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How To Cook Salmon PERFECT In 10 Minutes

How To Cook Salmon PERFECT In 10 Minutes

How To Cook Salmon PERFECT In 10 Minutes

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Hey what's happening guys welcome to my new studio my new studio space this is where all of the future recipe magic will be happening like today's recipe if you're hearing an echo i apologize in advance obviously as you can see this is really like a new space we don't have any furniture in here just yet we're trying to buy furniture but there are .

Shipping delays and all that stuff so it might be a little while before furniture comes but i will try my best to minimize the echo uh when i go to edit this as best as i can anyway let's talk about the recipe we're doing today which is pan seared salmon i've been making pans here at salmon a ton lately because my one-year-old stella she loves salmon it .

Is like probably her favorite food actually so i want to share with you my tips and tricks for how to make perfect pan seared salmon at home it's really really easy to do all you need is 10 minutes in a few common kitchen ingredients and you can make yourself restaurant quality salmon i'm talking about like tender flaky and juicy salmon .

Meat and crispy crunchy salmon skin yeah it is so so good and so easy so with that said let's not waste any more time let's jump right into the good stuff and i'll show you how to make perfect pan seared salmon at home all right first things first we're gonna season the flesh side .

Of the salmon so as you're seeing here to start the process we're gonna add a little olive oil to it and then we're gonna use our fingers to rub the oil into the meat of the salmon then after we've done that we're gonna season it with a little salt and some pepper and then we're gonna give it a flip and repeat that same process on the skin .

Side of the salmon now after we've got our salmon well seasoned we're gonna heat up some olive oil in a frying pan set over medium heat and then we're going to add our salmon to it skin side down and this is super important cooking the salmon skin side down that is because doing this is what's going to ensure that we end up with crispy .

Crunchy perfectly cooked salmon skin and also a juicy flaky interior to the meat of our salmon as well now that said i like to cook my salmon about eighty percent of the way skin side down which will be about to 100 degrees fahrenheit and then once it reaches that internal temp i like to give it a flip and cook it flush side down for the remaining 20 .

Percent or until it reaches somewhere between 125 and 130 degrees fahrenheit then when it's reached that temp i'm gonna remove the salmon from the heat and let it set for a few minutes skin side up and this is really so that the skin will trap any of the moisture that's trying to escape out of the salmon back into the flesh and meat of .

It making it turn out super juicy by the way i did a little knife test for you guys so you can see how crispy the skin turns out and i also did a taste test too that crunch thumb now of course the meat of the salmon is also absolutely delicious as well and something i really like to do with it is .

Make a quick arugula salad with it and the salad takes like no time at all to whip up just add a couple of cups of arugula to a plate along with some diced cherry tomatoes some shaved parmesan cheese a little evo and some salt and of course the salmon fillet as well then get your fork out and flake if i some of that salmon into bite-sized pieces hit .

All that with a nice squeeze of lemon juice some more shredded parm and then lastly a tiny bit of pepper and yeah that's my go-to salad one on pan searing seven for the fam like i said though the salmon turns out absolutely tasty in its own right and actually did a taste test with just the play itself so here's that seriously what makes this pan-seared .

Salmon so good is that the top flesh side turns out just perfectly golden brown and caramelized and there's so much flavor in that top flesh then you get the skin and it's crispy and it's crunchy really what more could you ask for from salmon i mean like i literally cannot stop eating this and you're gonna see .

Here the flakiness the flakiness on this salmon though anyway that's all i got for you guys today is perfectly cooked pan seared salmon i hope you give this a shot if you want the full recipe it's in the video description below so check that out down there if you try it let me know how it goes for you in the comments cheers to making some great salmon see .

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This Post Was All About How To Cook Salmon PERFECT In 10 Minutes.
How To Cook Salmon PERFECT In 10 Minutes

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This is how to cook salmon perfect every single time in 10 minutes. My 1 year old loves salmon and she loves when I make this pan fried and seared salmon for her. In fact, salmon is probably her favorite food at the moment, so I’ve been making this a ton lately, and it turns out perfect every single time.

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