that because it doesn’t clearly add up then there’s something else kind of funny sounding called rabbit starvation and rabbit starvation is something that we’ve known about in the research world for a while because it took a look at like old explorers right not literally old explorers now like i know plenty of old explorers but like explorers from 100 years ago 200 years ago when they would go out into the woods and they would go hunt they would in the wintertime pretty much have to eat rabbits well rabbits were very lean so in essence they went on a protein-sparing modified fast because they ate lean rabbits for a long time well a lot of them got sick a lot of them had issues high protein kidney issues with yeah what the heck well here’s the big issue these people that were doing that were already lean if you don’t have fat for your body to tap into yeah you could start having some ammonia build up you could start having some serious catabolic issues that actually can increase your urea nitrogen cause some issues so if you’re super super super lean already and you’re kind of starving and you’re out hunting rabbits well then yeah when you eat rabbit meat a protein sparing modified fast it’s probably not the best solution these guys needed some fats they needed something so anyhow this is something you can do try it out talk to your doctor again don’t take my word for it i’m just some dude but i’ll see you tomorrow

This Post Was All About Benefits of Protein Sparing Modified Fasting (Use Extreme Caution!).
Benefits of Protein Sparing Modified Fasting (Use Extreme Caution!)

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