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What Causes High Liver Enzymes?

What Causes High Liver Enzymes?

What Causes High Liver Enzymes?

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all right so I wanted to talk about what causes high liver enzymes okay you’d have high ast alt or ALP okay so these two are high it’s meaning than the liver if this one is high chances are you could have a stone that’s blocking a little bile duct and you’re having the bowel backing up so it’s a kind of a congested bile situation backing up to deliver so the number one cause would be something called non-alcoholic fatty liver disease okay so it’s basically of a fatty liver that is not coming from alcohol but I always like to know what causes this it’s insulin resistance okay I’ve done a couple videos on that probably about a thousand so insulin resistance increases insulin okay and then that will convert to fat in the liver that’s kind of it that’s where your body is going to dump it first so the fat fills up it gets inflamed it spills over around the organs causing visceral fat it creates a scar tissue you lose the function you have the high liver enzymes and then you develop diabetes so that’s the progression and number two a fatty liver that’s caused by alcohol okay now between ninety and a hundred percent of alcoholics have a fatty liver and of course they’re going to also eventually have high liver enzymes so alcohol does destroy the liver and the enzymes that are supposed to work through the liver number three medications statin drugs steroids Tylenol antibiotics all will destroy the liver and there’s a lot more as well and perform infection like inflammatory conditions like hepatitis and viruses certain parasites can do it other microbes will do it epstein-barr virus cytomegalovirus number five cirrhosis that’s scar tissue of the liver but of course will cause the cirrhosis there’s a fatty liver and insulin resistance so if you have high liver enzymes this is what I would recommend very simple do the keto intermittent fasting program and see if they don’t come down I put a link down below of exactly how to do it hey guys a lot of you already have my book some of you don’t but this new edition called the new body type guide is an upgrade from my last edition called the seven principles of fat burning it has a hundred fifty six images three hundred seventy eight pages full glossary I talked about keto in a minute fasting the body types in detail I have a new stressed chapter I’m going to show you exactly what to eat any comprehensive FAQ I put a link down below check it out

This Post Was All About What Causes High Liver Enzymes?.
What Causes High Liver Enzymes?

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Dr. Berg talks about high liver enzymes. The liver enzymes AST, ALT and ALP are all liver enzymes if high can mean several things, but the main causes of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease is insulin resistance. Other things that can cause this condition is the side-effects from medication (stain drugs, steroids, antibiotics, tylenol, etc.).

The main cause is a non- alcoholic fatty liver disease caused by insulin resistance. A second major factor is alcohol which damages the liver and creates and causes it to be a fatty liver.

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