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Which Nutritional Deficiency Causes ADHD? | Dr.Berg

Which Nutritional Deficiency Causes ADHD? | Dr.Berg

Which Nutritional Deficiency Causes ADHD? | Dr.Berg

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hi guys in this video we want to talk about ADHD attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and nutritional deficiencies okay if you’re interested in alternatives and nutrition so just watch this this is important here the symptoms inattention hyperactive forgetfulness temper tantrum sleep disorder aggressive behavior okay if your child has this or you have this here’s what it is it’s a it’s mainly a B vitamin deficiency and low vitamin D okay if you’re a deficient in b12 you’re gonna have a lot of problems with neurotransmitters that would be serotonin for your mood for sleep dopamine for your emotions adrenalin for the ability and an inability to sit there comfortably for a period of time so you’re you’re gonna feel anxious all the time so here are the deficiencies you can get fatigued depressed memory problems like try to try to study in school when you have a b12 deficiency it’s almost impossible vitamin b6 deficiency this controls concentration it calms the nervous system down and if you’re deficient you’re going to be hyper and you’re gonna like fly off the handle very easily so then we have a vitamin b1 vitamin b1 mainly controls blood sugars but if you’re deficient you’re gonna have a lot of stress built up you’re gonna feel very restless you’re not gonna be able to feel comfortable and your minds gonna race no wonder if these kids are having a hard time irritable sleep distracted easily and you’re not gonna be able to learn okay vitamin b3 affects the cognitive function that’s forgetfulness memory issues and depression and then we have vitamin D if that’s low you’re gonna get depressed you have memory problems and even like rage that’s something that’s one of the symptoms so these other nutrients that really affect your cognitive function and yes you can get these nutrients in fish and eggs and made in cheese and but here’s the big issue it’s not necessarily just that you’re not getting it from the diet these kids are eating things that are depleting these nutrients so take a well guess what food will deplete these nutrients you have any ideas I’ll tell you it’s refined carbohydrates it’s refined grains in the form of breads pasta cereal crackers biscuits waffles pancakes muffins things like that and actual sugar high fructose corn syrup so if we combine sugar with refined carbohydrates that makes up a lot of the diet for some of these kids so you’re gonna just these are gonna be sucked out like a vacuum cleaner and then you’re wondering why they’re acting up it’s basically the food that’s going in their mouth so not to mention even the blood sugar swings if the blood sugar goes up they’re gonna get tired if it goes down they’re gonna be very edgy and irritable and they’re not gonna be able to be sane they’re gonna like just go shopping go grocery shopping when your child is hungry and tired that’s what you’re going to experience so what are you gonna do okay I’m gonna put a link down and what these kids should eat okay and unfortunately you may have started them out too late as far as getting them used to eating healthy and now it’s like you have to change this thing and they might kick and scream but honestly you’re gonna have to make some changes to get the B vitamins in their body nutritional yeast is what you need to get okay and you’d get it in a powder form and you would have to mix it with something put in peanut butter you know you may have to put some unsweetened chocolate in there just to to drown the taste out but we got to get the B vitamins back in their body but I’ll put a video down below of some ideas of foods that you can eat you’re gonna have to like make healthy recipes I already have that solved so you can make different desserts for your kids so that way they can feel like they’re getting something sweet but it’s there’s no sugar in it okay but you’re gonna have to make the change and you’ll start seeing these kids their attention will be better and better and concentration will be better and but the the psychiatrist is not looking at the nutritional aspects of this at all and it’s you can switch flip things overnight if you can just change the diet so I put some links down below you’re going to have to start studying up on what to feed these kids and what to avoid and start to Clemente this and just bite the bullet it’s gonna help alright press this it okay Jesus let me do that over here press the subscribe button press just press this button right here subscribe okay that one right there just do it right now hey if you’re enjoying my videos press the subscribe button below and I will keep you updated on the future events thank you so much

This Post Was All About Which Nutritional Deficiency Causes ADHD? | Dr.Berg.
Which Nutritional Deficiency Causes ADHD? | Dr.Berg

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Dr. Berg talks about ADHD and nutritional deficiencies. ADHD symptoms include inattention, hyperactive, forgetfulness, temper tantrum, sleep disorder, and aggressive behavior…etc. If you have B12 deficiency, you have a lot of problems with neurotransmitters that would be serotonin for your mood and sleep, dopamine for your emotions, Adrenalin for the inability to sit there comfortably for a period and feel anxious all the time. B6 deficiency: this controls concentration and very hyper. B1 deficient: very restless, the mind will race, distracted easily and not being able to learn. B3 deficient: cognitive issue, forgetfulness memory problems, depression. Vitamin D deficiency: depressed, memory problems, the mind will be racing The big problem is not getting it from the diet but kids these days are eating things that are depleting all the nutrition such as refined carbohydrates(sugar, bread, pasta..etc). Change your eating habits and take nutritional yeast.

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