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Is Your Eczema Coming from a Salicylate Sensitivity?

Is Your Eczema Coming from a Salicylate Sensitivity?

Is Your Eczema Coming from a Salicylate Sensitivity?

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More specifically, you want help with Is Your Eczema Coming from a Salicylate Sensitivity??

hi guys in this video we’re gonna talk about a real common cause for eczema which is a skin condition it’s a rash it’s itchy scaly it’s red and that is something called salicylate sensitivity now you may have heard of salicylic acid which is aspirin but salicylates can come in a natural form in plants spices and nuts as compared to aspirin which is a synthetic version of this so if you’re reacting to this compound and you’re getting this symptom then we have to look at what foods are high and salicylates and let’s go down the list we have cayenne pepper cinnamon curry oregano sage tumeric thyme black pepper basil ginger and nutmeg broccoli chili pepper cucumber spinach squash sweet potato canned tomatoes radishes zucchini coffee wine beer pine nuts peanuts pistachios and almonds so if you have this condition simply avoid these foods for a week and see if it gets better then you’ll know for sure alright talk to you later hey thank you so much for watching keep spreading the word and share this video 

This Post Was All About Is Your Eczema Coming from a Salicylate Sensitivity?.
Is Your Eczema Coming from a Salicylate Sensitivity?

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Dr. Berg talks about one common cause of eczema: Salicylate sensitivity. This is a natural acid present in plants, spices and nuts. Its a protective mechanism for the plants. I would recommend just avoiding all these triggers for 1 week and see if your skin improves to know for sure if you have this problem.

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