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48 Hour Fasting Challenge! Instructions and Benefits

48 Hour Fasting Challenge! Instructions and Benefits

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More specifically, you want help with 48 Hour Fasting Challenge! Instructions and Benefits?

hey thomas de lauer here and i’m feeling like doing a 48 hour fast so i’m going to lay down the benefits and then i’m going to lay out how you should go about doing this and i want to invite you to do it with me so this video is going to break down some of the quick benefits coming from a fat burning perspective coming from a microbiome perspective but i’ll make it all brief and then i’ll jump over to what’s important and what you need to know to do this with me because i do want it to be a community thing and if you’re watching this video later on by all means please use this as an instruction guide to do a 48 hour fast because in my opinion a 48 hour fast is the best length fast it is my favorite so let’s go ahead and jump in if you haven’t already please do hit the red subscribe button and then hit the little bell icon so you never miss our daily videos so we’re going to cover fat loss first because i think that’s a big thing that people are after and 48 hour fasts kind of get this i don’t know sort of this stigma that it’s only a longevity thing there’s tremendous fat loss effects that come from a 48 hour fast so let’s talk about them but before we embark on this community fast together go ahead and download the xero app i put a link down below in the description it’s a totally free app you can use the free version but if you do check out xero plus which is the paid version of the app it has a bunch of content from me on it in terms of how to break it fast just a bunch of cool strategic things for your fasting so i highly recommend you check it out there’s a special link down below in the description for a one year subscription if you do want to use the xero plus version but like i said the free version is totally good to go so check them out and then now let’s get into the benefits so the first thing i want to talk about is the fat loss side of things and the first thing i wrote down is ppar alpha now this sounds like scientific jargon because it is but the reason that i put it on there is because it’s one of my favorite proteins within the body and it up regulates when you are fasting for an extended period of time so the reason a 48 hour fast is so tremendous for fat loss is because this ppr alpha is a transcription factor for genes related to fat oxidation what that means is when you go into a fast your body releases fatty acids into the bloodstream and that triggers a signal for this protein to elevate when this protein ppr alpha elevates it allows your body to burn even more fat because it ends up becoming much more than just a protein it’s a signaling device and it’s going to have a lot of powerful attributes so what it does is it signals the body to ultimately burn more fat but it also signals the body to upregulate uncoupling proteins these uncoupling proteins trigger our body to burn more calories as heat so imagine if you took calories coming in and it actually just turned it into heat like one of those radiator heaters right that’s essentially what uncoupling proteins do so when we have ppar alpha elevate it elevates the uncoupling proteins which makes it so we potentially burn more fat additionally it’s much more muscle sparing to do a 48-hour fast than repeated shorter fasts why because your body starts to produce ketones with a 48-hour fast and beta-hydroxybutyrate hydroxybutyrate is extremely muscle sparing when you’re looking at fat loss you want to keep your muscle on you if you start losing muscle you’re losing your metabolic rate you’re slowing down your metabolic rate so it is a huge benefit but i don’t want to touch on ketones too much right now now what’s interesting is with a 72-hour fast studies have shown that that’s when muscle catabolism starts to kick in so the reason a 48-hour fast is better than a 72 in my opinion is because you get all the benefits that we’re going to talk about but you don’t have the muscle breakdown as much all right then i want to talk about the brain for a minute i’ll touch on this just briefly the applied physiology and nutrition metabolism journal published something that found that there is a 3.5 x boost in what is called bdnf with fasting so when you fast you have what’s called brain-derived nootropic factor which comes in and it feeds brain cells it allows your brain to grow it literally is like a brain fertilizer brain-derived nootropic factor very interesting so this study found that fasting boosted bdnf more than three different kinds of exercise normally we would think well exercise creates lactate lactate can stimulate bdnf all complicated jargon point is this study found that fasting stimulates more bdnf and allows your brain to function better than exercise does exercise plus fasting might really be powerful but additionally bdnf stimulates serotonin which is the feel good neurotransmitter but then there’s kind of a good cycle here so bdnf stimulates serotonin but then serotonin boosts bdnf so once you kick-start this process you realize like 36 hours into your fast you feel on cloud nine again one of the reasons why i’m such a fan the anti-aging effects are phenomenal you can do a 48-hour fast semi-frequently okay so what happens is you get into deeper ketosis now deeper ketosis from a fasting perspective is way different than a ketogenic diet okay we want ketones to be produced while we’re fasting because it preserves our muscle but additionally they bind to what is called hcar2 which triggers sirtuins like cert-1 to come to life which trigger a lot of anti-aging properties down this cascade long story short tremendous anti-aging effects also a lot of up regulation of cellular recycling and autophagy just again you’re not going to get that with a typical 16 hour fast but one of the things that i like the most is mitochondrial biogenesis in case you don’t know mitochondrial biogenesis is where the mitochondria essentially replicate or increase in mass so that they can be more efficient and effective a lot of disease states and metabolic disorders are a result of mitochondrial deficiencies as we get older our mitochondria begin to just get weaker and then those weak mitochondria give birth to weaker mitochondria and so on down the line if we can improve mitochondrial biogenesis with healthy good functioning mitochondria like we are just achieving with a fast then we can actually improve that biogenesis where we develop more powerful mitochondria in essence and i’m careful to say this to not make a crazy claim we could reverse some aging hypothetically okay now additionally ketones are going to produce more atp simply put what that means with the electron transport chain is it means that as an energy source ketones pack a more powerful punch okay they get into the cell faster and they have more potential energy than glucose does that’s just a really powerful thing i could go on and on i have other videos that explain that in more depth but quite frankly it’s complicated and i don’t want to bore you with the details then the one that i think is very very important especially this day and age you have a greater microbiome effect okay 16 hour fast great 24 hour fast great 48 hour fast great great great because you actually give your body a chance for the janitorial crew to come in and clean you cannot clean an office building if you still have a bunch of people in the office you gotta wait for them to leave for the janitorial crew to come in and really do a good cleaning job well 48 hour fast we leave plenty of room for the last person to leave the office now the scandinavian journal of immunology published a study that found there was a greater clearance of bad pathogens during a fast great we get rid of salmonella we get rid of bad bacteria potentially allowing good bacteria to grow take note of that because it’ll be on this next little piece that i’m going to explain in a second there’s a hypothesized activation of what’s called mct1 which is a genetic pathway to again turn white fat into brown fat that has to do specifically with the gut biome just proving that fasting affects the gut biome which consequently affects our overall fat deposition and where we gain fat lastly on this more autophagy we get more autophagy more cellular recycling with a 48 hour fast the deeper we get into a fast more autophagy occurs but after a 72 hour fast for instance autophagy doesn’t necessarily continue to increase it’s not linear it doesn’t just keep going up up up up there is a line of diminishing return you get the most bang for the buck with a 48 hour fast i’m really excited for you to join me with this so here’s what we’re actually going to do here’s the process okay i want you to stop and read this number one like i said i want you to download that xero app okay that’s going to be really important it’s going to help you out and quite frankly it gives us all a way to be a part of the community together so i just highly highly highly recommend you check it out it’s down below in the description prior to starting this fast the night before you start okay then your last meal should be low fat and low carb the reason is i want you to be able to a get into ketosis faster during your fast okay but low fat because i don’t want your body to have more fats to have to burn through exogenously i want you to activate that ppar alpha that i talked about over here as soon as possible and low fat will make that possible but we’re just talking about your last meal i just wanted to digest fast but then during your fast water is okay coffee is okay black tea is okay no creamers no sweeteners keep it simple water black coffee green tea or black tea or macho whatever plain up that’s it straight and simple now as far as minerals go i’m okay with you taking some potassium i’m okay with you taking magnesium and i’m okay with you adding salt if you have an electrolyte that you like to use go for it but i even encourage you in this particular case for a 48 hour fast let’s try to keep it clean and try to avoid even stevia and munford if we can moderate activity is good to go i don’t want you to train any harder or any easier than you ordinarily would okay i want to keep the variables out of the equation and just let the fast do its job but on the second day of your fast i want you to do more aerobic type work go for a low intensity walk or run reason is is at this point you’re producing ketones at this point you’re oxidizing fat as your primary fuel source so you might as well do an exercise that leverages that high intensity work is going to demand glycogen gonna demand carbohydrates and they’re gonna evacuate out of your glycogen into the bloodstream i’d rather you just straight burn those ketones and get all these anti-aging effects then i want you to reduce your cortisol levels prior to breaking a fast how do you do this relax you need to be in a relaxed state i can’t overemphasize that don’t hastily break your fast relax bring your cortisol levels down because if your cortisol levels are elevated when you break your fast you will store more of the food that you consume in a negative way which leads me to how to break your fast bone broth would be the recommended way your gut’s going to be sensitive your gut mucosal layer will be kind of tender after a long period of time without eating so eight to twelve ounces of simple bone broth and then move on to a lean protein meal literally just a protein shake or heck just some lean protein some lean turkey some lean chicken keep it lean i want just to absorb the protein fast plain and simple then 60 minutes later or so then enjoy a more delicious meal but that breakfast meal is so important and i cannot overemphasize that enough okay then the next day this is just an added bonus remember how i said the bad bacteria is going to die off during your fast well that means you’re left with good bacteria for the most part at least based on some of the clinical stuff i’ve seen okay so if you’re left with good bacteria you might as well pour some water on that make it grow right so in this case ghee because it’s a short chain fatty acid so have lots of ghee the next day after you break your fast also have some resistant starch you can do a quick google search on that resistant starch is going to be like even a potato that’s been heated and then cooled down or some green banana flower anything like that do some searches on resistant starches it’s too many to list okay and then prebiotic fibers artichoke asparagus onions garlic why they grow bacteria that is already existing in your gut if you have good bacteria in your gut and low bad bacteria you’re going to just grow more of that good bacteria and it’s going to give you a more diverse gut biome and you’re going to be in a really great situation i’m so excited to be able to do this together so make sure you’re doing it as a community and i’m going to start tomorrow which is april 20th but it doesn’t matter it’s irrelevant because people are gonna watch this video all the time do it with me use the app track it have fun this is how you do a 48 hour fast see you soon

This Post Was All About 48 Hour Fasting Challenge! Instructions and Benefits.
48 Hour Fasting Challenge! Instructions and Benefits

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