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Keto Trolls (Haters): The Best Way to Deal With Them

Keto Trolls (Haters): The Best Way to Deal With Them

Keto Trolls (Haters): The Best Way to Deal With Them

New To Keto But Want To Grow Your Knowledge?

More specifically, you want help with Keto Trolls (Haters): The Best Way to Deal With Them?

let’s talk about the best way to deal with keto trolls and haters when you think about it’s so weird that something that is so positive that helps people so much can attract so much hate I mean sometimes I’ll do a video on incredible success story or a testimonial and I will get people that will literally attack that it’s very very strange so you might be seeing a lot of negative press on keto I could have causes bad breath keto crotch where you have itching causes heart disease keto causes cancer now causes diabetes which is ridiculous because it actually reverses type-2 diabetes and of course they’ll say that all this bacon grease and butter that you’re consuming is going to clog your arteries like keto is only bacon grease and of course that we all know the fact that meat causes cancer right they’re not differentiating between grass-fed grass-finished or organic meat or the hotdogs you would get at the 7-eleven and then of course how dangerous keto is long term we know it helps in the short term but if you do it long term it’s going to affect your thyroid it’s gonna create a lot of problems you’re gonna go off the program so they’re trying to create doubt and confusion and it can really upset some of you because you’ve gotten results and then you see all this negativity and then you respond back and it goes back and forth and then next thing you know so you see this entire long line of 100 responses going back and forth completely unnecessary because this is what you need to realize the majority of these posts are not from concerned citizens taking an objective view they are from troll farms yes troll farms what is a troll farm well you can hire a troll for 50 cents a post in India and the Philippines use these tro forms to counter opposing viewpoints in fact there is a leak of the company Monsanto using a troll farm under the campaign let no negative comment go unnoticed so you have all these trolls searching on the internet for anything that opposes you know GMO foods glyphosate and making comments about it and they’ll set up fake profiles with normal-looking posts so you just have to realize it’s a covert method of invalidating counter viewpoints and they’re pretending to be someone they’re not the key of their success to keep it secret and make sure there’s no links back to the company in fact Facebook deleted over a period of six months over three billion fake accounts so you know this is very very popular but it’s under the radar so you don’t really know what’s happening so the best way to deal with Akito troll is two ways one is to either ignore them or share your results because there’s nothing more than a troll hates then success like these lost 130 pounds with keto and intermittent fasting and I love it I feel amazing I’ve been doing keto since December so I lost 42 pounds I’m in maintenance now back to the way I was pretty much in high school my journey through keto and intermittent fasting has been something that has literally like changed my life I lost over 40 pounds in less than seven months I’ve lost 44 pounds and I’ve lost 37 pounds and I feel fantastic yeah I lost 30 pounds like within about four to six months I’m off the medication and my glucose levels are down to about a hundred three weeks I had him down to 100 I gained 90 back after the Biggest Loser in 18 months and lost but 30 of it through Kido and the rest through intermittent fasting lost 370 pounds on keto in two years I lost 346 so yeah I’ve had great success on it and continuing to have success with it

This Post Was All About Keto Trolls (Haters): The Best Way to Deal With Them.
Keto Trolls (Haters): The Best Way to Deal With Them

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In this video, we’re going to talk about how to deal with keto trolls and responding to haters.

Keto naysayers are saying things like:

• Keto causes bad breath
• Keto causes keto crotch (itching)
• Keto causes heart disease
• Keto causes cancer
• Keto causes diabetes
• All that fat clogs arteries 
• Meat causes cancer
• Keto is dangerous long-term

Keto diet haters try to stir up doubt and confusion, which can be upsetting. However, the majority of these negative posts are not from concerned citizens taking an objective view. They are from troll farms. You can actually hire an internet troll for about 50 cents a post in certain countries.

The best way to deal with keto trolls:

1. Ignore them
2. Share your results 

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