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The #1 Fasting Rule Everyone Needs to Know

The #1 Fasting Rule Everyone Needs to Know

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simplicity it makes all the difference an intermittent fasting is simple however it gets complicated a lot so let’s go ahead and talk about the basic number one cardinal rule that you need to know about intermittent fasting and that is simply put you pay attention to how you break your fast and that is that everything else is important but not nearly as important as that piece so we’ll break it all down keep it simple and I’ll give you some solutions so let’s go ahead and dive in hey please do make sure you hit that red subscribe button and then make sure you hit that little Bell icon so you can turn on notifications and never ever miss a beat alright let’s have some fun with this so first thing that we have to talk about its insulin sensitivity why is breaking your fast so important well because during your fasting period you are insulin sensitive what does that mean I mean insulin is the absorptive hormone so what that means for us is when you consume food you spike what is called your insulin and that insulin turns on the cells ability to absorb food well when you go an extended period of time without eating your insulin sensitivity improves so what that means is that you’ve gone so long without food that when you do eat the contrast causes a big spike in insulin so you absorb a lot more of what you’re eating whether it’s good bad or ugly you’re starting to catch my drift here with intermittent fasting right you’re going a long period of time without eating so whatever you do put in your body that very first point in time your cells are gonna glom on to and absorb again good bad or ugly so the journal Cell Metabolism published a study took a look at 12-hour fastening and 16-hour fasting anyhow long story short what they found in this study was that on average if you practice intermittent fasting for 12 or 16 hours you ended up having on average a 25% lower level of fasting insulin so what that means is your insulin levels are dropping while you’re fasting so that way when you do eat they’re gonna spike even higher so it’s all about contrast okay if you’re normally eating all the time then your insulin levels are moderately high so when you do eat something you’re you know you’re not really sensitive so it doesn’t spike that much but when you’re fasting your insulin levels drop really low and then you eat and boom they spiked up which means again you’re gonna absorb everything that you’re consuming why is this happening though well we can have some fun with this so in 2019 during digestive disease week which sounds kind of funny but it’s a real thing they took a look at subjects that practice Ramadan right so 30 days of roughly 15 or 16 hour fasting well they found some interesting stuff happened after roughly four weeks they found they had an increase in what is called tropomyosin or TPM and these are specific proteins that seemed to change insulin sensitivity at the genetic level okay so what does that really mean to us well it means that on the daily you have insulin sensitivity that’s increasing because you’re fasting you’re not eating but over a longer period of time like if you were too fast for you know every other day for like a month you’d have an increase in these proteins at the genetic level that actually change how sensitive you are to insulin so fasting can quite literally make it so you’re more insulin sensitive overall so what I’m saying here is you’re starting a lifestyle that is going to change your cells and make them more sensitive to what you eat which means that you have to have the discipline to really control what you eat because you’re gonna utilize it better do you have more flexibility yeah you do because you’re not taking in as many calories but at the end of the day you really need to know that your body is going to glom onto whatever you take in so what do you need to be paying attention to and you break your fast okay well there’s something you need to know about it’s called a SP oscillations stimulating protein now what this a SP is is in a dip in a core Mon so what that means is it’s a hormone that’s related to fat and it usually stimulates triglycerides which are the mobilized kind of form of fat from the food that we eat and it triggers them to go into storage so what we have to pay attention to is when we consume fat we have this spike in ASP it’s neither good nor bad really but when we consume fat along with carbohydrates we get an extra high spike in insulin so what we want to be paying attention to is breaking our fast in a really lean fashion we don’t want to be combining fats with carbohydrates we don’t even really want to be combining fats with protein too much my simple point here is that the leaner and the cleaner the protein that you can consume right when you break a fast the better this is your one opportunity to get exactly what you want at that very point in time and have it absorbed properly if you choose to go eat a cheeseburger then you’re going to have the meat the cheese the bread all the carbs and it’s all going to go into storage and trigger an extra high insulin spike so what I generally recommend is keeping it controlled and just having lean protein now it all varies if you’re you know doing keto or if you’re on carbs and this and that and I’ve linked out to some of the videos that I’ve done that break that down a little bit more detail but for those of you that are starting out on intermittent fasting and are learning this is the main thing you need to know okay so you have some lean protein and then 30 or 60 minutes later then you have some more flexibility with what you’re eating it’s something that everyone needs to know and just to give you an example of what you might want to do you would have literally just a piece of lean chicken breast you could have literally it’s like a lean ground beef burger or something like that you can use a protein shake one of the protein shakes that I would recommend is using like a pea protein so I’ve linked it to the lowdown to what is called Sun warriors warrior blend that’s a pea protein that I use whenever I’m breaking it fast simply because I don’t like to take in a bunch of dairy right when I break it fast because it’s inflammatory and it causes some other issues so that’s my personal favorite because P protein still has the same effect when it comes down to protein synthesis so if you break a fast have a little bit of chicken have a little bit of ground turkey a little bit of ground beef or just keep it really simple have a lean P protein shake like the one down below and then go ahead and wait 30 or 60 or even 90 minutes and then have more flexibility with your food so the point is one small window of time that you actually have to be paying close attention to what you eat for a lifetime of flexibility otherwise so here’s what’s interesting when you consume fats you have a spike in this ASP that I talked about well this ASP in turn spikes insulin well insulin in turn comes back and also spikes ASP pretty wild right well do the math if you have fats that are spiking ASP that are also spiking in well then you consume carbs which also spike insulin and then insulin also spikes more ASP you’re getting a double spike of ASP a double spike of this fat storing hormone by combining fats and carbohydrates so the main cardinal rule with breaking a fast is do not combine fats in carbohydrates you can get away with combining some protein in carbohydrates but you really should not be combining the fats and carbs at all because that’s going to cause this massive spike that’s gonna allow the fat to go into storage okay visualize this you have a little regular old cell okay and you just consumed a bunch of carbohydrates well those carbohydrates are gonna spike the insulin and the carbohydrates are gonna go into the cell but now let’s say you had some fat that you consumed – well guess what the fats going to go along for the ride and go into the cell – so does this mean that you should never ever ever ever combine fats and carbs don’t you’re gonna have places where you do it you have veggie carbs you have things like that look at your human you’re gonna have fats and carbs combined but the point is the number one cardinal rule when you’re breaking it fast is to just keep it controlled you have one job for this small window of time and I know I sound like a broken record with this but I promise you that if you just break your fast with lean protein and maybe add carbs like I’ve talked about in other videos then you’re in good shape but the fat stay out of the equation well there’s one other thing we need to touch on – and that’s the world of meta flah mesa now I’ve done videos on meta Filmation so I’m not gonna you know beat it over the head on this video the meta flow may ssin is where you consume so much of just different nutrients at one sitting that your body actually triggers an inflammatory response because there’s so much happening at once our bodies aren’t designed from an evolutionary standpoint to absorb a whole lot of different varieties of foods all at once so you break your fast and the tendency is to want to just dive into a bunch of food and that’s fine and dandy except for the fact that now you’re triggering inflammation where your body is actually resisting at the metabolic level to absorb and utilize those nutrients causing backfire it causes backlash it makes it so that your body instead of actually processing this food turns its back on the food and cause a systemic inflammation where you actually end up gaining more fat so anyhow the point is keep it short keep it simple keep it lean and then an hour and a half later enjoy your food so please do make sure that you control that last little part of your fast it’s everything and again I have all kinds of other videos that break down what to consume during a fast what’s safe to consume I have all kinds of things that you can consume during your eating window workout related all kinds of stuff that you might need in order to really just be an expert in your own fasting lifestyle but for now I’m leaving you at the cardinal rule so do make sure that you leave any comments below for ideas for future videos and also make sure that you check out Sun warriors pea protein warrior blend it down below in the description as well as always I’ll see you in the next video there’s some new evidence on breaking it fast yep that’s one thing that I talked about quite frequently is what to break your fast with should you read this should you not eat that well this is less about what exactly you should eat and more about some important things that you should be paying attention to the fact is you might be a little bit confused as to what’s gonna actually break your fast and what is not going to break your fast particularly in the world of liquids see liquids are kind of ambiguous with fasting because we automatically assume that because it’s liquid it’s not food working out during your fasted period has so many advantages there’s so many different things that go on inside your body during a fast it just makes sense to work out during that period of time 

This Post Was All About The #1 Fasting Rule Everyone Needs to Know.
The #1 Fasting Rule Everyone Needs to Know

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The #1 Fasting Rule Everyone Needs to Know – Thomas DeLauer

Intermitting Fasting can become complicated when you get into the intricacies of it all, but it shouldn’t be. Sure, there are hundreds and hundreds of tips and helpful guides out there, and, yes, I’ve given you lots of them myself. But through all these tips and guides comes one crucial rule…let’s find out what it is and I’ll see you in the comments!

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