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Why Are Children Developing Diabetes at Such an Alarming Rate

Why Are Children Developing Diabetes at Such an Alarming Rate

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hey guys I wanted to talk about why children are developing diabetes at such an early age from 2000 to 2009 we had an increase of 21% in children developing type 1 diabetes that’s crazy type 2 is increase of 30% insane why is that now it’s 2018 I can’t even imagine what these numbers are and it’s really hard to find the numbers and I wonder why now if you google this and you do your research on the first and second page of Google you’re gonna find a bunch of sites which will tell you it has an unknown cause okay and I’m talking about type one diabetes and they might say well it’s autoimmune that’s what causes it so no one goes one step further and talks about what causes autoimmune conditions okay that’s what I want to focus on so here’s my theory on what causes specifically type 1 diabetes vaccinations okay it’s already known that viruses can trigger the destruction of the cells that make insulin okay if you’re gonna inject a small child with multiple viruses is it possible that can create damage well I’m gonna put some links down below you can look at the research yourself I think it is all my kids were not vaccinated okay I got a double shot when when I was in the military they lost my records so I had to get injected again okay could have been why my blood sugars are off I don’t know but I had a history of a lot of blood sugar problems now number two Alexson I just did a video on this recently alloxan is something to use in experiments to induce diabetes in rats can or other animals so if you exposed a rat to Locsin they develop diabetes type 1 it destroys the cells of the pancreas that make insulin so my question is where would you get a Locsin well guess what alloxan can be created by combining chloride oxide with protein and that comes from the bleaching agents that they use to make white flour okay so when you’re consuming white flour you’re getting a Locsin residue hmm I wonder if children consume white flour what do you think in the form of breads pasta cereal crackers biscuits could to be a connection possibly number three a mother who has insulin resistance which is a pre-diabetic State or diabetes can set up a situation where the offspring is at risk for getting diabetes because the cells that make insulin are now hypertrophied or they get bigger pumping out too much insulin and then that can end up with even a hypoglycemic thing as a growing infant and number four infant formulas if you read the label on the ingredients it’s incredible they got soy oil which has been known to trigger instant resistance and that would set you up for type 2 it’s loaded with high fructose corn syrup genetically modified ingredients do you think it’s possible that that could contribute to becoming a diabetic possibly so these are the things that I think are really behind the sudden rise in these kids becoming diabetic thanks for watching hey thank you so much for watching keep spreading the word and share this video

This Post Was All About Why Are Children Developing Diabetes at Such an Alarming Rate.
Why Are Children Developing Diabetes at Such an Alarming Rate

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Dr. Berg talks about why children are getting diabetes at such an alarming rate. From 2000 to 2009, diabetes type 1 increased at 21%, and in type 2 increased 30%.
This video is my opinion and meant to give the consumer new data to research and come up with their own conclusions about the cause and effect relationship between diabetes and it’s cause. If someone tells you that this video is untrue and there is no possibility this could happen – simply ask them, “then causes diabetes 1 in children – why the sudden increase?” This is where it breaks down. They will tell you, we don’t know. Then ask them, “then why are you so sure that there is no connection between vaccinations, GMO foods, etc. and diabetes – and see what they say. Our children have without a doubt experienced way more vaccinations and GMO foods than most parents ever had.

What Causes Diabetes:
1. Vaccinations
2. Alloxan
3. Mother who has insulin resistance
4. Ingredients in infant formulas (MSG, HFCS, Soy Oil (GMO)

Soy Oil and GMO


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