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Dealing with Toxic Mercury with Dr. Bill McGraw

Dealing with Toxic Mercury with Dr. Bill McGraw

Dealing with Toxic Mercury with Dr. Bill McGraw

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More specifically, you want help with Dealing with Toxic Mercury with Dr. Bill McGraw?

hey everyone they got a special guest today dr. bill McGraw is here I’m excited to talk to him because he is an expert in toxic metal mercury so welcome bill yeah thank you very much dr. Berg it’s great to be here absolutely so you you even actually wrote a book on this and I want to know the first question is how are we really becoming exposed to mercury is it the fish is the amalgams like what from your research what is it okay I think the biggest problem mercury is we’re getting hit from so many different areas mercury has increased in the environment by a factor of 10 since about 1850 which was the beginning of the gold rush in California this contributed a tremendous amount of mercury into the environment and because mercury so volatile and ends up going into the atmosphere including the entire planet so in the environment it’s increased by a factor of 10 this eventually gets funneled down into streams where you’re most more likely fine to find in an anaerobic environment it gets changed into methyl mercury which is the toxic form which eventually transfers through the food chain and concentrates in the upper-level predators such as your tuna your swordfish and so on so the level of mercury and fish is increased by such a factor easily by a factor of 10 that’s the first part of it the second part of it is since about the early 1900s mercury amalgams have really become more and more popular as something like the fact the the number is 275 thousand mercury amalgam fillings haven’t been put into people’s teeth every single day during the 1990s that figure is just astounding and when we put that together with the fish and vaccines which contain mercury we have then the potential story and picture of how we can become mercury toxic very likely or easily I would say over time you know I looked at I look at your background and you you have an interesting background in aquatics can you tell me in a thumbnail sketch I think you have your doctorate in that right right right us though right so getting involved in aquaculture I got involved more into the organic side through my study of GMOs and pesticides and herbicides and toxicities and heavy metals I eventually end up getting into organic aquaculture organic farming so that we can produce something that people can eat that is not so toxic because in today’s world what can you eat that’s not exactly toxic free it wouldn’t be your agriculture wouldn’t be a processed foods you know no corn oil is in just about everything so what are you going to eat specifically and ask me know let food be thy medicine and nutrition is the most important thing contributing to a person’s health and so we you find this out after you study for so many years in so many different fields of science medicine and so on you you get to the bottom point where organic farming organic food input is the most important thing to avoid toxicity stay healthy and survive on this planet through living what’s up now if someone is fish that’s high in selenium that’s gonna help right right so selenium has the ability to chelate mercury and sort of move it out at the bottom on another body while it’s in the intestine so you find that fish that have higher mercury automatically have higher selenium levels and so Erica eating these both together and often protects you from the mercury toxicity and then the fish that you want to avoid swordfish certain tuna but they think we can’t some of the canned tunas okay right that’s hard to say it depends on the fish the three rules I give in my presentations are the smaller the animal the less mercury it contains so if you look at your clams your shrimp your oysters and so on they generally contain about one-tenth of the mercury I say a large swordfish or a large tuna the next thing is be careful where you get your fish areas such as the Mediterranean the mercury could be anywhere three to five times higher than anywhere else because it’s an area of high volcanic my industry so high mercury levels in the environment contribute to higher mercury in your fish Wow the third rule is stay away from fish that are primarily carnivorous so this is your shark your swordfish or tuna new groupers and so on because those are the ones that really contain high mercury so let’s give me the list of the worst the worst fish what would be the worst fish the shark top is swordfish swordfish its long-lived so if you’re older you’re gonna be generally a tendency to be bigger so swordfish shark is carnivorous and long live some of these tunas that people catch you’re old and long live so the older you are I mean this the sharks the tuna they have the same problem we have they can’t get rid of the mercury it sticks to sulfur on proteins it accumulates in the body and when you stop growing your tissues stop expanding but you’re still concentrating mercury so that’s why these larger and bigger animals can take more mercury because you’re just continually concentrating more and more and so around three chain your feet they look like they eat more plants the less mercury half cuz plants generally have less mercury okay now when let’s say for example as far as word accumulates have you done it research to find out like what part of the brain accumulates or what part of the the tissues tend to absorb it more than others is it mainly in certain parts of the brain ER yeah for us it’s going to be 80% in the kidney the mercury is eating up ten to fifteen percent the liver and then five to ten percent in the brain now it’s funny you bring that up about the brain because certain areas of the brain will concentrate more people more than others and I believe it’s the pituitary and the area surrounding pituitary which will concentrate more and that correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t that outside of the the red blood brain interface is it not I think you’re right on that yeah that’s probably why it’s getting hammered because it’s not protected right that that’s one the second thing is that the gas created for mercury amalgam fillings go straight through the blood-brain barrier and concentrates an area particularly responsible for muscle coordination what is that I will Damas yeah I can’t remember Oh muscle coordination is gonna be in the cerebellum okay so that is that part of the brain creation and so people who are mercury toxic often have neural inflammation and develop Alzheimer’s Parkinson’s and so on and the only people that have really had success stories for defeating Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s are those who engage in heavy detox and eliminating heavy metals from their body including removing them from the brain which requires certain key leaders such as I think alpha lipoic acid because in if the brain removes it through the blood-brain barrier and then excretes it hopefully through the GI tract which is not only one ninety percent of all the heavy metals are in group so alpha lipoic acid that’s a that’s a really good one it’s also a real powerful antioxidant you had mercury you had and you didn’t know it what were some of your symptoms that you had okay my story how I got into medicine from agriculture is basically what a lot of people talk about how they developed a passion for something because some dramatic story happened to them in their lives for me it was I had developed insomnia and after years of growing to many different doctors in two countries not one single doctor can help me so I went to MDS and n DS and PhDs they gave me a variety of tests they put give me huge bags of expensive herbs to drink and eat and so on and nobody could help me now no one person out of the 15 or 20 doctors that I saw which is at least that many ever mentioned heavy metals so I developed the insomnia continued are developed anxiety at 3 o’clock in the morning I’m waking up feel like I’m dying my blood pressure’s 190 over 110 and I just through the line I said I’ve had enough I’m not gonna be on drugs the rest of my life which is what everybody gave me here’s an another prescription a benzodiazepine and I don’t want to see you again I said thanks you know so after reading thousands of books and research papers I discovered that I had a mineral deficiency I supplemented with magnesium and potassium and lo and behold my anxiety is gone and then after that I figured that I figured out that mineral deficiencies were created from mercury toxicity now for me it was 10 years of five years of ten mercury amalgam fillings I had multiple vaccines including 12 before I went to South Africa all at once and then eating a lot of carnivorous fish over the course of several years contributed to the toxicity overload the body just got to the point where it could not function and interrupted sleep and created all these other problems I was having such as fatigue at that time as well and they evolved from Mercury I didn’t know that 80% was accumulated in the kidney that’s fascinating yeah and so look at the numbers for kidney dialysis and kidney replacement in the United States I believe it’s something like 200,000 people in the United States are walking around with somebody else’s kidney and then I think it’s a half million people are getting kidney dialysis every year and now you have a huge market for replacement organs and so on and I think most that’s due to heavy metal toxicity look every person that I’ve ever run a test done for heavy metals to hair analysis has come up with mineral deficiency with and and mercury toxicity or some other heavy metal toxicity every single person that I’ve ever treated over the past five years with rife technology and naturopathic medicine do you recommend a certain hair analysis for that any metals for what what what do you recommend – I use trace elements out of Texas but I think there’s others the bottom line is I don’t know that we need to get to the umpteen decimal place where they were looking for that deranged mineral transport is discussed by andrew cutler decades ago and that’s an indication that the body cannot transfer utilize and absorb minerals and so they’re all over the place and you have deficiencies and some are too high and this is a direct result from heavy metal toxicity which then shows up when you engage in detox and so on and and that shows up in the hair analysis and then you get into mineral supplementation and detox activities what I’m finding is sweat therapy intestinal binders activated carbon and anybody wants to know really more about this should look into dr. Chris shade he’s an absolute master of this detox and heavy metal toxicity and there’s another guy dr. Wilson who advocates what therapy and mineral mineral supplementation that’s why I learned for those of you that are watching I’m gonna put some links down below I’m also want to put your your book link down below in your website because you actually the your yeah your website and your YouTube video because you have a lot of good videos on the myths of mercury and the misconceptions of mercury you know the medic refreshen they it’s just a joke that i go yet we don’t have a problem with this they’re just so unaware and so fixed it like that’s not the problem we’re we’re just so toxic now as far as when you did you do anything other than lipoic acid to help detoxify mercury from your body or did you because i know in your your book i think you have a little you talked about a formula or something that you use okay so how i got into trouble is before I really knew enough about detox I did something that I shouldn’t have done I was I’m an agricultural major I was growing a lot of coriander in different herbs I was eating handfuls of coriander every morning because I love the smell and taste of it and that could have been just some sort of body response or something eating something that’s good for you or maybe I just look right at the book but in any case it wound up dumping a ton of mercury from the tissues into the blood and then which created a lot of aches and pains and fibromyalgia and more fatigue and most importantly I had horrible time with short-term memory I would forget I would open a faucet and leave it running and then later on the day oh wait oh wait a minute that must have been me I forgot so I had horrible mercury toxic symptoms and it was really rough on me so something that I tell people is just stay away from coriander and engage more in natural therapies sweat therapy I look at intestinal blinders I look at 80% vegetable diet I look at increasing glutathione through the the addition of a lot of vitamins say to the diet or potentially Libba soma glutathione and so on so I’m a big advocate more of say glutathione and intestinal binders such as activated carbon and also chlorella spirulina and then sweat their bees these combinations I think are good and will prevent what happened to me from happening to somebody else which is just getting too much into extractors or too much into oil key leaders I think leaders and they wind up pulling too much mercury out of the tissues at one time and that’s where you get into trouble and you really need somebody like you and I’ve got to say your I’ve learned a lot from your videos over the course of many years in particular here was your video on taking potassium or rather potassium in the food to calm down the heart is the first time I’ve ever heard that Wow nasty and wait a minute I’ve got our computations I’ve got two copies I wound up taking potassium and low and behold for the first time in my life I escaped all these heart problems of two Gardea and palpitations and then I was off you know from there was off to the races I was supplementing with magnesium colored minerals I was into reading more books non-stop on mineral deficiencies and so that I’ve got to say that potassium the idea of supplementing with potassium to calm down the heart and heart problems are chronic with mercury toxicity people because of the mineral deficiencies right yeah that tastes that takes pacemaker of the heart is modulated by potassium and so it’s like hello that’s like the Newton the minerals that we need the most of of anything so it’s kind of like a jumps out like when you find out the RDA is you’re like wait a second like how do you get this it’s impossible so I stumbled on a too by accident and I was like wow and then I started taking it and I just noticed huge changes so interesting also supporting the adrenal glands vitamin C and potassium supporting the adrenal gut so when I actually first heard this and took it I thought it was one of those aha moments and then you know I started using it with some of my clients and so on with a supplementing with potassium and it wants of fixing anxiety and helping with insomnia and then I try to get away from taking potassium chloride and getting into the potassium rich food foods which is what I learned from you and so we advocate the hydroponic lettuce in the bananas which are just healthy all around anyway so I try not to have people taking these potassium chloride salts for the rest of life and try to change the diet which is involved in lifestyle coaching and so on but basically you get around to it well agriculture in shrimp farms and the one that farms that you you recommend that are actually you actually even build them I mean you the shellfish they have the the minerals that we need I’m gonna get zinc and I mean like in the purple like clams and mussels oh my gosh it’s this off the chart so down that’s stuff and oh and DHA which is for the brain for a mind it’s just fantastic so we get to the point of analyzing this seafood why do people consider oysters to be an aphrodisiac always wondered because they’re loaded would sink throughout the chart sink right is the biggest deficient one of the biggest deficiencies with mercury toxicity is zinc because mercury takes the place of odd zinc in these enzymes and disrupts the whole thing and you wind up dumping so much thing and not being able to utilize it well here we have oysters and all these seafood items are in a solution called salt water which is already rich in potassium and rich and zinc and reach and calcium and magnesium well these these ions show up in the seafood and that’s why it’s a very good choice if it is free of mercury if it is organically grown and not containing a ton of additives and pesticides which is what you find foot with with employed imports from Asia you have to be really careful what you get there in terms of what comes from a foreign country and for those of you that are watching zinc the reason why we need to think so much zinc is involved in over a thousand trance transcriptional actions but so basically when when these genes that turn on and turn off and need to turn on and turn off think is essential in making that happen so you might not get the expression of a certain gene that activates a certain protein because you don’t have the zinc so I think zinc is right up there with vitamin D as far as one of the most important nutrients I tell you when I started supplementing in zinc the the skin infections I used to get when I got a cot it would get infected because my work I’m always getting cuts in and they were getting affected soon as I thought of taking zinc my skin healed quickly my sense of smell got better and I started being able to get a suntan easily amor much much easier and so zinc is involved in so many things going on with this skin and as you mentioned all the enzyme reactions so it’s it’s got to be one of the most important elements in one of the wrong one of the ones that’s most affected by mercury toxicity especially it means the immune system as well exactly what’s your opinion on chlorella okay I think that the funny thing is fungus like yeast and algae in the environment absorb heavy metals and so if you get an algae and you ingest it and if it’s free of heavy metals it will do the same thing in your body that it does in the environment absorb heavy metals and after all ninety percent of all heavy metals naturally leave the body through the gastrointestinal tract so if you’ve got a binder and you can have enough mercury of your circulating in the body the binder will absorb that mercury hanging out to it long enough so it’s flushed out of the GI tract and that’s where normally if your liver is functioning your gallbladder is clear you’re pushing the fats and the vials and the – mercury through the gastrointestinal tract you’re using intestinal binders to prevent they’ve had about a portal recirculation and then you’re pushing things out the gastrointestinal tract which is where it’s supposed to leave anyway what you know what in practice when I was in practice I noticed that people that did that they started developing the dark circles around the eyes I don’t know if that’s detox or I just noticed that I don’t know if it was just me but and I had them worse and I still have them now and I think that’s in I think that’s a sign of inflammation and potentially of potentially allergic responses and that happens to go away when the detox phase is ended miss you know as they say it’s a marathon and not a sprint so we’re talking once two years yeah that’s true well you certainly get these heavy metals out of the body and that’s because they were circulated and attached to sulfurs on proteins and get these things off the sulfur on the proteins in your body and onto something like an intestinal binder or a fat that’s going to be excreted through the gastrointestinal tract it’s a challenge and so that’s why I always go about the natural method of taking intestinal binders which is where it’s supposed to go engaging in sweat therapies after all the skin is the third kidney and you get rid of all your toxins when you’re sweating and you enter an extra Tory phase when you’re sweating a lot and the whole body enters this dumping phase which i think is more beneficial than trying to get extractors and get or okie laters and that’s been or trying to get into intravenous key lehder which is only going to take it out of your blood and not necessarily extract it from the tissues bind it and push it through the GI tract what else Ben bentonite clay right right so yes I think bentonite clay will attach certain types of zeolites are being promoted now so more than others as an advocate and a binder of heavy metals and I I think I’m an advocate of that as well providing that the clay doesn’t contain mercury as well and after all 80% of the mercury is stored in the kidney and after all it damages it and prevents mercury from leaving through the kidney well 10 to 15 percent of the mercury normally excreted through the urine but not if your kidneys are damaged from chronic mercury toxicity and so mercury getting into the body prevents its leaving by damaging the kidney in the liver and so when I read this I said geez this is such a devious thing to happen along with the fact that mercury bollock is so volatile and evaporates as a gas and enters the entire blood system in the brain I mean could you get any more devious as far as a toxin yes I know what could be worse what’s the top three most common symptoms for mercury toxicity oh man I’d have to say what I’ve seen for treating people of the past four or five years I’d have to say insomnia anxiety fatigue are huge on the list okay and then I would have to say neural disorders because I find neural inflammation is always associated with medals and kidney problems so I’m gonna say you have all these chronic kidney problems you have neural inflammation Parkinson’s tremors and then kidney and then of course the fatigue anxiety insomnia which all seem to go together he can sign me up and the chronic fatigue and that partially you know the chronic fatigue and insomnia that can be managed correctly with with mineral supplementation but it you will not get done to having to take all these minerals until you really dump the heavy metals which is and I would not advise anyone to do what I did and go about it on your own I would advise that you get a hold of somebody who’s really knowledgeable like yourself and engage in that regular communication and regular excretion and regular managing management of these heavy metals so you don’t get to the point where you’re having this chronic pain and chronic disorders of digestion and everything else that comes along with dumping too much mercury too fast that the body can’t handle it yeah interesting yeah I think I’m I don’t want to open the can of worms with vaccines because that is unfortunately an area that is highly monitored and right like with these troll farms and if I start speaking up on it attack attack but I think everyone that’s watching knows about mostly knows about that so we we won’t open that can of worms but yeah that’s another source I totally agree I’ve read all the books on vaccines and autism link and I’ll tell ya it’s grossly evidence and politically it is really a hot number and I mean that’s a whole nother that’s all another video and yeah if I start putting videos up you know they’ll just know this kind of cut down the ratings for sure so unfortunately there’s certain things we can’t talk about not YouTube anyway I absolutely be monetizing a little bit I got it yeah fascinating topic I highly suggest you guys get his his book it’s on Amazon I put a link down below check it out and your website you have great videos and information there but I just wanted to bring you on and talk a little bit about that and thank you so much for sharing and for taking the time to have me on I’ve I’m honestly a big fan of yours and I think you and others like you provide information on alternative medicine and I am living proof after all the doctors and all the tests and all the things now one doctor mentioned heavy metals and so where is the where is someone like me going to get relief if they don’t invite five years of study as a scientist well they’re gonna have to go to the alternative medicine Avenue and find people that know how to cure people from chronic disease and reduce toxicities and prevent toxic toxic overloads and and help people actually get well and cure them for chronic disease so like you putting up videos is a true godsend and saving people and helping them where where traditional medicine has totally gone wrong and absolutely appreciate that like thanks I know what I mean just one last thing I you know when people even have high blood pressure and they have eighty percent of them have a type of high blood pressure that involves a higher systolic first before the diastolic so so they go to the doctor and they go yeah I have high blood pressure and it’s hot you have high systolic and and then the doctor doesn’t really tell you why there’s no significance it’s just like here take this drug yes so so then you go on google and you search you can’t find anything you cannot find a lot of true data on that it talks about anemia hypothyroidism unless you unless you know some of these connections so one of the things that I do is I I study a lot of the older medical textbooks that before it was like filtered out and I found some interesting connections just with that like it’s high cortisol and there’s a whole bunch of data so now now when I do a video on that people can do searches on the connection between cortisol and systolic and now there’s all this data you can find right you search it directly you can’t find these links so that’s one of the things I like doing is I like helping people find areas that they have not been aware of okay example that is the Merck Manual if you go back to the I don’t know 800 you’re gonna get a time where medicine was not manipulated to the point where you’re cooking where where medicine was medicine if people working for disease it wasn’t an industry and you’re going to get these connections like you say and there’s going to be real resources that work now taking that information and then speeding it up a hundred fifty years and look for those pieces of data that are readily available and not connected then you can really go go far into putting and connecting the dots one more thing is next time that we have a video I want to ask you a ton of questions because I’m curious about how you go about scanning people and determining record toxicity how you treat people and how long it takes to to cure people and so on I I have a list of questions for you next time we can do that for sure now you brought just you brought up that one point I have a little attention I had you know like um mercs manual some of the older editions talked about a great remedy for arthritis right and it was ammonium chloride and and of course and then later conditions is gone you can’t find it they had a medication for arthritis long ago where they had this so-called active ingredient but then they had as an extra added ingredient they had ammonium chloride and so then when they took out that extra added agreement the green and it didn’t work anymore so that was really the active ingredient so ammonium chloride is a great anti-inflammatory and the joints and it’s pretty it’s non-toxic and so that’s a nice little little thing it looks like someone has allergies for example and you want to just drop the pH or a little bit to sit if I the body to make those allergies go away or arthritis the type of arthritis that if you were to eat citrus you also with an hour later you end up like arthritic because mainly osteoarthritis is the person’s slightly more alkaline than they should be so calcium just kind of deposits all over that’s why you ALP cider vinegar works acidifying the body works but ammonium chloride is a systemic acidifier but you can’t find that information anywhere so it’s like a little piece of you know when you need that information at the right time it’s very available so I’ve done videos on that and a lot of other ones but yeah awesome well thanks for being on and we’ll stay tuned for another interview sometime ok thank you very much I appreciate the opportunity you’re welcome thank you good ok I’ll see you later

This Post Was All About Dealing with Toxic Mercury with Dr. Bill McGraw.
Dealing with Toxic Mercury with Dr. Bill McGraw

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We’re getting hit with mercury from so many different areas. How do we deal with it?

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We have a special guest joining us today, Dr. Bill McGraw. Dr. Bill McGraw is an expert in toxic metal mercury. In this special guest interview, we are going to cover mercury toxicity, what’s causing this, how to deal with toxic mercury, and much more. 

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