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Yeast Infection vs Candida Infection: Is there a Difference?

Yeast Infection vs Candida Infection: Is there a Difference?

Yeast Infection vs Candida Infection: Is there a Difference?

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More specifically, you want help with Yeast Infection vs Candida Infection: Is there a Difference??

so recently I had a question from someone that wanted to know what is the difference between a yeast infection and a candida infection and a fungus infection there’s just a big confusion on these terms so let’s just kind of go through this yeast is a type of fungus okay Candida is the most common type of yeast infection so basically Candida is a type of yeast and you have like 20 different types of Candida but it’s only the overgrowth that becomes a problem or pathogenic normally we need this yeast candida and fungus in our digestive system and around our body it’s part of the normal flora or microbiome we don’t just have friendly bacteria we have friendly east from the candida and friendly fungus okay so the location of this candida overgrowth can occur in the vaginal area the mouth under the breast nail bed armpits private parts it likes areas that are moist so the question is what creates this overgrowth situation well you guessed it antibiotics will do it sugar will do it because candida and yeast live on sugar it ferments certain types of sugar steroids stress will cause the overgrowth estrogen will cause the overgrowth and this is why women can get a yeast infection during certain times of their cycle and that’s where the side effects of birth control pills and hormone replacement therapy and so I just did a video on this if you have estrogen dominance iodine seek help is the best remedy alright so now what do you do if you have a yeast or Candida infection well number one you want to increase the stomach acid it’s very very important I would recommend something called betaine hydrochloride okay I’ll put the spelling down below take that on a regular basis outside of vinegar is also very important you can get them in a tablet form garlic essential start consuming garlic in your food I’m not talking about rubbing it on your body because it can burn just to just consume it in your food or take it as a supplement clove is a good remedy for that as well find a really good probiotic all right enhance the probiotic the flora of your gut okay and avoid the actual food that feeds these microbes avoid all sugar of all kinds all right I’ll talk to you guys later so I want to thank you for being here and watching my videos if you haven’t already subscribed go ahead and do so so you can stay informed of future videos

This Post Was All About Yeast Infection vs Candida Infection: Is there a Difference?.
Yeast Infection vs Candida Infection: Is there a Difference?

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In this video, Dr. Berg discussed the difference between yeast infection and candida infection. Yeast is a type of fungus and candida is the most common type of yeast infection. There are 20 types of candida but only the overgrowth that becomes a problem or pathogenic. Normally, we need this candida and fungus in our digestive system and around our body and it is a part of the normal flora and microbiome.

Locations of Candida Overgrowth:
• Vagina
• Mouth
• Under breast
• Nail Bed
• Arm Pit
• Private Parts

What Causes this Overgrowth?
• Antibiotics
• Sugar
• Steroids
• Stress
• Estrogen

What to Do for Yeast or Candida Infection
1. Increase Stomach Acid – Betaine Hydrochloride, Apple Cider Vinegar
2. Garlic Clove
3. Probiotic
4. Avoid Sugar

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