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How to Fix the Swollen and Puffy Face / Eyes

How to Fix the Swollen and Puffy Face / Eyes

How to Fix the Swollen and Puffy Face / Eyes

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is your face and eyes swollen and puffy or do you know someone who has a swollen face or a puffy eyes this is going to be so easy to fix okay what we’re dealing with is edema swelling it’s too much fluid in the body the fluid is inside the cells and it’s outside the cells in the interstitial spaces which is the space around the cells now I know about this because I had it you can see this in my earlier videos look at my eyes swollen eyes puffy face now the problem is this extra fluid is not just in the face in the eyes it’s in the heart it’s in the liver it’s in yourselves it’s in your ankles you could press into the ankle it leaves a little indentation that’s called pitting edema sometimes in the lower legs you can see it gives us shiny appearance where the skin is just bulging out okay and then you lose the hair on the bottom of your your lower legs now it could be because you’re on a low protein diet when you actually go too low with your protein the fluid inside your blood vessels can leak out into the cells and start creating edema but this is usually not the problem so I’m not gonna really talk about it now there’s two main types of edema idiopathic okay and pathogenic idiopathic means unknown cause so let’s say for example someone has acid EEMA and they don’t have a bad heart they don’t have a bad liver their kidney shows up normal but they still have edema and then you have pathogenic this is the person with cirrhosis and their liver is literally leaking fluid into a sac around the gut that it’s called the peritoneum you look on the outside they look skinny but they have a lot of retention of fluid in the gut they may have pitting edema and eat lower ankles that’s one version or you might have a diabetic that has this huge swollen feet and their ankles are filled with fluid sometimes the hand is so filled with fluid they can’t actually even bend it they can’t get their rings off so that would be pathogenic because the kidney in the heart and liver are a problem to the heart if you have congestive heart failure the fluid backs up into the tissues as well and of course the treatment that is given is diuretics okay avoiding salt and compression stockings so let me show you what’s really going on behind this condition it is the high carbohydrate diet that’s right you guessed it the average American consumes between 250 to 400 grams of carbohydrates and I’m not talking about vegetable carbohydrates I’m talking about refined grains and sugar each gram of carbohydrate holds three grams of water so this carbohydrate is acting as a sponge in your muscles and your liver around the tissue so you’re basically waterlogged now as far as myself what I was consuming is fruit primarily apples okay I used to consume a lot of apples with peanut butter I would take the Honey Crisp apples which is basically 19 grams of sugar and I would cut it and I would have that peanut butter I would have a snack mid-morning mid-afternoon and after dinner so that’s what I was doing I was eating good otherwise but I was doing three meals and three snacks so if you’ve been watching my channel you know the problem with that many meals you’re raising a lot of insulin and I was getting a lot of sugar so I was 211 pounds so right now I am 180 a lot of that was fluent okay and you can see it in my eyes and as soon as I cut up those apples the fluid came right off very quickly and of course I only consumed two meals a day right now first meal right around I don’t know 1:30 2:00 o’clock sin times 3 and the next meal maybe five or six what happens in addition to this fluid retention is you also create a lot of inflammation and with inflammation you’re also holding a lot more water next thing is that these this high carbohydrate diet retains a tremendous amount of salt so you’re holding salt and with that you’re holding more fluid the other problem with high carbohydrate diets is you deplete your potassium reserves so the more carbohydrate you consume in the form of refined carbs and sugar you’re depleting your potassium potassium helps to get rid of the fluid so we have higher amounts of sodium and low amounts of potassium and we have an imbalance an average person needs about 4700 milligrams of potassium now if we look at all the nutrients in the RDAs potassium is at the top of the list as far as the quantity of that specific nutrient we just need a lot of it okay like magnesium is like 450 milligrams vitamin C is like 70 milligrams but we needed just a ton of potassium now there’s been some other studies that pre historically that we were consuming 11000 milligrams of potassium and of course to get your body at those levels you’re gonna have to consume more of these things called vegetables okay big salads I pretty much do all of my vegetables most of my vegetables in one meal it’s a large salad however the first meal I do consume fermented vegetables okay so that does add to it but not in large quantities you do get potassium from eggs and meats but not as much as the greens so let me just explain how simple it is to get rid of that puffiness in the eyes and the swollen face all you have to do is bring your carbs down bring them down below 50 grams or less okay preferably 20 grams you’re going to start to get rid of that excess fluid pretty quick but in addition to that also increase your potassium foods large amounts of vegetables these two simple things right here will get rid of the swollen eyes and the puffy face really fast thanks for watching if you’re liking this content please subscribe now and I will actually keep you updated on future videos

This Post Was All About How to Fix the Swollen and Puffy Face / Eyes.
How to Fix the Swollen and Puffy Face / Eyes

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Are your face and eyes swollen and puffy? In this video, we’re going to discuss why this happens and how to fix it. 

What causes puffy eyes and a swollen face?

It’s likely caused by edema. This means there is too much fluid in the body (inside and outside of the cells).

This extra fluid is not just in the face and eyes; it’s in the:

• Heart
• Liver
• Cells
• Ankles

This could happen if you’re on a low-protein diet, but this usually isn’t the problem.

There are two main types of edema:

• Idiopathic (unknown cause)
• Pathogenic (known cause like cirrhosis or diabetes) 

The real cause of this issue is a high carbohydrate diet. 

• The average American consumes an average of 250-400 grams of carbs (refined grains and sugar)
• Each gram of carb holds 3 grams of water 
• High carb diets create inflammation (which comes with fluid retention) 
• High carb diets cause you to retain salt (with that you’re holding more fluid)
• High carb diets deplete your potassium reserves (potassium helps get rid of fluid)

The simple fix to get rid of puffy eyes and a swollen face:

• Bring your carbs down below 50g (preferably 20g)
• Increase potassium foods (eat lots of veggies)

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