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The 4 Week Keto Diet – How to Cut on Keto

The 4 Week Keto Diet – How to Cut on Keto

The 4 Week Keto Diet – How to Cut on Keto

New To Keto But Want To Grow Your Knowledge?

More specifically, you want help with The 4 Week Keto Diet – How to Cut on Keto?

so you’ve got four weeks to get in good shape utilizing Kido okay maybe you want to get ready for a photo shoot maybe you want to get beach ready do you want to get pool ready or maybe you just want to see how far you can push it in four weeks well if you just start a traditional keto diet you’ll have good results but I want to give you some more of a breakdown over the course of four weeks and the progression that you can take to get the most out of things it’s not quite as simple as starting something new and then just sticking to it we really want to have a natural progression we want to sort of evolve the diet for lack of a better way of saying things and we want to sprinkle in the right kinds of exercise so full disclaimer on this video this is not a meal plan okay I’m not giving you exactly what to eat I am gonna give you some recommended macros I’m gonna give you some recommended supplements and some recommended types of food but more than anything this is a guideline for you to follow so you do want to use something like MyFitnessPal or some kind of calorie tracker to begin with so you can at least get a gauge of your macros your overall calories hey you’re tuned into the Internet’s leading performance nutrition and fat loss channel you got new videos every single Tuesday Friday and Sunday at 7 a.m. Pacific time and a bunch of other videos throughout the week as well there’s a red subscribe button I really would appreciate if you hit that that way you always see my videos but also there’s a little bell icon that bell icon is important that you hit it’s gonna allow you to turn on notifications and if you turn on notifications you know whenever I go live or post a new video let’s go ahead and let’s get in to the breakdown these four weeks so week one this is assuming that you’re just totally getting started from scratch if you’re already doing an aggressive keto diet some of this stuff might be a little bit different but if you’re starting from scratch or maybe you’re just doing a little bit of keto this is gonna be a great place to start so week one I don’t want you to do any intermittent fasting a lot of people who watch my channel do intermittent fasting as well so if you’re new to this channel that’s why I mention it I want you to keep it clean okay just keto we’re not doing fascinating for the first week and this is for good reason okay I’ll explain in a little bit I want you to stay right at your basal metabolic rate now you might be wondering how the heck do I figure this out the simplest way to figure it out and get a rough idea is to go ahead and take your body weight and multiply it by 10 that’s the simplest way to get a rough idea of your basal metabolic rate if you know how to get your basal metabolic rate through other apps or through other measures go ahead and use that but for those of you that don’t know how that’s the simplest way so for example a basal metabolic rate I’m gonna use an example of 2,000 calories basal metabolic rate is the exact rate in which your metabolism goes for you to maintain weight if you were to not move at all all day so if it takes 2,000 calories to maintain weight that’s your basal metabolic rate okay we’re not adding any multiples for exercise or anything right there I want you to eat at your basal metabolic rate during week one okay and remember this is only for four weeks so even if we get tight on calories it’s gonna be short-term okay then what I want you to do for week one is I want you to have a liquid breakfast okay this is gonna make a big difference in gut motility and it’s gonna kickstart these processes get some digestive enzymes going get the process started when I say liquid breakfast I mean do something along the lines of a protein shake something along the lines of a bulletproof coffee fat coffee kind of thing get your calories that way I’ll break down the macros a little bit more here I’d want you to train fasted okay get up in the morning and workout if you already worked out if you don’t work out already I don’t want you to even implement workouts yet you heard me right the reason is I don’t want to add too many variables into the mix at once I want the diet to do the work and then I want to progressively add workouts in so if you don’t work out don’t add workouts yet if you are working out the only thing I want you to do is make sure you’re training in a fasted State and if you absolutely cannot train in a fasted State do a crazy schedule I want you to train three hours fasted so if you train in the afternoon make sure you’ve finished your meal at least three hours prior absolutely no dairy during week one which is gonna be tough okay week one is strict week one is tough no dairy we have to keep it super clean what we’re trying to do is we’re trying to get the ketones flowing in a really clean way I’m trying to modulate inflammation the best that I can so that the next couple of weeks have a more powerful effect here’s what your macro breakdown should look like okay I want 70% fat 25% protein and 5% carbs this is how your calories should be allocated during week one mostly fat a decent amount of protein and very little bit of carbs okay very simple and I want this split out over four meals nothing crazy we’re here’s what we’re gonna do we’re in terms of supplementation I want you to preserve all of your vitamins till the end of the day don’t take anything in the morning yeah I want food to do the work at the end of the day you can take magnesium potassium a whole food form of vitamin C so we’re talking like a scroll of cherry anything like that then you can find trust me if you just google or go to Amazon and search whole food vitamin C you’ll find it and then an omega-3 of some kind I’m not gonna get nitpicky on what kind of omega-3 I just you need to have the omega-3s in to stimulate protein synthesis okay so you’re gonna break this down into four meals we’re not doing traditional six meal bodybuilding style cutting we’re not doing three square meals here we’re doing four so your first meal is going to be after your workout and it’s going to be 15% of your overall calories for the day okay so of all the calories you should be eating 15% need to be coming in that first meal then 25% of your calories come in with lunch okay then another 25% later in the afternoon okay I want at least three hours between these meals and then a larger chunk of them 35% coming from dinner all broken down as close to evenly as possible with the 70 25 5 okay it’s very generic for week 1 it’s just strict okay super super strict that’s the only thing that’s really fascinating about week 1 then we move into week 2 this is where things get a little bit trickier two times per week I want you to do an 18 hour fast you can go 16 if you want to okay but basically what I want you to do is take 2 days out of the week not back-to-back and implement intermittent fasting strategically we’re not adding more even if you’ve done fasting before and we need to go back to baseline here okay most of your calorie deficit is simply going to come from these fast these fasting days ok so when you break your fast I want you to eat only protein no fats no carbs only protein so your remaining ketogenic but just trust me on this ok then one hour later go ahead and eat a normal meal go ahead and eat what a normal dinner might look like or maybe a mid-afternoon snack and then resume to your normal dinner ideally I would like you to only be having one meal on your fasting day so try to fast all the way through dinner have your meal which should be basically your dinner and then that’s it okay so with the exception of the fasting days okay forgetting about those for a second your normal day is there five other days of the week I want you to reduce your calories ten percent from where you were at week one so again if your basal metabolic rate is two thousand calories and you reduce it ten percent you’re reducing it two hundred calories so you’re now gonna eat 1,800 calories if that was your number obviously it would be different depending on what your basal metabolic rate is so we’re slight calorie reduction but a pretty aggressive calorie reduction at the end of a week considering we’ve added fasting okay Dairy is now okay in week two your macros slightly change 65 percent fat 30% protein 5% carb okay so what we’ve done is we’ve reduced the fat a little bit and we’ve increased the protein to stimulate thermogenesis to get the body starting to burn more fat from a body heat perspective and we’ve reduced the dietary fat that’s coming in so we stimulate the body to actually use its own stored fat this is a very critical thing as you get keto adapted and in ketosis you want to slowly start reducing your fat if you’re trying to lose body fat if you’re trying to just maintain you can keep it neutral during week two you’re gonna do three meals not four I want longer gaps between the meals breakfast lunch dinner three square meals with nice long gaps in between you’re gonna be at a little hungry but hunger means that The Hunger the hunger means that basically your glucagon the hormone that’s going to allow you to burn fat is going up we need to be a little hungry it’s okay this is a fat loss regimen you should be a little hungry if it’s short term like this okay slight breakdown 25% of your calories coming from the morning meal a good chunk coming in breakfast this time okay so again you can use your tracker whatever you need to use lunch you’re gonna go ahead and you’re gonna do 20% of your calories so breakfast is bigger than lunch and here’s what I want you to do with lunch make it mostly protein reduce your fat a little bit try to make a concerted effort to not add a bunch of fats at the end of the day you still want to be at this sixty five thirty five percent ratio but we do want more fats coming with breakfast and less fats coming with lunch what that does is again spikes the body to utilize those ketones those fats and then slowly deprives them of the fats for a little bit and then it allows you to burn some fat their supplements again magnesium potassium I want you to add dim if you’re a male dim you can get it on Amazon dean dole methane just type in dim supplement okay you want to take probably 300 milligrams or so of that it’s gonna help modulate estrogen gotta get the omega-3s the fish oil now when it comes to the meat this is where it’s really important get meat that is high in omega-3 if you go to the grocery store and you get normal beef it’s not high in omega-3 it’s high in omega-6 because that beef is generally grain fed you have to get grass-fed grass-finished beef okay I say have to but you really should okay now for those of you that are watching this video I did work out a deal with butcher box so in the description there is a discount link for you to get grass-fed grass-finished beef delivered to your doorstep through butcher box and it’s literally cheaper than going to the grocery store and it goes right to your doorstep so you don’t want to miss out on that very high-quality grass-fed and graphs finished which means the cows are not eating any grain or any soy or any corn you want to be leaning on that kind of meat and they have chicken too okay so they’ve got really good quality meat so you don’t want to miss out on that special link for those that are doing the four week keto cut don’t miss out on that okay now in terms of workouts I want you to add one day per week high-intensity interval training okay probably 30 minutes or so of that if you’re already working out you add this on top of that if you are not working out you add this on top of it okay so no matter who you are you’re adding in one day of hit okay that’s it that’s it you’re just trying to do the most with the least if we add a bunch of diet changes and a bunch of workout changes all at once we just we pull out all our stops at one time and we never have a progression the whole reason I’m doing this is for good accountability okay let’s go ahead and let’s migrate on over to week three now so week three simple we’re continuing with two times per week fasting not adding anything crazy we’re not adding a third day we’re keeping two days per week of intermittent fasting the rest of the week similar to week two explain in a second if possible if you’re up for the challenge I highly highly recommend adding in one 24-hour fast do you see what I’m doing here I’m trying to get the calorie deficit to occur through fasting rather than through general calorie restriction if we get our caloric deficit through fasting instead of just whittling away our calories we get all these protective benefits of fasting fasting preserves muscle calorie restriction beats muscle by simply fasting a little bit we encounter some new mechanisms and metabolic drivers that actually preserve our muscle more so that’s why I’m adding fasting in instead of just shrinking your calories down very important if you can do that you will see amazing results but I understand it’s not for everyone all explained in a second I don’t want you to alter the calories otherwise you’re gonna follow week two the same way in week three okay you’re just gonna follow exactly what you were doing what I do want you to do workout wise is I want you to add 15 minutes at 65% maximum heart rate cardio on your lifting days you might be wondering I don’t do any lifting already so what should I do if that’s the case you want to go ahead and you want to just add 15 minutes of cardio two days per week okay so now you’ve got your still doing your hit from the week before and you’re adding two times just traditional 15 minutes of cardio nothing fancy you see I’m only adding 15 minutes if you already go to the gym add 15 minutes to your post-workout cardio hey if you are someone that can’t do the 24 hour fast you just can’t wrap your head around it you just feel like it’s just too much and you’re Thomas you’re asking me to do a lot here that’s fine if you cannot do the 24 hour fast I recommend that you reduce your overall calories throughout the rest of the week by 5% so then you’re at a 15% decrease from when you first start it so the reason I have you do that is people are going to get a benefit from the fast if you can’t do it I still want you to have good results with this so reduce those calories 5% then at the end of the week this is where it gets kind of fun guys one time Kido cheat what I mean by that is have a caloric surplus at the end of week three but no carbs caloric surplus we’re just spiking up the metabolism a little bit getting some left in response going I want you to be at a surplus of two to three hundred calories that day what that means is if you were to look at your overall target calories where you should be for this week I want you to be about 300 calories above that we are doing this for a reason so what I recommend doing is this is your time to have a keto cupcake or make some keto cookies or something like that have a couple extra calories enjoy a keto treat but do not I repeat do not go out of ketosis now let’s move into week 4 week 4 can be complicated if you want it to be so I’m going to break this down kind of to check two chunks here I’m gonna have a portion in here that talks a little bit about sodium manipulation and the reason that I add this is maybe you’re someone that wanted to do this four week keto cut to get ready for a specific event maybe you wanted to look at in a bathing suit on a specific day maybe you wanted to look good on stage okay the reason that I do this is because you need to understand that even when you’re like trying to get in great shape you can water manipulate to make yourself look a little better you look at my photo shoot pictures my photo shoot videos things like that yeah I’m at my best because you manipulate water a little bit I stay lean most of the time right but when I’m getting ready for a shoot I can manipulate my minerals my water to look even leaner because I can drop some water weight I’ll show you how to do that you don’t have to worry about the sodium if you don’t want to play around with that so week 4 you’re adding a third fast 16 to 18 hours same length 16 to 18 but don’t do them back-to-back okay so don’t go Monday Tuesday Wednesday go Monday Wednesday Friday or Tuesday Thursday Saturday 3 intermittent fasting days okay no long-term fast no 24-hour fastest three intermittent fast the other days still following the same calories as week three okay you’re not changing anything on your regular days I want you to drink about 20% more water than you normally would no matter who you are if you want to sodium manipulate a little bit and get more of an effect you want to have days 1 through 3 adding extra salt okay two teaspoons extra per day I want a lot more salt on days one through three what this is going to do is it’s gonna get your body adapted to salt it’s gonna create what’s called an isotonic state so you have all this extra salt coming in then later in the week when we remove the extra salt your body overcompensates and makes it so that you dry out and look even leaner so add the extra salt days one through three a week four add the extra water what I would recommend you do is train your full body if you already lift go into the gym four days per week during week four and do legs and upper body okay you don’t need to do a whole lot I’m not going to get into reps and sets all I’m gonna say is keep your workout length the same length that normally would be but try to hit your whole body all we’re trying to do is deplete extra minerals and deplete any extra glycogen so simple then on day four of week four bring your salt back to normal so remember you added salt week day one two three day four just bring it back to normal that’s the only thing they’re just going normal don’t overthink it don’t reduce it just reduce it from the extra you added hey then days five through seven this is where it gets complicated increase your macros to 50% fat 50% protein okay really simple you’re gonna have a couple carbs in there okay they’re just gonna appear but for all intents and purposes we’re not trying to get any of them or just I want lower fat and higher protein and what that’s going to do is create a diuretic effect protein is a diuretic it draws water into the muscles so by increasing the protein and dropping the fat not only do we burn more fat for a short amount of time but we also draw water into the muscle okay that’s gonna really make you look a lot more hard a lot more dense otherwise you know mayn’t then when it comes down to maintaining I should say like if you if you got to your goal and you like how you look the best way to maintain close to this okay again I’m being honest here you’re gonna look really good here and you’re not gonna be able to maintain that you’re not gonna be able to maintain that forever but what you can do is you can maintain close to it and what I want you to do is just use week 1 as your baseline that should just be your standard macros and then you add 2 to 3 days of fasting ok that’s you’re here if you then if you just stick it we one and add some fasting two to three days per week you’re gonna maintain you’re gonna do really good so whether you are doing this cut or you’re maintaining I still do recommend higher quality meat and I have to throw a big shout out to butcher box for being super cool to people that are embarking on this journey like they’re really hooking it up they’re giving you money off they’re giving you some free bacon I think some free barbecue bundles so honestly just some really cool stuff so check them out and link down in the description I would love to do more videos like this but I’m gonna be honest I know that I’m gonna get destroyed in the comments section because I am NOT doing what everybody specifically wants right I can’t make everybody happy so I mean I’m gonna read through those comments and there’s gonna be things that are like hey you know what the heck you left this out I ask you to please have some faith in me that I’m doing the best I can to give general information this is not a direct meal plan but this is a heck of a lot more than what you’d normally see on YouTube from people so please please just a little respect there and and yeah that’s all there is to it for weeks to getting at least a little bit leaner if not totally shredded all right I’ll see you soon

This Post Was All About The 4 Week Keto Diet – How to Cut on Keto.
The 4 Week Keto Diet - How to Cut on Keto

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The 4 Week Keto Diet – How to Cut on Keto – Thomas DeLauer

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